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Over Run Over EU超時任務 TVB Review

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We decided to bring you another TVB drama review as many of you guys enjoy reading these and they're always fun to write! This is going to be a loooong one so break it down in parts by each author or however you want to do it if you don't have the time to read it all at once!

Over Run Over is a 2016 TVB drama, which has just recently finished airing (we are totally not like over two weeks late ;) ) But we sincerely apologize for this super late review as it has been difficult compiling our thoughts and we have been so so busy! Anyways, this time we are also featuring thoughts and opinions from our part-time contributor, Ah Tao!! We will be starting off with a basic overview of the drama as always and then breaking it down to each of our favourite parts, shocking moments, acting thoughts... Let's get started!!

Basic Overview: This is a spin-off of the EU Series from TVB. This time around, some characters in the drama have the ability to travel back …

劇集 “殭" 曲 - Blue Veins Songs (Kay Tse, Hubert Wu, Stephanie Ho)

Hey everyone!

This is out newest review of the three songs in the drama, Blue Veins. Sorry it's like a whole week late, we've just been super busy and haven't had any time to work on any posts :(

The main theme song is 諸神混亂 by 謝安琪, Kay Tse. The ending theme song is 天地不容 by Hubert Wu and the sub song is The Only One by 何雁詩 Stephanie Ho. *UPDATE* -April 23. A lot of people seem to be looking for this english sub song too! It's called My Love by Larry May and Hugh Colocott. Seems like TVB is pulling all its guns out for this drama against their rival station, Viu TV.

First up is... of course Kay's theme song for this drama!

We are going to very direct about this, we do not like this song. It's really different but this time, different isn't good. For some reason, Kay's voice does not suit this song or perhaps, Kay's voice put beside the lyrics and the arrangement of the song isn't very fitting. Maybe that was the intent of this song, to cause un…

完美的生活 Dinner @ Eight TVB Theme Song - 吳若希 Jinny Ng

Hey everybody!! We've decided to do a review on Come Home Love: Dinner @ Eight's new theme song! This drama is airing as we speak :) 
Let's begin our post with the singer choice! Of course it's Jinny... of course. What better way to brainwash viewers than put it on the long-running sitcom that many see-lais are anticipating! We know the Come Home Love name is going to be running for a long time and just wait! Two three years from now... it'll still be Come Home Love. So, no better way to get Jinny's voice ringing in your head! Even if there are better singers (and trust us there are), they just wouldn't land this song. We've always wondered what she's done to get to her status now... seems mysterious since she's been sweeping the Gold Song Awards and such these two years with the backing of Herman Ho, CEO of Voice Ent. Singer choice... what can we even say? What more is there to say at this point?
The song itself: We usually break it up into th…