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Today, we are sharing our thoughts on Fred's new song, 忘了嗎. It was just released this morning on The Voice Entertainment's Youtube channel. Many people have commented on it already and we personally think that it's a pretty good song.

First of all, it's been a while since Fred has had a song other than a TVB theme song so that's exciting. Also, this song really shows Fred's style. It's hard to explain but the moment you hear the voice, you know it belongs to Fred. That is the key to establishing yourself as a singer. We think that if the audience can't recognize your voice, then what's the point? Another thing that's important is the tune of the song, for example it is easy to recognize the first few notes of Beyond's 光輝歲月because it's so powerful. Hong Kong music is lacking this now. Every song kinda sounds the same, same flat tune and there's not much melody. Of course, there's only so many notes but Fred's new song kinda sounds like, oh we've heard it before. 

With a few more listens, we might be able to catch the tune of the song but we'll see about that. Overall it's a good song and we're happy that Fred has established himself as a prominent singer in HK.

作曲: 張家誠
作詞: 谷若時
編曲: 張家誠
監制: 張家誠

細聽天台訴說 候鳥搬遷的故事
懷念那 無眠夜晚細說的舊時

遺留伏線 卻變遷 青春偏偏膚淺
能重頭回味 童年如碰見 無辦法上演

忘了嗎 高高低低早飄進生活亂流 
忘了嗎 跌跌碰碰感觸已片刻難收
重回想這時候 回憶中再懷舊 
能留低親愛片段 世代永不白頭

街中的衰老脈膊 蓋過了聲線
浮城厭棄舊記憶 空氣也抖顫
情懷逆轉 尚太短 怎麼慨嘆仍然心酸
愉快的 信仰能折斷 麻木已愈行愈遠

忘了嗎 高高低低早飄進生活亂流 
忘了嗎 跌跌碰碰感觸已片刻難收
重回想這時候 成長中早倦透
回程的歲月裡 留駐與復原 一切氣候

懷緬嗎 騙騙哄哄當天已不願逗留
懷緬嗎 進退失據今天已無用藉口
曾留守與承受 回憶中再懷舊 
從來假使這尾段 結局太短路程亦遠 總要走

忘了嗎 高高低低早飄進生活亂流 
忘了嗎 跌跌碰碰感觸已片刻難收
重回想這時候 成長中早倦透
回程的歲月裡 能一切照舊 溫暖過傷口

懷緬嗎 這片刻小子不再輕皺眉頭
懷緬嗎 大理想背後仿似藏著永久
曾留守與承受 回憶中再懷舊 
陳年的光線背後 笑著雨中漫遊


  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree with your thoughts! Good song but it's a very typical HK pop "K" one which requires a few more listens to sink into your head. It would be interesting to see if this song becomes a hit, since this is Fred's first single in his sophomore year (which is the most crucial year for a new singer). Hope this does well!


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