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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (December): 最後也分開 -譚嘉儀

Hello! Hope everyone has been enjoying their last days of 2016! For our last post of the year we are introducing this new song from Kayee Tam from her debut album! 

We actually had difficulty finding a pick of the month because there weren't a lot of new songs this month that caught our eye (or ears ;) ). It wasn't until we saw this a couple days ago that we decided to go with this song. This is our pick of the month because we thought For now, the tune is not super catchy but with more listening, we are sure it will sink in. The song is actually written by Kayee herself and even the lyrics! Usually the artists compose their own music and even Linda Chung has done it but the lyrics are given to a lyricist to write it for them. We thought that this added to the sincerity of this song and overall, we have no major issues with the lyrics. We are however disappointed that this album only contains 5 songs and including this one, we have heard 4 of them. Of course we would rather hea…

Dead Wrong 致命復活 TVB Review

Hello everyone!
After a post on our premiere and theme song thoughts, we thought we should give a final review of the drama as well. 
Plot Overview: Dead Wrong, its Chinese title literally translated as “ a life-threatening revival,” discusses themes such as revenge, reincarnation, and morality. Vincent Wai (Roger Kwok), our central character, was held hostage in a remote Vietnamese island for ten years, but was thankfully rescued. The drama begins by featuring the sequence of events leading up to the kidnapping and the efforts his wife Yuen Kiu (Joey Mung), family friend Lam Ho-Yan (Kenny Wong), and Wai Yat-Lung (Jerry Ku) to rescue him.  Vincent was on a business trip there along with his assistants Max Hong (Vincent Wong) and Ivy Yip (Toby Chan) as they were ‘company doctors’ from Outstanding Consulting Group mediating a negotiating between a local factory’s management and its workers. As they celebrated their success, the three …

TVB Anniversary Awards 2016 - Thoughts and Red Carpet Review!

The time for TVB Anniversary Awards are here!!!! We were very excited for the awards this year as it was quite interesting to see how TVB would decide to distribute its awards, since there was some pretty intense competitions for the bigger awards such as Best Actor. For this "grand" TVB event, we are pleased to have invited our friend and part-time writer, Ah Tao, to contribute some thoughts on the winners as well. Don't miss out our Red Carpet review at the bottom, where we will praise some artists' outfits or criticize them!

Award Winners: 

Best Series: A Fist Within Four Walls
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Cee and Jay: This is an undeniably great series, but perhaps because of the other terrible dramas which made this one shine the most. We loved the action-packed scenes of fighting, the set of the walled city, and the refreshing story-line. That being said, some characters still lacked depth and we found the absence of an over…