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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (January) - 周杰倫 Jay Chou (with 楊瑞代) - 等你下課

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With the end of January approaching fast, we have selected a new Pick of the Month. This time, we have Jay Chou's newest single 等你下課 sung with Gary Yang chosen. We love the simplicity of this song which paints a story of a high school boy waiting around and wishing to be noticed by the girl he likes. The lyrics are very straightforward and doesn't contain the same poetic feel that we get from some older Jay songs, but is effective in conveying the honest and uncomplicated emotions of this school boy in love with a girl. The only criticism we have would be the instrumentals in the middle of the song which are a bit awkward, giving an unnecessary extra Asian cultural texture to the song. The lyric video accompanying the song uses a series of animations to create the scenes of this cute, bittersweet story, and we think it is the perfect touch to the song. We can imagine that this would be a very relatable song for anyone who has been through the phase of school crus…

TVB Anniversary Awards 2017 Review

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It's time for the final awards show review from us for 2017 (TVB's 50th Anniversary) at TVB that took place on Jan. 21st at TVB City. We're sure you've all seen the list of winners and this year was definitely full of surprises. It was also probably the worst year for red carpet fashions. We'll talk about our thoughts on the winners and a side note on the fashion.

Netizen's Favourite Drama: The Exorcist's Meter

This came as no surprise for us even though we haven't finished the drama yet. There has been a lot of comments online praising this production for being heart-warming and original. Because of the good reviews, we're currently working on finishing it instead of watching The Forgotten Valley or whatever its called and Infernal Affairs. So far we can say that it's an agreeable drama, definitely not the best in terms of production quality or a star-studded cast but it's simple and still entertaining. We really appreciate …

TVB 2017 Top Drama Countdown

Happy New Year everyone! To start off the new year, we will be reviewing the TVB dramas that aired in 2017. With each passing year, we've noticed that a lot more dramas are in the "Didn't watch/dropped" category. As many of you know, the quality of dramas has declined in the past years. We really didn't see a point in continuing with some of the dramas this year because of the disappointing plot or cast. We will be giving a short description on why each drama was ranked or dropped. Also, if you are interested in seeing where we dropped the drama, please see our drama list here.
Didn't Watch/Dropped:
Rogue Emperor (流氓皇帝) - We didn't watch this because it was filmed years ago and just got released as a remake of the one with Adam Cheng. There was no point in doing a remake of a classic and the cast didn't really appeal to us. From what we heard, it wasn't a bad decision to skip this one altogether.
Recipes to Live By (味想天開) - Jay saw most of this drama,…

2017 TVB Theme/Sub-theme/Ending-theme Song Top Ten Favourites


In 2015, we posted a TVB theme song review which had our thoughts for all the main theme songs of the dramas that were aired that year. This year, to change things up a bit, we decided to include all themes, sub-themes and ending themes, but since there would be too many to give comments on each, we decided to list our 10 favourite songs from the 2017 TVB dramas. We did not do a ranking for them since we had a difficult time choosing our favourite one, but here are the 10 songs in no particular order:

胡鴻鈞 Hubert Wu - 到此一遊 (劇集 "降魔的" The Exorcist's Meter 主題曲): We've always been a fan of Hubert and thought he was one of the better singers in Voice Entertainment.Compared to last year, Hubert didn't get too many theme songs to sing. However, his theme song and sub-theme for The Exorcist's Meter were huge hits, paired with his popular character in the drama as 石敢當. He did a very good job for the live performance of this song in the JSG Awards. This song is ca…