Awards - Starhub TVB Awards 2015 Thoughts!

Awards - Starhub TVB Awards 2015 Thoughts!

My Favourite TVB Actress Liza Wang from Limelight Years

Wow! We both think that this is surprising but at the same time expected. At first, we thought that the people voting online would be cheering for their idols and not for Liza Jeh. But, Liza's acting is undoubtedly the best out of all the nominees. Although we didn't watch the whole drama, we managed to see more than half the episodes and it's really something special from TVB. We were originally planning to skip this drama but after some recommendation, we decided to give it a try. If you put aside the naïve Linda and her story with Alex Fong, it is a great drama. Liza puts in her real life experiences into acting this role and we have to say that she performed better in here than Master of Destiny and Divas in Distress. We are happy that she is the winner of this award.

My Favourite TVB Actor
Ruco Chan from Captain of Destiny

As for Ruco, again expected. Ruco has been working hard these couple years and deserves this recognition. His performance in Captain of Destiny outshone his co-stars. He acts very well as the strong willed 11th prince and I (Cee) applaud the subtle tears that roll in his eyes during his breakdowns. The only thing I think is missing is the connection to the audience, of course I've never been through what he's been through but for me, the characters that live with me are the ones that I cry with. Nonetheless, Ruco is a worthy winner.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress
Lin Xia Wei (Rosina Lam) from Young Charioteers

We actually didn't complete this drama because it was very slow and seemed to be going nowhere so we really can't comment but we think that she did great in Momentary Lapse of Reason.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor
Vincent Wong from Tomorrow Is Another Day

Again, we didn't complete this drama as we aren't fans of prison dramas. Kinda depressing... Anyways, all we can say is that we enjoy watching Vincent and we hope he improves more.

My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
Eliza Sam from Under the Veil - We skipped this drama as it was super slow and the CGI was horrible, therefore we have no comment on her performance but for this award category it's just for fans to vote.

Kristal Tin from Ghost of Relativity - Kristal never fails to deliver a great performance. She created many laughs for us during the summer and we're happy that she received an award.

 Nancy Wu from Ghost of Relativity - Same comment can be said about Nancy Wu, her acting has been improving a lot and we hope she gets a good leading role soon.

Tavia Yeung from Eye in the Sky - We feel like she just got an award because she's like the only original fa dan left haha. Her performance was mediocre and the two males overshadowed her. She created more complications than anything else.

Linda Chung from Tiger Cubs II - LOL... need we say more? Why is she even here? glad she took a break from acting so my TV screen can be relieved but her new songs. Oh dear!

Selena Li from Brick Slaves - Selena is a great actress that we think is under used by TVB but I guess that's the nature of her contract. She has improved lots and although some of her scenes were overdone here, overall it was a great performance.

Priscilla Wong from Madam Cutie on Duty - At first, we really didn't like Priscilla and hated all her performances. But after putting away our biased view, we found that she did improve in her acting. This was her best role yet and the one from Swipe Tap Love. We think that she acts with a lot of herself in her roles though, so there's not much versatility.

My Favourite TVB Male TV Character

Wayne Lai from Overachievers - It's now obligatory to give Wayne an award so need we say more? We barely remember his performance... This was not that great.

Kenneth Ma from Noblesse Oblige - Same as above.. what was this even about? He fails to deliver meaning into his characters anymore and all he wants is to have intimate scenes.

Lawrence Ng from Tomorrow Is Another Day - We didn't see this so no comment and we've only ever seen THC 2 with him in it so no comment at all.

Moses Chan from Every Step You Take - LOL. We didn't watch this drama and partially it was because of Moses's lazy acting from Ghost of Relativity so we are really questioning the legitimacy of this award in terms of acting. Although this is about characters and favs and voting, he really fails in all those departments. He needs to step up his game.

Edwin Siu from Madam Cutie on Duty - Edwin is alright. We don't really have much to say about him. He's just there.

Louis Cheung from Momentary Lapse of Reason - This has got to be our favourite drama this year and we're so happy to see Louis win this award. His character Kam Wah was so dynamic and went through so much development. This was a well-written character and definitely worthy of this award.

My Favourite TVB Drama
Captain of Destiny - We are sill awaiting the final episode tomorrow but we agree with everything that is online... Grace is way too OTT. Her character is so naïve and 低 B (if you know what that means ;) ). Her whole storyline is just wrong from her tablet's year long battery to her unlimited bullet gun. We have no comment on Tony but the pirates themselves aren't even pirates in the end! WOW... ok... way to call this Cheung Po Tsai. Ruco is good but the story is just not good. The palace too! Wow. This is just a little comment so please be sure to check out our upcoming FULL review (rant) on Captain of Destiny. Momentary Lapse of Reason should've won!!!

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme
Sunday Songbird with Adam Cheng, Liza Wang and Jerry Lamb

We actually have seen most of the episodes! The beginning is always boring with Adam singing in his usually style that doesn't fit most other songs so it's super funny. Liza doesn't sing much and some days they invite these old singers to come and sing. Some days it's multiple people, some days it's like this one man/woman show. We think that it's alright to watch when you have nothing to do, unless you want to put yourself into misery watching Sze You Tonight!!

My Favourite TVB Informative Programme
Not Far but Away with Tony Hung

We didn't watch this but we really appreciate the idea behind this. Tony is good with his travel shows and he should stick to them.

My Favourite Onscreen Couple
Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong from Madam Cutie on Duty

All the other couples were so bad haha. And of course they would win, they're a couple in real life so maybe they must have SOME chemistry.

My Favourite TVB Theme Song
Eye in the Sky - Alfred Hui & Hubert Wu

Oh dear!!! We have to say that this was not a good song at all! It was a bunch of typical crime drama lyrics mashed together last minute and you can't even hear Hubert when in our opinion, Hubert has the better voice... This is bad.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host
Adam Cheng, Liza Wang & Jerry Lamb from Sunday Songbird

Again, they were good. Nothing much to say.

Best New TVB Artiste
Grace Chan

Another oh dear moment... If this is based solely on her performance from COD then WE ARE HAVING A SERIOUS OH DEAR MOMENT. But this also counts her performance in Raising the Bar and Overachievers. I would say that for the latter two, she was fine EXCEPT THE ENDING. We do apologize for the caps lock but up to this point, we can't hold it in... Everytime, her characters ALWAYS end up being super unrealistic and soo 低 B. The whole COD was 低 B. She should stick to hosting news or whatever she did before dramas.

Most Improved Artiste
Tracy Chu

Meh.. She has potential and her acting is alright. We didn't like her in The Fixer at all though. I guess we will have to wait and see with her case.

Star of the Stars Awards
Liza Wang
Adam Cheng

Both of them are very worthy of recognition and have worked in this industry for so long and this perseverance and dedication is something that we personally admire.

BottomSlim The Perfect Figure Award
Linda Chung

What is this? Whatever... makes her feel better since she probably knows deep in her heart that the Fav Character award was a joke.

Tokyo Bust Express The Sassy Award
Grace Chan

What bust? We are sorry we have to end this post in such a blunt manner... but where is the bust? Express the sassy? Okay, that we get with her whole BE RATIONAL 11th PRINCE! (she was so sassy even though she had absolutely no IQ). Whatever. One year of acting and already receives an award. Wow. We should sign up for MHK too, anyone with a decent face and nice family and academic background could.

All in all, some were well deserved. Some were just oh dear! See you soon!!

Cee and Jay

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