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王梓軒 Jonathan Wong ft. 陳奐仁 Hanjin Tan 《點止冰冰》

Happy summer everyone! To keep with the summer mood, we chose this song 點止冰冰/ Taste it Don't Waste it.

It was only posted on Youtube a few days ago. We like how colourful and fun the MV is. The theme is perfect for summer. In the description box of this MV, it mentions how Jonathan Wong and Hanjin Tan came together to rid the boiling heat inside everyone and encourage people to let go. As the lyrics say, taste it don't waste it!

When we first heard this song, we were laughing at the shallow lyrics like 我要吃雪糕, 一個人去吃雪糕. After looping it a couple times, we started to like the song. There were funny moments between the sudden change of english and cantonese at the beginning. Hanjin also adds some humour to the MV. We laughed so hard at 1:25 and 2:34 when Hanjin was "tasting" the ice cream! It was also nice to see Ali Lee in the video. She is being promoted by TVB right now and it seems like she's getting more opportunities everywhere.

Aside from the fun, we admire ho…