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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (November) - Kayee Tam - New Releases 小堡壘, 花森林


It's another end of the month (crazy, right?), and today, we are introducing two new releases from Voice Ent. singer, Kayee Tam (譚嘉儀). 
In context of Kayee's recent role in the drama, The Exorcist Meter, these two songs seem to reflect the childish innocence of her character as a doll. 
The first song is "小堡壘", which is a story about how this girl found her small "fortress" in which she feels like a princess after meeting someone, and how she is forced to let go of this place, since her lover has already left, and it no longer represents the same thing. The MV takes place at an amusement park with Kayee reliving the memories of her and a man who is no longer with her. It's a sad song that is enhanced with Kayee's soft vocals and a decent chorus.

曲: 譚嘉儀 / 譚耀倫 詞: 譚嘉儀 / 譚耀倫 編: 譚耀倫 / Soya Lee 監: 譚嘉儀 / 譚耀倫 / Soya Lee
離別了怎可拉近 迴盪夢裡亦算最真 不懂得捉你心 懂一個人熱吻 只需你的音韻
留在我的小堡壘 尋覓護蔭是我所須 不需得到允許 分手也可再聚 然而我從沒半點的心虛
人若要走 留住當初心動不要太內疚 這是留住你的魔法 也是重遇你的方法
是我手 能捕捉這心動 長年被私有 看…