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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (September): Dear Jane - 經過一些秋與冬

Welcome back!

As September is coming to an end, we decided to bring to you guys the Pick of the Month of September. In June, the song we chose was 只知感覺失了蹤, by Dear Jane. We are glad to come back with another of Dear Jane's songs which is actually a continuation of the story of 陳浩然 and 高小曼 from their two previous songs: 哪裡只得我共你 and只知感覺失了蹤. Click here to see our older post on 只知感覺失了蹤 which includes both songs.

We think that it's a great song with probably the best MV of this series so far because of all the compiled memories of the two lovers of the story. This song and MV is basically saying that after a while that 陳浩然 and 高小曼 broke up, they still often think of each other and they haven't fully forgotten their relationship. It's a nice addition to the series, giving us a bit of hope in the end, as the one before (只知感覺失了蹤) left us with a bitter and sad tone. We really love the story and the actors of the video portray their roles well. The song is refreshing and the lyr…

Law Dis-Order 律政強人 - Songs Review

Hello everyone!!

Today we are bringing back some song reviews after taking a break for a while. There is no theme song for Law Disorder, but there is a sub-theme and an ending theme. The theme song music is basically like the ending theme instrumental though. We don't think having Hubert's song as a theme song or an ending theme makes any different in this case, actually sometimes we find it a little weird that there is no theme song since there has always been songs for TVB dramas and for us it has only been in recent years where we haven't heard songs. A side note on this drama, we have just seen one episode but we are excited to continue! We were wondering why Mandy Wong was in like none of the Youtube trailer promotions and why she was barely in the beginning clip before the ep starts... she is not really the lead in this one and it looks like TVB is pushing for Ali to be the main lead.

Anyways, the ending theme is 公義的抉擇 - by Hubert Wu, 胡鴻鈞. It is another conventional …