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Sze You Tonight (Thoughts and Comments)

Sze You Tonight is a TVB special hosted by Johnson Lee. Its style is similar to American talk shows like the "Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". We have got to say that the name of the show is quite witty with "Sze" replacing "See" as "Sze" is a character of Johnson's Chinese name. Johnson invites celebrity guests up to his show. The guests come up to introduce or advertise new dramas, movies, songs, etc., that they are part of.

Although, the show is creative, it is spilling with rude humour. We think Johnson is a bit overboard with his jokes. His topics often stray off to something inappropriate and even disgusting. We found the whole thing on Jackie Chen, his dressed up assistant was overboard. Johnson frequently made unnecessary insults towards Jackie's working abilities. It seemed he was harassing Jackie Chen, even if it was just for entertainment purposes. Instead of laughing, we …

Artists-- Pairings We Would Like to See

Here are some of the pairings that we came up with. We paired the tvb artists based on their collaboration history, age, acting and such.

1. Kevin Cheng and Kate Tsui

Age: 45 and 35They haven't collaborated on any drama that we've seen and we'd love to see them. They have both been with TVB for a number of years and now that Kevin is filming more for TVB, it would be a perfect match                                                                                                             

2. Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung

Age: 41 and 30They were a couple (ish) in the last episode of Yes Sir, Sorry Sir back in 2011. Linda does not have any upcoming dramas either, so we would love to see them together! They've been TVB favourites for so many years, it's unfortunate they haven't been given a series together.

3. Ron Ng and Natalie Tong

 Age: 35 and 33Ron has been with TVB for a long time, and we've both noticed his recent decline in roles but after Triumph in the Sk…

Ah Tao, your friendly part-time contributor


I know this is Cee and Jay's stage, but I'm Ah Tao, and I'll be your part-time (kelefe) contributor. Like our inaugural post, I thought I should introduce myself a bit. =)

I heard about this blog from Cee since we'd always talk about Hong Kong entertainment, so I'm honoured to be writing on here. I am personally a big fan of TVB dramas and I've always thought of them as the cream of my crop. That comes despite the fact that I've also watched Taiwanese Dramas, Korean Dramas, and Mainland Dramas. It's also despite the fact that I'm not personally Cantonese! I speak Mandarin as my mother tongue, so I would not have known about HK's pop culture had it not been reruns of TVB dramas on mainland TV around 5 years ago.

The very first drama I watched was Beyond the Realms of Conscience. When I look back at it, it wasn't the greatest production I've seen, but that unfamiliarity and curiosity I had when it came on propelled me to search it up …

Songs -- 約誓 - Sammy Sum

約誓 - Sammy Sum

We both heard this song the day it was released on YouTube and enjoyed it. It is Sammy's newest song and he is filming the MV right now   His first album is also coming out very soon in April! We first noticed Sammy's songs when we were introduced to them by someone. He sang effortlessly in 一天一天等下去. We've been fans ever since and have been listening to all of his songs! The story conveyed in this song was simple yet sad. How do we control what is to happen in the future? How do we know that the one we let go is the one our heart truly desires? How should we continue our lives when all we look to is our broken past? Well, this song tells us that it's when we lose everything that we begin to cherish them.

It took a few listens to get used to it. At first, we thought that it was kind of boring and sounded like we've heard songs like this numerous times.

Cee: Hey! Sammy has a new song!

Jay: Oh, new song? (listens) Nice…


Hello everyone!!

This is the first post for CeeJay's Entertainment and we would like to talk a bit about what we'll post and a bit about us.

First of all, this is a blog for all things entertainment. There will be focus on Hong Kong entertainment (TVB, The Voice Entertainment, HKTV,..) We will include opinions on dramas, variety shows, songs, artists, and movies! Occasionally, there will be posts on other movies, music and TV shows. These are all from our own perspective on things, merely to share our thoughts. Sometimes we will have posts from Cee, sometimes from Jay. Other times, we will collaborate to write about mutual feelings or differing opinions.

Cee is so excited to be blogging about entertainment! It is an important part of Cee's life and it seemed just right to start a blog about it. Cee hopes this will be a friendly blog where everyone can share their ideas and gain an appreciation for entertainment through Cee's perspective.

Jay has been anticipating a pla…