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TVB 2015 Top Drama Countdown

Hello! This is our TVB Drama countdown list of all the dramas we have seen this year and our thoughts on them!! As always, comments are encouraged to share your views on dramas as well!
As we didn't watch or finish some dramas, we decided to leave them out of the countdown since it would be unfair judgement if we never watched the whole thing.
The Ones we Didn't Watch (and why):

Every Step You Take - Nothing interesting and Moses Chan is such a bore with his dramas this year. We aren't too into dogs and stuff either so no.
My Spiritual Ex-Lover - NO THANK YOU.
The Empress of China - It was way too long and although it did look appealing, we didn't have time. There's also something weird about dubbing, maybe it's just us? But it's not original and the mouths don't match and it's just not real so you will find that we don't watched dubbed stuff.

Half-Watched or Not Finished Dramas:

Come Home Love - Saw a lot of it but missed some, way too many episodes …

Angel In-the-Making 實習天使 Theme Song TVB

The theme song of "Angel In-the-Making" (an upcoming TVB drama) was released early on and is sung by Jinny Ng. The song is called "我們都受傷". We think that this song is okay but it from what we know of "Angel In-the Making" so far, we don't know how this will even tie in with the drama. It's sorta a thing on its own and not really that suitable as a theme song. The Voice Entertainment Group has been putting out some really poor quality MVs and songs lately and even this song isn't great. This MV is just basically the same as Hubert Wu's "明知故犯" that was posted around the same time. We understand how it is a collaborated MV, one from Hubert's point of view and one from Jinny's but it just doesn't cut it.  Voice Entertainment is trying to use one stone to kill several birds by filming one MV for many purposes.

No offense, but we think The Voice Entertainment Group's MVs have become really cheap. Most MVs are just singe…