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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (August) - Katherine Ho - Yellow (Crazy Rich Asians)

Hello everyone!

This pick of the month is a little different from our usual songs because it's not from Hong Kong or HK entertainment. We picked Katherine Ho's mandarin cover of the song "Yellow" from Coldplay.

We both saw the movie in theatres and it was a pleasant surprise. It had everything: the comedy, the grandeur, the family struggles and the romance. Having read the book beforehand, we thought they did an amazing job capturing the author's themes. Like many articles and interviews that have already said it, this movie was pivotal in representing an Asian cast on screen in a Hollywood feature film. The casting was perfect and it showed how Asian people could portray a variety of characters - not just the nerds or Chinese restaurant owners where superheros barge into lol. We know the entire Asian community wanted this film to be well received because it opens so many doors for us. There was a lot of pressure and many people likened it to The Black Panther fo…

The Stunt 特技人 - TVB Theme Songs Review

We've just listened to the two songs for The Stunt that will be airing on TVB. 
We are looking forward to watching this drama because stunt performers are an important part of TV/film production and often neglected. Watching some promo clips for this drama gave us a very different feel to the filming of it, so we'll see how it turns out. This drama has a new cast as well with Shaun Tam and Rebecca Zhu as the leading lady for the first time. Nice to see Kelvin Kwan participate in this as well since we last saw him in HKTV's Musical drama, Once Upon a Song and thought he did pretty well. Enough talk about the drama, we'll get to the songs.
The theme song is sung by Fred and we expected him to sing it based on the theme of the drama. His voice is suited for a more powerful theme song compared to Hubert. The song is called 'Belief', it's about how there's a lot of obstacles and hardships that you'll encounter but if you believe and aren't af…

Succession War 天命 - TVB Review

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We are back with a review on Succession War from TVB. This will be shorter than usual because Jay has not had time to finish the drama yet and Cee dropped it halfway to binge 2 seasons of Detective Investigation Files. Our guest contributor, Ah Tao, is back however since he did finish the entire series. This time we will be giving our general thoughts and then moving onto performances from the cast. Ah Tao has a special part in this review where he will be exploring the set use at Hengdian Studios vs TVB City as he's watched plenty of Mainland dramas. Spoilers ahead!

General thoughts:

We were surprised to see TVB broadcast this drama at the same time as Deep in the Realm of Conscience because they're both ancient dramas and filmed in Hengdian. Given the publicity and budget of DITROC, we have already expressed our disappointment in the drama in our review here.

This drama is about the 28 days that Emperor Jiaqing took to eliminate the corrupted and powerful offi…