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Joey Yung 容祖儿《月半小夜曲》- I am a Singer 4

Hello everyone!

We're putting our thoughts and opinions on Joey Yung's first performance for the mainland China show, I am a Singer 4. We haven't followed or watched really any of it! But came across this video on YouTube while listening to some other old Cantopop for a switch from the mediocre modern day Cantopop.

This song is originally sung by Hacken Lee in 1987 and is considered one of his greatest hits and rightly so. The melody is beautifully written, by Japanese singer/songwriter 河合奈保子. We're not sure of the english name so sorry about that! In Hacken's original version, its more upbeat than Joey's performance. We'll link both of them below! It's really no good to compare but we just wanted to base this off of something. Back to Hacken's song, we both grew up listening to old "Golden Era" Cantopop because our parents always played it and when we were younger, they were just songs. Now that we understand Chinese more and want to list…

Valentine's Day Post- 譚嘉儀Kayee Tam - 印記 [情人節呈獻] Review

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! Hope that you will all have a great day to share with loved ones!
Today, we have decided to do a review of this song from Kayee Tam, which was released for Valentine's Day.

This song "印記" was released yesterday and is a new single from Kayee. We all know that Kayee has a beautiful voice but she has been doing a LOT of covers of other HK songs and she has never really had her chance to shine in a song just for her. Interestingly, this song was brought to us by Voice Entertainment however, it's not on their Youtube Channel and rather appears on Kayee's channel.

This song is pretty good and the MV is really great but we'll break it down for everyone.

Melody wise, this song has something to offer. It's hard to come up with something great these days, especially for cantopop and the obvious reason is because there's only so many notes in a scale and they can't be reused in case of copyright laws and such. The sec…

The Voice Entertainment Album Reviews - Hubert Wu, Alfred Hui, Jinny Ng, Fred Cheng


This time we are doing something different and reviewing four albums at once! They are the four recent albums released by Voice Entertainment! This will be a long post so just a reminder haha. 

The four albums are:

1. Hubert Wu's album, 明知故犯 which came out on December 2, 2015.
2. Alfred Hui's album, Watermark, which came out on December 10, 2015.
2. Jinny Ng's album, 眼淚的秘密 which came out January 21, 2016.
3. Fred Cheng's album, 當狗愛上貓 which came out on February 2, 2016

We'll start off with Hubert Wu's  明知故犯 thoughts:

1) 明知故犯: We heard this song from Hubert before the album came out and we thought that at the beginning, it was just like any other song. However, when we listened to the original version sung by  許美靜, we appreciated Hubert's effort and thought he put more emotion in. We find Hubert is singing a lot of female songs, but we also found that his attempts usually turn out even better than the original versions. We definitely like this rendition of 明知…