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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (April) - C Allstar Singles

Hello everyone,

We have been rather slow on updates for our thoughts and opinions on dramas because we haven't been watching a lot of them this year unfortunately. We are still keeping up with the songs though because its a faster way to connect to the HK entertainment scene than to watch an episode a day for us.

This month we have four songs that we are going to introduce. They're all singles from C Allstar, each song is sung by one of its members. We thought that this idea was pretty interesting since we only know the group but have no idea who the individual members are.

The first one that was released was Take Your Time by Jase

We actually enjoy this one because it's easy going and chill. The other 3 songs are all MV's about bad breakups so this is a good break from the same themes. This sounds the most raw and authentic of the 4 songs and we enjoy seeing this side of C Allstar.

Jase@C AllStar - Take Your Time

曲:Cousin Fung/Ronald Tsui/Nic Tsui@MOYAO 詞:黃偉文 編:Cousin …