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All-time Favourite Dramas #1

From time to time, we will be posting our favourite dramas that we've seen. Our first favourite drama that we will present to you  is.....................

A FISTFUL OF STANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This drama is about martial arts and revolves around a tragic family. The Cheung family owns a martial arts school but the father has been missing for a number of years and the eldest son was kidnapped. The family believes Wing Dak (Dominic Lam) is behind all these crimes. The two families go head to head many times using martial arts. 
The reason why we love this so much is because it has everything a drama can have, family, brotherhood, action scenes, scheming, revenge, crime, mystery, comedy, romance, and of course great acting. This is the first drama that Cee found Kenneth Ma to be a great actor (now, not so much, but more on that in another post). Kevin Cheng was adequate in his role although Kenneth stole the limelight from him quite a lot. Yuen Qiu is splendid as the broken hearted moth…

Artists- HK Artists Fashion Face-off #1

Hello Everybody!

First of all, so sorry for not posting in a while! We've just been super busy but today I will be introducing something new! This is our first Fashion Face-off post. This will be a continuous post as there will be more rounds. What we did was pick out a few of our favourite elegant and casual looks from some Hong Kong artists. Some of their worst outfits will be shown too, just to be fair. We will describe them and give some details and of course, our opinion on the look. We will choose our pick and please let us know what you think in the comments!
Up first is Kate Tsui! We picked her first because of her drama "Smooth Talker" airing right now.

Kate wore this for the 2012 TVB Anniversary awards and this is one of our favourite looks from her. She looks radiant in this white dress. The peplum design accentuated her figure nicely and although it is hard to see in this picture, this dress has flowers embossed throughout the gown. The updo was suitable for t…

Songs -- 你瘦夠了嗎?- Joyce Cheng 鄭欣宜

你瘦夠了嗎?- Joyce Cheng 鄭欣宜
This new Joyce Cheng song was released in March. The song reminded us of All About That Bass from Meghan Trainor. They are both fighting the need to be skinny because there's beauty within everyone despite your appearance. Their songs deliver a strong message about body image because they have dealt with it first hand. I will just translate a little bit of Joyce's lyrics. 
蚊跳到 象都可跳到 不要講 又瘦掉兩磅就更好
纖瘦好 但她只吃草
而我正吃漢堡 A fly can jump, but so can an elephant.  No need to say it, but if you lose those two pounds, you'd be better ... She only eats grass and I only eat hamburgers. 
(國)你瘦夠了嗎? 當你 吃飽飯就沒人愛~嗎?

Are you skinny enough yet?Will you not find love once you eat until you're full?
The lyrics are pretty straightforward and Joyce proves them right with her flexibility and dance moves. While her music video is dark, Meghan Trainor used soft pastel colours. I actually did not know what her song was about when I saw the title until months after it came out. She'…