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Quick Update!

Hello everyone!

This is just a small update for CeeJay's Pick of the Month for August and also for the third week of reviews for AFWFW. We unfortunately cannot post them because we are so busy right now but we will be back in September.

Sorry about that :'( Hope you guys still enjoy our other posts.


A Fist Within Four Walls 城寨英雄 TVB - Week 2 Review (Ep 8-14)

Hello! Hope you had an awesome week! We are back with the weekly review of A Fist Within Four Walls! If you have not seen our first review, it's just the post before this one or you can click this.

We are going to try keep this review shorter since we are a bit short on time this week so sorry about that. This drama has been getting a lot of great feedback and the viewership ratings are some of the highest TVB has seen this year. Our top three concerns still remain concerns because Ruco is just adequate here and good in his fight scenes but the character seems to have forgotten about where he came from and his family history and now he's just happy and irrational when it comes to saving people. Nancy has definitely surpassed our expectations as we said in our last review and continues to do so this week but we heard that she was going to show up in her black leather fighting suit soon so there will be more of her fighting scenes after a break for most of the second week. Third…

A Fist Within Four Walls 城寨英雄 TVB - Week 1 Review (Ep 1-7)

Hey everyone!

Since it's summer time and we have a little more time on our hands, we were thinking of starting a weekly review for seven episodes of A Fist Within Four Walls (AKA FWFW). We will cover our thoughts and opinions on the performances of the actors, specific scenes worth noting and it goes without saying that there will be spoilers for each of the episodes. We will not walk through every single part of the episode because we are sure you have or will be seeing it for yourselves. Let's get started!! :)

Before watching the show:

If you guys have read our FILMART 2016 review of the dramas that will air this year, you know that we have been anticipating this drama for a while. First off because of the cast, second because of the plot and its genre similar to A Fistful of Stances (one of our favourite TVB dramas), and third because we like period or rather 1950's kind of dramas. Of course with the production and script quality of TVB these days, we did not want to go …

House of Spirits 一屋老友記 TVB Review

Hey friends!

Since House of Spirits from TVB just finished airing, we decided to do a quick review for it.

Basic Overview: House of Spirits is a supernatural comedy that was released June 27th and ended in July 31st. The main actors and actresses of the drama include Bobby Au-yeung, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang, Jonathan Cheung, Koni Lui, Bob Cheung, Bowie Wu and Helena Law. The eldest son of the Po family, Po Foon (Bobby Au-yeung), comes to his father's (Po Luk played by Bob Cheung) house one day and he finds he has passed away while waiting for all his grown up children to come home for dinner. Po Luk’s dying wish is for Foon and his other siblings, Po Yan (Joyce Tang), Po Yue (Jonathan Cheung) and Po Yi (Bob Cheung), to come to better terms because of their terrible relationship before. In the father’s will, it is written that before they can sell the old house that their father has left for them, all the siblings are required to live together in the house for 9 months. After finding o…