Come Home Love 2 愛·回家 Thoughts, Opinions, Review

Come Home Love 2 is the spin-off of the TVB sitcom Come Home Love with a new cast and story line. It stars Louis Cheung, Priscilla Wong, Katy Kung, Owen Cheung, Quinn Ho, James Ng, Evergreen Mak, Helen Ma, Li Fung, and some other actors.

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The story focuses on the business and workers of See See Fitness, some on-goings of On Fai Dry Goods, the Lun Family, etc. However, viewers have complained that this drama was a bad continuation of Come Home Love and lacks the theme of "home". Some also feel that it should be called "愛瑜伽" (Love Yoga) instead. The story is uninteresting with Anson (Owen Cheung) and Billy (Quinn Ho) constantly bickering over Lei Lok Yee (Katy Kung). She serves no purpose and is even naive... having two boys just fight over her yet she has no feelings for them. She should just say that she doesn't like them instead of cringing at the sight of them each time. Does she think she's being cute? Because, girl let me tell you. You are just being annoying. Billy (Quinn Ho) is trying to be classy and smooth but there's no background on him at all. Priscilla's character had mentioned that he is untrustworthy yet there's no story or anything telling us why. A problem we have with the yoga idea is that they play the same beginning section of their yoga song everytime they're in the studio... maybe we could switch it up after playing it 3 times in 20 minutes.

The On Fai Dry Goods is also a boring part of the sitcom as nothing special happens except for (Lun Bak Fuen) Evergreen Mak trying to bring his son, Anson to take over the business. Helen Ma and Li Fung's characters are just causing a lot of trouble and does not bring much of the "warm family feel" that is expected. Also, there are a bunch of other useless characters who don't really have a purpose other than "being there". The two old women are really just there... doing nothing. They have no story. There is nothing on how they came to be in the family. What is with this family? There is no family! Thanks for calling it come home love... it's home right? Not apartment flat? Home is the social idea of having a safe and warming place to be while house is the physical habitat. So we're really wondering if it's supposed to be Come Back to the House, Irrelevant Family.

It is really boring overall and the characters are not dynamic. After so many episodes, the scenes look repetitive and the same. We did watch the first few weeks of this continuation but found it to be uninteresting. We just watched the latest episode and found that nothing really happened. Anson and Billy are still fighting. The only question is where are the "main" characters, Louis and Priscilla? There is no family and nothing is flowing. It seems so disconnected with the yoga and the Dried Goods. It also seems like this series is not really going anywhere and lacks humor like in the old Come Home Love. With this series being so pointless and uninviting, it seems that viewers are all asking the same question: when will this end?

However, the theme song "愛同行" is pretty good with Fred Cheng singing it. It is nice sounding and does a better job in portraying the "family" theme than the series. Below is the MV for the song.


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