Ah Tao, your friendly part-time contributor


I know this is Cee and Jay's stage, but I'm Ah Tao, and I'll be your part-time (kelefe) contributor. Like our inaugural post, I thought I should introduce myself a bit. =)

I heard about this blog from Cee since we'd always talk about Hong Kong entertainment, so I'm honoured to be writing on here. I am personally a big fan of TVB dramas and I've always thought of them as the cream of my crop. That comes despite the fact that I've also watched Taiwanese Dramas, Korean Dramas, and Mainland Dramas. It's also despite the fact that I'm not personally Cantonese! I speak Mandarin as my mother tongue, so I would not have known about HK's pop culture had it not been reruns of TVB dramas on mainland TV around 5 years ago.

The very first drama I watched was Beyond the Realms of Conscience. When I look back at it, it wasn't the greatest production I've seen, but that unfamiliarity and curiosity I had when it came on propelled me to search it up online. When I did, I began to absorb the web of information ahead of me, whether it was the fact that the actress that played Lau Sam Ho was Charmaine Sheh or the fact it was produced by 'a foreign acronym' in TVB. From there, I began to concentrate most of my spare surfing time on HK's entertainment scene, the culture and traditions that were reflected by it, and on the Cantonese language itself. I can't enunciate Canto words very well, but I've been proud recently of how I can understand more of the vocabulary and syntax that aren't mirrored in Mandarin.

Aside from that, I'm also a fan of the cuisine that is often reflected in HK and Cantonese culture. Dim sum, curry fish balls, char siu, you name it - I think it was all that drama watching that enticed me. Please don't mind me if I end up conveying any crazy, too-hot-to-handle excitement in my writing. From watching TVB dramas, I'm working on expanding my interest field on areas of HK entertainment like the Voice Entertainment Group, HKTV, and whatnot. I hope you, as my wonderful reader, will give me (and of course Cee and Jay) any suggestions or tips along the way.

Let's finish off here by going back to dramas. I have a profile on MyDramaList as TheAsianPride, where you can check out, quite simply, my 'drama background file.' For a start, do comment and let me know if you have any suggestions for something I should watch. Of course, I'm more familiar with TVB ones, but I'm pumped to explore more HKTV series as well.

Thanks again for checking out our site and for reading in. =)


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