The Defected 鐵探 TVB Review

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We are finally back with a drama review! This is for The Defected  鐵探, a co-production between TVB and Tencent Penguin Pictures. It stars Kara Wai as Madam Man Hei-Wah, Benjamin Yuen as Sheung Sing, Philip Keung as Bingo Yau, Sisley Choi as Jill, Ben Wong as Samuel/Ching Sir, Mat Yeung as Matt Yau, Oscar Leung as Kuk Wing-Ching, Benz Hui as Kan Sir, and Grace Wong as Yeung Hiu-Yi. It also stars Berg Ng, Sharon Chan, Gloria Tang, and Angelina Lo as more supporting characters. We may use the actor and the character’s names throughout the review, our apologies if it gets confusing. There are SPOILERS AHEAD!

Jay’s Thoughts:

The Defected is the best drama I’ve seen this year so far. With a rich plot and competent cast, the drama delivered what it promised. There were several story arcs including the struggle between the higher-ups of the police force, the investigations of the lower ranked officers, and the story of the criminals, and it was very interesting to see how these …

The Defected 鐵探 - TVB Songs Review

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It's been so long since we've posted and written a review! Nice to be writing again especially since we have kinda drifted from the blog and from watching TVB dramas. There were none that were memorable and we have also been crazy busy with our own lives. 
We did enjoy I Bet Your Pardon but didn't bother with Ghetto Fabulous Lady since it looked kinda stale. 
However, we are back with a song review post for The Defected and it's also a drama that we are watching currently!! 
First up is the theme song sung by Fred Cheng. 
This is pretty standard Fred and we don't see anything new particularly. The melody isn't really outstanding, it might be after we brainwash ourselves a little bit haha. Lyrics wise, it's very fitting for the drama and sounds more like it's aimed at Benjamin Yuen's character. Most of the chorus is singing about how if you had understood me, had gone through the same mistakes and hardships as me, we can start again.…

TVB 2018 Top Drama Countdown

Hello! Hope your holiday season has been going well!

We are back with the last post of 2018! The yearly TVB drama countdown of all dramas from worst to best we have seen this year. This has been one of the hardest years to do the countdown for because we didn't watch a lot of them and of the ones we saw, it was hard to say which one was better than the other. We actually got to see a lot more dramas this year than last year (2017 countdown here). However, most of them were forgettable.


Didn't Watch:

The Forgotten Valley (平安谷之詭谷傳說) - We didn't watch this one because we weren't super keen on this type of drama for the new year or something? Not sure. Maybe we were too busy but we heard that it was pretty good.

Wife Interrupted (救妻同學會) - This is currently airing and we're still trying to finish up dramas that are already completed, so we just couldn't pick this one up as well. It's dubbed as a younger idol drama... but really? Most the cast is alr…

TVB Anniversary Awards 2018 Review

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We are back with a full review of the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards! Thanks for waiting for our post to come out. We know it's a bit late because we didn't watch the awards right away when it came out. On a general note, the show was much better than last year's gong show, though we were disappointed once again with the award presenters and poor red carpet looks. We were pleased with the majority of the awards except for a few surprising ones. Without further delay, here are our thoughts for each award!

Lifetime Achievement Award: Nancy Sit

Kudos to Nancy Sit for her long acting career of over 60 years. She's been in several dramas in TVB and numerous Hong Kong films and is hosting her shows like Cantopop at 50, and we know from her tear-eyed speech that it hasn't been an easy journey. It's about time this lifetime achievement award went to her, and we are glad that her contributions are recognized.
Most Improved Male Artiste: Matthew Ho - Succession …