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Hey everyone!

We hope you all are ready for summer! Today we are introducing a poll for our blog regarding which CeeJay Pick of the Month songs you guys have enjoyed the most.  It's been a year since we first started these posts and we have been posting new HK or Chinese song releases each month. We want to have some feedback so we have an idea of what songs to consider featuring next time. This poll will be up until August 31st so make sure you head to the sidebar of our blog and select the songs you like! If you want to hear or re-listen to the songs, go to the "Labels" section on the sidebar and click on the "Pick of the Month" label to view all our CeeJay Pick of the Month Posts which include the youtube videos of the featured songs.

Thanks and see you next time!


CeeJay's Pick of the Month (June) - 王浩信 Vincent & 譚嘉儀 Kayee - 陪著你走 (合唱版)

It's crazy how fast time passes! It felt like yesterday when we published our first CeeJay's Pick of the Month post, but that was actually last June!

We got a few requests to feature Vincent Wong and Kayee Tam's duet rendition of Lowell Lo's 陪著你走 for June. We previously did a review on My Unfair Lady (不懂撒嬌的女人) theme songs and already talked about Kayee's version of the song which was the sub-theme for the drama. Because Vincent's character, Saving, sang this song to the Cherry, played by Natalie Tong, fans have been swooning over these romantic scenes and requesting him to release an official recording of the song.

Although, a solo version was not released by Vincent, he did collaborate with Kayee to sing a duet after the drama aired.

We think that Vincent has a pleasant voice that complements the song very well and we are glad he got to sing a good portion of the song. Kayee's part is the same as her sub-theme, which is comforting and warm. There's no …