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Angel in the Making 實習天使 TVB - Review

Angel in the Making 實習天使 - Review

This is our review of Angel in the Making. This time we are also featuring thoughts from our part-time contributor Ah Tao!

Basic Overview: (We're gonna skim through this part so we can get to our thoughts!)

Halley Kei's (Eliza Sam) dream is to become a nurse and in this drama, she plays a part of TUNS 6, a group of intern nurses going through an internship at Hang Yan Hospital. She is a caring and kind character that works under her "devil" mentor Ray Yeung (Tony Hung). Tony Hung is an enigmatic character that is still traumatized by his family's death in a car crash when he was six. He was the lone survivor and was taken up by Dom Cheung (Chung King Fai "King" Sir). Tony became a nurse under the care and love he received from the nurse Dom. Initially, TUNS 6 (consisting of Eliza Sam, Moon Lau, Jinny Ng, Momo Wu, Oil Chan, and Kevin Tong) hated Ray because he always yelled at them for doing things wrong. Adding to thi…

連詩雅 Shiga Lin - 舊街角

Hi everyone!

This is a new update on Shiga Lin's new song that came out 5 days ago called 舊街角. We've started listening to more and more Shiga Lin's songs this past year and we are starting to really like her. At first we noticed her song 只要和你在一起 on the side of our YouTube account but it wasn't until Jay gave it a try that we discovered her songs. She usually comes out with singles every month or two months always bringing new surprises. As the year is ending we're finding this new song to be super fitting because it talks about reflecting on one's past life. There's no turning back, 時光總不留人 as the lyrics say. There's always going to be that street in your life which reminds you of a special someone or a special time in your life.

Watching the JSG awards this past weekend also made us wonder where the awards for Shiga went. This year she had some great songs especially 大了一歲 . But with the politics at TVB, she was snubbed of all awards and instead, Alfred…

2015 TVB Anniversary Awards Thoughts and Red Carpet

Firstly, we would like to apologize for the late post on the TVB Anniversary Awards this year. We have been super busy with the holidays coming up!

We will first talk about the winners this year and our opinions about them. Then we will have a red carpet section to take a look at some of the outfits of the night.

Award Winners:  Best Series: Lord of Shanghai
Definitely the best drama of the year. It was amazing to watch and TVB hasn't had too good of
dramas in 2015, so this one was a huge contrast to that. All of the actors and actresses did a great job acting and didn't mess up the drama like how COD was messed up. It was so suspenseful and the characters were just so well written. The drama was so highly anticipated before it came out and thankfully, we were not disappointed! We hope to see more of these dramas from TVB but that seems a bit unlikely from the sales presentation we saw....

Best Actor: Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai)
He was no doubt the best actor this year and …

2015 TVB Theme Song Review!

Hey everyone! With the TVB season wrapping up this year, we decided to create a post on TVB's theme songs this year. Just a small note that we will not include sub themes in this post, there will be a post on that later! Hope you enjoy our little review/opinions on them.

TVB Theme songs:

鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung - 我不夠好 (劇集"東坡家事" With or Without You 主題曲) - ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.... HORRIBLE! Spare your ears and do not listen to it!!! Yes.. it was that bad and as much as Linda had bad songs before, this is probably her WORST. She literally sounded like she was suffocating and could not catch up with the lyrics. She is bad at singing fast songs and keeps breathing heavily. It was like she didn't even want to be there to sing it and had no heart whatsoever. SO ANNYOYING TO LISTEN TO.

泳兒 Vincy Chan - 獨一無二 ( 劇集"無雙譜" Under the Veil 主題曲) - The song was soothing and very comfortable to listen to. Her voice is soft and not forceful to convey emotion through the song like some…