Hello everyone!!

This is the first post for CeeJay's Entertainment and we would like to talk a bit about what we'll post and a bit about us.

First of all, this is a blog for all things entertainment. There will be focus on Hong Kong entertainment (TVB, The Voice Entertainment, HKTV,..) We will include opinions on dramas, variety shows, songs, artists, and movies! Occasionally, there will be posts on other movies, music and TV shows. These are all from our own perspective on things, merely to share our thoughts. Sometimes we will have posts from Cee, sometimes from Jay. Other times, we will collaborate to write about mutual feelings or differing opinions.

Cee is so excited to be blogging about entertainment! It is an important part of Cee's life and it seemed just right to start a blog about it. Cee hopes this will be a friendly blog where everyone can share their ideas and gain an appreciation for entertainment through Cee's perspective.

Jay has been anticipating a place to write about entertainment. Writing has always been a passion of Jay's. Through this blog, Jay hopes to evoke laughter, tears, and even angst. Jay is looking forward to writing for this blog!

We invite you to interact with us through the comments and hope you enjoy our blog!



  1. Hello! Nice to have a new blog up! It's been quiet in the blogging world. Would you guys like to be affiliates with Casual TVB/HKTV?

  2. Hi Miriamfanz,
    Thank you so much for viewing our blog!
    We would love to be affiliated with Casual TVB/HKTV; your blog has always been amazing!

  3. Hi! Nice blog! Of course I would like to be affiliates. I have added you. Thanks! :)

  4. My website didn't show up on my last post. I am from http://tvb-cafe.blogspot.com/

  5. Hi , nice to know you .. am Summer ( Just TVB Artist ) Blog ... welcome to visit always :) your blog is wonderful :)

  6. Thank you so much! Your blog is wonderful as well! Nice to meet you and really love your posts, especially the use of photos to let us know what's going on in TVB. :)

  7. hahahaha.. am tvb series fever for many years , although now aday their series not as interesting as last time .. still i watching their series :)


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