TVB Anniversary Awards 2019 Review

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We are going to share our thoughts on the TVB Anniversary Awards 2019!

After a full year of new dramas and performances, it's time for TVB to give out their report card at the annual ceremony. This year, it was postponed until January and frankly we forgot it didn't happen in December.

Starting off with a few general comments, we are overall satisfied with the results this year. This is probably one of the better years at the awards show in terms of award distribution. There were no major upsets, and we felt that most award recipients were deserving. The results show TVB's desire to please the audience, while awarding good acting, as well as using the opportunity to advance their favoured artistes. It is also the first year they gave the Most Popular Female Character award to two winners. We saw a trend for people to win the first time they were nominated for their particular category. The fashion this year was a gong show; it seems to be going downhill eve…

Look Back at the Decade: Best TVB Dramas of 2010's!

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We have a small surprise for you before this year comes to an end!

As the decade is coming to an end, we would like to talk about some of our top dramas in the past decade! Can’t believe it’s been another 10 times the Earth has passed around the Sun :) Our blog started in 2015, and we are so thankful for having this platform to share our thoughts and opinions about HK Entertainment within this decade. Thank you for always supporting us and letting us know about your thoughts. 
For clarification, the dramas that broadcast between 2 years (Dec-Jan) are counted as dramas from the previous year of December.
First things first, we were curious to see the trend in dramas we have seen over the years so we ran some stats on it. It was no surprise to us that there has been a decline in dramas that we are watching over the decade. You may notice that the total # of dramas (sum of 3 lines) has also declined because now they are broadcasting more Mainland dramas that take up months to…

TVB 2019 Top Drama Countdown

Hello everyone!! We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

It’s been so long since we have last posted! We just haven’t been watching as many TVB dramas lately and they aren’t inspiring us to write reviews or thoughts on them either. 

Having said that, we are going to rate this year’s TVB dramas from worst to best for the ones we have seen this year. There’s been more dramas we enjoyed this year than these past few years, but less dramas watched overall, since there’s been an increase in the number of mainland historical dramas taking up the main timeslots. To be honest, we had a very difficult time ranking some of the dramas near the top, since all of them were unique and had their own strengths, so we understand that there could be differing opinions about the rankings. We have seen a couple mainland dramas this year and also Shaw Brother’s production of Flying Tiger 2 that will be included at the end under other dramas.
Official Countdown:
11. My Commissioned Lover (婚姻合…