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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (October): 陳柏宇 Jason Chan - 沒有你, 我甚麼都不是

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!

It's true that time just slips away since it's already the end of October and the TVB awards season has already begun! We decided to bring to you a warm song by Jason Chan, 陳柏宇 called 沒有你, 我甚麼都不是 for this October's Pick of the Month. This song was apparently released for his 10th anniversary as a singer - Congrats to Jason! He is a proficient singer, often putting together thoughtful music for the Hong Kong audience.

The song is very soothing and calming and the melody is captivating. The music video is beautiful and has some breathtaking and gorgeous scenery. The articulation of the song is terrific and it is not just him standing and singing for the sake of it, like many artists these days. There are subtle hints and symbols he leaves, whether in his expression or the background captured by the camera. At the beginning, he seems lost and runs in a town foreign to him. Near the end if the MV, his character seems to have matured and come to a…

Awards - Starhub TVB Awards 2016 Thoughts!

Hello everyone!

It is that time of the year again!! Awards season at TVB! We are so excited to let you know about the winners and our thoughts about them. We can't believe how fast this year went by and how many dramas have aired with the new MySuperTV and the changed broadcast days everyday including weekends for one time slot. With that said, let's take a look at the winners this year.

My Favourite TVB Actor:

Ruco Chan from A Fist Within Four Walls


Wayne Lai from Short End of the Stick

Okay... woah. DOUBLE WINNERS? Ruco winning this we definitely understand since that was pretty much the drama with the most hype and Ruco did a fantastic job in it with all the fight scenes and especially his comedic scenes with Nancy. We already knew he was going to get this award but we are a little shocked that there are two winners. Is it because last year for Astro they gave it to both Nancy and Kristal that now everyone thinks its acceptable to hand out prizes to everyone? Wayne's …