Artists-- Pairings We Would Like to See

Here are some of the pairings that we came up with. We paired the tvb artists based on their collaboration history, age, acting and such.

1. Kevin Cheng and Kate Tsui

  • Age: 45 and 35
  • They haven't collaborated on any drama that we've seen and we'd love to see them. They have both been with TVB for a number of years and now that Kevin is filming more for TVB, it would be a perfect match                                                                                                             

2. Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung

  • Age: 41 and 30
  • They were a couple (ish) in the last episode of Yes Sir, Sorry Sir back in 2011. Linda does not have any upcoming dramas either, so we would love to see them together! They've been TVB favourites for so many years, it's unfortunate they haven't been given a series together.

3. Ron Ng and Natalie Tong

  •  Age: 35 and 33
  • Ron has been with TVB for a long time, and we've both noticed his recent decline in roles but after Triumph in the Skies 2, we found that his acting has improved. Natalie has been playing sad and deep characters lately, we would like to see her in a happier role with Ron. This pair would be great because of their close age!

4. Ruco Chan and Myolie Wu

  • Age: 38 and 35
  •  Ruco has been gaining popularity through his good looks and great acting. We believe he needs  better female partners, and TV Queen Myolie is the best match. Although she is rumored to be leaving TVB, we hope that we can see them as a pair before she leaves.

5. Edwin Siu and Nancy Wu

  •  Age: 38 and 33
  •  Edwin and Nancy have been in The Confidant, Forensic Heroes 3, and Overachievers but never as a couple. They are both great actors that are getting promoted lots by TVB and we think this would be a fresh pairing.

6. Vincent Wong and Priscilla Wong

  • Age: 31 and 33
  • Although Priscilla is older than Vincent, her youthful appearance would be very compatible with Vincent. They both received the Most Improved Actor/Actress award consecutively and we think working with different actors can improve their acting even more.

7. Bosco Wong and Selena Li

  • Age: 34 and 34
  • Bosco and Selina are the same age which we thought would make them compatible. Selena has not been receiving large roles in TVB though she is a wonderful actress. Hopefully, she will gain a larger role if coupled with Bosco in a future tvb drama.

8. Moses Chan and Joey Meng

  • Age: 43 and 44
  • Both Moses and Joey have shown their great acting abilities in previous TVB dramas. It would be nice to see these two together on screen. We would like to see them star in an ancient drama as we haven't seen Moses in those for a while now. It would be a better match than what TVB has with Moses and Sisley.

9. Louis Cheung and Sharon Chan

  • Age: 36 and 36
  • These two are good supporting actors and are getting more prominent roles in dramas. They can  both be funny, so a comedy would work great for them. We want to see Sharon in a more light-hearted role, since 2014 was filled with police roles for her. It would be really innovative for TVB to make them an evil couple in a drama too.

10. Roger Kwok and Tavia Yeung

  • Age: 50 and 35
  • This is our pair with the largest age difference but we believe that Roger is more than capable in creating chemistry with his co stars. This TV King and Queen couple will surely impress us with their acting. We look forward to seeing them share the screen together.

11. Ruco Chan and Charmaine Sheh

  • Age: 38 and 39
  • Suggested by Funn Lim. We would like to see this pairing as well! Their close ages would work perfectly and Ruco's tanned skin tone would match Charmaine's fair skin. They are both beautiful artists and were crowned My Favorite TVB Actor/Actress in Singapore this past year.

Gotta pair you wanna see? Post it in the comments and we will add it on to the list. :)


  1. Hi! The pairing I wanna see is Charmaine Sheh and Ruco Chan which seems highly unlikely. Or May Chan and Ruco ever since Wong Cho Lam joked about it. Can hardly believe the age of some stars.

    What about pairing between male-male and female-female? Those are considered pairings and at times better than the usual pairing for romance purposes.

  2. Hey Funn Lim! Thanks for checking out our site and for commenting! =)

    Charmaine and Ruco would definitely be really interesting since I wonder what their chemistry will be like. May Chan and Ruco would be great too. I've never seen Ruco in a comedy though and May Chan's characters always seem to serve as the 'comedic element,' so it adds to my curiosity.

    That's interesting you brought same gender pairings up - what are some male-male or female-female pairings that you prefer?


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