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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (June): Dear Jane - 只知感覺失了蹤

What's up everyone?☺
We are back with an all new post and we have decided that once a month, we will be doing this "CeeJay's Pick of the Month" which is a song that we personally enjoy that has just been released in the particular month. It is similar to our song posts but usually they are good songs or songs that deserve recognition instead of us complaining about it.
We apologize for not having blogged for a long time since June was a crazy month for us and there has been nothing too interesting going with dramas or songs. (or that we have been too lazy to write proper reviews for shows like Mafia and such) That being said, let's get started!
The song we chose for the month is "只知感覺失了蹤" from Dear Jane which was released June 19th, 2016. We really enjoyed this song and it was a pleasant "sequel" to their other song "哪裡只得我共你", released in March. The video for "哪裡只得我共你" is below and we recommend watching and listening to it…