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劇集 "琅琊榜" 主題曲 Nirvana In Fire TVB, Alfred Hui 許廷鏗, 問天

Hello! Hope everyone's been doing well! We are going to be starting off the month of May on our blog with TVB's newest theme song for Nirvana In Fire. This drama aired last year originally in Mainland China but TVB has bought the rights to it and has dubbed it and it's ready for release. Personally we will be skipping this drama as we don't watch dubbed mainland dramas. (Originals are better in our opinion and they're usually too long for our liking).
Anyways, let's get started with our review! So Alfred has been gone for a while with his last song being the Wuxin Monster Killer theme. Has Alfred taken the spot of singing TVB bought Mainland drama theme songs? There was also that Journey to the West theme song he sang as well... hmmm. Not complaining though since we don't watch these dramas and we like him the least out of the 3. (Alfred, Fred, and Hubert). Something surprising is that this time there's an MV actually out the first day because usually …