Angel In-the-Making 實習天使 Theme Song TVB

The theme song of "Angel In-the-Making" (an upcoming TVB drama) was released early on and is sung by Jinny Ng. The song is called "我們都受傷". We think that this song is okay but it from what we know of "Angel In-the Making" so far, we don't know how this will even tie in with the drama. It's sorta a thing on its own and not really that suitable as a theme song. The Voice Entertainment Group has been putting out some really poor quality MVs and songs lately and even this song isn't great. This MV is just basically the same as Hubert Wu's "明知故犯" that was posted around the same time. We understand how it is a collaborated MV, one from Hubert's point of view and one from Jinny's but it just doesn't cut it.  Voice Entertainment is trying to use one stone to kill several birds by filming one MV for many purposes.

No offense, but we think The Voice Entertainment Group's MVs have become really cheap. Most MVs are just singers standing and singing their songs with a different setting and background each time. Like the MVs have no point whatsoever. Alfred Hui's 郵輪 has him singing with some mist around him. In the "歲月無悔" MV with him singing again, it's the same thing with a trashed place and a chair in the middle. Furthermore, in "迷宮" ALSO SUNG BY ALFRED, there is some fire on the side to make it look "cool" but we all can tell it is the same as the others. The "不顧一切" MV was Linda Chung standing and singing with some mountain background and rose petals falling everywhere. And the camera kept trying to focus on her face but couldn't so it just kept shifting and was annoying to see. And they did the MV so late after the song was released that it was pointless, having nothing to do with the song.  It just shows how cheap The Voice Entertainment Group has become.

Moving back to Jinny's song, This one is a bit different, thankfully, but we don't know what's really going on in the MV LOL. This song is just.... meh. The melody is kind of weird too, and it takes a few times of listening to adjust. We feel that Jinny was pretty hea for the song and the lyrics aren't that memorable.

Here is the MV:
編:johnny yim 
監:何哲圖/johnny yim

在那天 彷彿白紙一張
明眸一雙 亦像琉璃雪亮
聲線多麼鏗鏘 懷著最偉大理想
突然一不小心 感冒著涼 感染了風霜
人無力再上 笑不出 開始缺氧

那一天我受過傷 所以理解這狀況
迷糊裡 救藥無方的感覺 曾流淚到天光
請不要消失希望 夜長還是有星光
若是你 仍然有心跳 來陪著我經風與浪 信可靠岸

在那天 寫低最痛一章
從前信仰 但願仍然閃亮
相信簡單開心 才是最偉大理想
未忘一不小心 感冒著涼 初次染風霜
尋尋覓去向 至走出 溫室中央

那一天我受過傷 所以理解這狀況
迷糊裡 救藥無方的感覺 曾流淚到天光
請不要消失希望 夜長還是有星光
若是你 能挨過沮喪
從前陣痛傷患 不需再講

請不要消失希望 別來無恙也不枉
盡力氣 曾挨過沮喪
誰人沒有經歷 一些輕狂

This MV is Hubert's for "明知故犯" and you can see it is the same.


  1. Didn't notice that Jinny and Hubert's MV had a connection. Agree with you that the MVs from the Voice has been crappy and cheap. Like why even bother producing MVs if you're going to be cheap about AND it comes out months after the song is released.


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