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LAST POST OF 2017! CeeJay's Pick of the Month (December) - JW 王灝兒 - I Just Wanna Stay With You

Happy New Year to all! We've had a great year in 2017, and we hope we will have more time to produce some more posts in 2018. We know we have been a bit slow on the posts, so we hope to get some more drama reviews out the coming new year.
Moving onto the Pick of the Month we have selected, today we are introducing JW's (王灝兒) "I Just Wanna Stay With You". We started liking some of JW's songs since her single "矛盾一生". We are happy to see that she has her own concert which will take place on January 6th 2018 at the Hong Kong Coliseum. This song is the theme song for her Never Too Early 2018 concert.
We like the new EDM style music that she's put out, since it's definitely not seen often in Hong Kong music, but it's very fitting to try out something new for the New Year, and it works well overall. The song is pretty catchy and reminiscent of some of the mainstream pop music especially with the English chorus, and it will be interesting to see if…

Awards - TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017 Winners Thoughts and Opinions

Hello everyone,
This post is for the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017. We are going to be providing our thoughts and opinions on this awards show!  

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: The Sisterhood Travelling Gang
Thoughts: We didn't watch this show so we don't have much to say but their friend group is getting a lot of publicity these days. Can't believe TVB even made a show out of it.
My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme: All Things Girl Malaysia Edition
Thoughts: Again, we didn't watch this show so we have no thoughts on it. In general, we would say the info/variety shows have lowered in its quality so we haven't felt compelled to see any of them and if we had the free time, we would rather watch other shows. 
My Favourite TVB Host In Variety Programme: Maria Cordero (Maria’s Auspicious Recipes)
Thoughts: In the past, we have seen Maria Cadero host cooking shows (Cheap Clean Eats series) and she's been pretty entertaining with Luk Ho-Ming. But we haven't seen…