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Songs- 鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng - 忘了嗎 Did You Forget

Hello Everybody!

We apologize for our infrequent posts as life gets in the way sometimes.

Today, we are sharing our thoughts on Fred's new song, 忘了嗎. It was just released this morning on The Voice Entertainment's Youtube channel. Many people have commented on it already and we personally think that it's a pretty good song.

First of all, it's been a while since Fred has had a song other than a TVB theme song so that's exciting. Also, this song really shows Fred's style. It's hard to explain but the moment you hear the voice, you know it belongs to Fred. That is the key to establishing yourself as a singer. We think that if the audience can't recognize your voice, then what's the point? Another thing that's important is the tune of the song, for example it is easy to recognize the first few notes of Beyond's 光輝歲月because it's so powerful. Hong Kong music is lacking this now. Every song kinda sounds the same, same flat tune and there's n…

Identical Celebs #1

We know the nightmare of walking into a party wearing the same outfit as your best friend, or worse, your worst enemy. We have two matching dresses that these celebrities wore, thankfully not at the same time!!

First up is Sharon Chan and Priscilla Wong!

Sharon wore this for the 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala.

For the 2015 TVB Calendar, Priscilla Wong wore the same dress! There were slight alterations made with the added straps The criss cross front of her dress appears darker than Sharon's and my guess is that they cut parts of the dress for the straps and sewed on some more fabric from the bottom which is why it appears sewn together at her hip but not on Sharon's.

Now for our second identical dress! This is Jacqueline Ch'ng (Chong) wearing Kev Yiu's gold, glittery mermaid dress.

Here we have Samantha Ko in the exact same dress a few months ago!
But wait! There's more!

Kev's good friend Myolie Wu also wore that same dress!

There are lots of celebrities in Hong Kon…