Sze You Tonight (Thoughts and Comments)

Sze You Tonight is a TVB special hosted by Johnson Lee. Its style is similar to American talk shows like the "Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". We have got to say that the name of the show is quite witty with "Sze" replacing "See" as "Sze" is a character of Johnson's Chinese name. Johnson invites celebrity guests up to his show. The guests come up to introduce or advertise new dramas, movies, songs, etc., that they are part of.

Although, the show is creative, it is spilling with rude humour. We think Johnson is a bit overboard with his jokes. His topics often stray off to something inappropriate and even disgusting. We found the whole thing on Jackie Chen, his dressed up assistant was overboard. Johnson frequently made unnecessary insults towards Jackie's working abilities. It seemed he was harassing Jackie Chen, even if it was just for entertainment purposes. Instead of laughing, we felt uncomfortable and didn't want to continue watching. How he forced Jackie Chen to get the permanent tattoo was outrageous! The person who portrayed Jackie probably agreed to getting a tattoo beforehand, but what Johnson did to Jackie was unethical. Also. Johnson's favourite punishment for games is drinking shots which we found to be... inappropriate for young people watching the show. I know it airs close to midnight on TVB, but still. We did not enjoy some of the games and activities as well. For example, the egg cracking game seemed fun, but was a waste of eggs. Same with the pouring of noodles and beer on people's heads for losing. THE GROSSEST THING WE HAVE SEEN SO FAR IS MICHAEL TSE HELPING QIU BO BO CHANGE HIS DIAPER. Qiu was pretending to be his newborn son, and Michael claimed he was great at changing diapers, so he tried it on him. We found it extremely revolting even though they seemed to have fun on screen. What would Michael's son think when he grows up and sees this???

The best part is the ending performance part where singers come up to sing a few songs because it showcased some old Cantopop with Ram Chiang and Alex To and some newer singers like Kay Tse and C Allstar. It's also nice to know what some of the artists have coming up and their experiences filming. Overall, it has a good intention but just filled with unnecessary and disgusting activities.


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