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The Executioner 刀下留人 - Thoughts and Opinions

Hey! We are back with another drama "review" but we decided to call this our Thoughts and Opinions since we weren't paying much attention to this drama. We didn't finish all the episodes because it was usually seen around dinner time and nobody really felt good watching it when we were eating so we dropped the series around ep 15. Also we were too distracted/bored to write a more in depth review. So apologies for that! And also apologies for this coming out so late!!!

Basic Overview: Midwife Fa Yui-Hung (Maggie Siu) and executioner Yip Sheung-Luk (Kenny Wong) come together, while one welcomes life and the other takes away life. They come across this new life that they must protect against the imperial Ming government. Their stories then intertwine with the Emperor's story. Fa is a well renowned mid-wife and is brought into the palace to aid with Consort Wan (Akina Hong)'s childbirth. The two become close only to find that there are many secrets and two-faced …

愛情食物鏈 Love As A Predatory Affair TVB Theme Song - 何雁詩 Stephanie Ho

Hi everyone!

As the new drama, "Love As A Predatory Affair" came out this week, we decided to do a short post on the theme song. The theme song is also called " 愛情食物鏈" which is the same as the drama and is sung by 何雁詩, Stephanie Ho.

We thought this song was suitable for the drama's theme. It is pretty catchy and Stephanie's voice is easily recognizable. As a song itself it's alright but sometimes we're finding that after watching the drama, we don't hear a normal song but instead, we see flashes of the drama and the song just has another meaning to it. We found that especially with Hubert Wu's theme song for The Executioner. When it first came out in the summer, we thought it was just a song about climbing higher for something. But after watching the drama, all we can see is Kenny Wong staring down people's necks haha. Not that associating the song with a few characters is a bad thing but after time, the song loses it's meaning beyon…

鄭俊弘 Fred - 炮火

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven't posted until now! We've been swamped with work lately and we meant to post this when it came out but never too late haha.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year since this is our first post in 2016! We hope everyone's wishes will come true and that you will all have a splendid 2016!

This is Fred's newest single called 炮火. This is written by himself and a lot of listeners have noticed his own rock style incorporated into this song. Overall, it is a good song that's both comforting and has good meaning.

Cee: It starts off very comforting and once you hear Fred's voice, it's easily recognizable. No doubt this is a good song, however, (I think it's just me) I think that he is forcing out the words 刀割痛楚 maybe because he's out of breath and has to say them in one breath or it's probably because he's too into singing the song with emotion and chooses to execute the song that way. Either way, it's one of F…