TVB 2015 Top Drama Countdown

Hello! This is our TVB Drama countdown list of all the dramas we have seen this year and our thoughts on them!! As always, comments are encouraged to share your views on dramas as well!
As we didn't watch or finish some dramas, we decided to leave them out of the countdown since it would be unfair judgement if we never watched the whole thing.
The Ones we Didn't Watch (and why):

Every Step You Take - Nothing interesting and Moses Chan is such a bore with his dramas this year. We aren't too into dogs and stuff either so no.
My Spiritual Ex-Lover - NO THANK YOU.
The Empress of China - It was way too long and although it did look appealing, we didn't have time. There's also something weird about dubbing, maybe it's just us? But it's not original and the mouths don't match and it's just not real so you will find that we don't watched dubbed stuff.

Half-Watched or Not Finished Dramas:

Come Home Love - Saw a lot of it but missed some, way too many episodes towards the end and got boring with new cast.
Come Home Love 2 - Bad continuation, please refer to the post specifically about this.
Young Charioteers - Saw 5 episodes and it was too silly. We're really done with the fact that Sisley is in everything yet she has no acting background and she's just a fraud.
Romantic Repertoire - Saw 1 episode and it was just uninteresting. No need to mention Moses again LOL. We're finding that he doesn't put effort into his acting anymore and just does whatever.
Limelight Years - Saw most of it but Linda Chung's character was so stupid... and Alex Fong just kept tricking her. What a dumb girl and what a mean douche. Damien was good and Liza was good but the songs were mediocre haha. TBH though, aside from the fact that Linda was acting cutesy and dumb, this was a great drama with great meaning. Liza did a truly a great job in this and it's something different from TVB.
Master of Destiny - Saw 2 episodes and the mainland collab made it too weird. We don't like mainland collabs with dubbing lol.
Under the Veil - Saw 2 episodes, ridiculous computer graphics, slow and illogical plotline. We couldn't bear it!
The Fixer - Missed last 2 episodes because it was a chore to keep up with especially the constant flashbacks. I guess it was alright? But we're finding that TVB is promoting the bad guys in their dramas and making them all dark and cool. The police didn't do anything.
With or Without You - We gave this one a try since Bobby doesn't film often but boy were we disappointed! We saw about 6 episodes and called it quits! We were DEFINITELY not going to go through 30 episodes of family affairs. And the family affairs were so petty! Jacqueline and Vincent were annoying, Joey is always the nice one, the KID! OMG! We haven't seen the end, but is the kid supposed to be a boy or a girl? IT'S AN ACTRESS after all... so umm?

Official Countdown:

13. Tiger Cubs 2
      No need to explain about it, especially with Linda Chung's performance LOL. SO disappointed with the sequel since we really enjoyed Tiger Cubs 1. The cases were just uninteresting and stupid especially with the CONSTANT flashbacks of TIGER GOR dying. Like, we get the point and we get the guilt from Oscar Leung. Him Law and all the other guys had nothing to do though. This was a waste of time. Love the Café Fu name though.

12. Wudang Rules
      Not a bad drama, it was just not memorable and there was hardly any kung fu. It was just about a bunch of rich people running around the mountain and there were too many flashbacks on each person about what made them go to Wudang. That creepy old lady who flew around had no purpose either.

11. Noblesse Oblige
      We don't remember too much about this besides the weird character of Ram Chiang who just went around seeking for something or someone against corruption. Weird series that we always mix up with Ghost dragon, hidden mountain or whatever it's called. This is the 5th collab between Kenneth and Tavia but not much chemistry here and she's a nun again... Just a plain series.

10. Officer Geomancer
      Johnson Lee is being "cool" in this drama as SIT DOWN SIR... what a name (we're biased here since we don't like Johnson Lee though). Mimi Chu and Mak Ling Ling were funny fighting for Lo lok lam. Joey Meng is ok and the cases were alright. It was just nothing really special although we're glad to see Candace Chiu with more opportunities but she was kinda creepy in the end.

9. Smooth Talker
      Funny to see Joe Ma like this after the strict SDU Tiger Cubs role. But yet another funny name, THICK TOAST! How does TVB have time for funny names but no time to make the plot more logical... we wonder. Anyways, it was ok. Funny a lot of times but wow with the ending with Au-Yeung Been. The TVB calendar photo of this looked techy and classy but the poster... is a 360 degree turnaround to graffiti and gangsters wow WOOT FAKE GANGSTERS (in the beginning they seemed tough but they're actually just chill dudes with a mahjong social club and a dingy garage)!


8. Madam Cutie on Duty
    This was a pretty funny drama and not at all bad with Priscilla and Edwin as leads. They had some real chemistry and the idea of her having plastic surgery and all that added to the humour. The only problem was that they took the whole series to solve one case and the case was pretty boring. We liked how Priscilla became more see-lai ish by the episodes. That's pretty much it. We enjoyed this light hearted drama.

7. Eye in the Sky
    Seeing the trailer in the Sales presentation created a lot of hype for this drama and in the end, it disappointed. The CCTV's were not really the focus especially towards the end. Also... being located at the hotel for the whole entire drama wasn't interesting at all. The twin plotline was okay. There's really nothing to say. Tavia as Jan was not too good though, it was rather bland and she was annoying with Kevin Cheng. Her dad was funny. Kevin and Ruco did well though. Meh series. Like... We want to explain a bit more on why we put it kinda low, but we can't because there's really nothing to this.

6. Brick Slaves
    Although this drama looks like a boring filler. it actually brought some surprises. It was very comedic and the cast did well. Selena only films one series for TVB a year so it was nice to see her. Vincent did well leading for the first time and he had funny expressions. Evergreen Mak was good too but the guy that played his son was just weird! He kept calling his mom chu ma (pig mom) but he has this weird accent and underbite so when he talks it sounds like chu muk ahhh... like (pig muck?) And Kiki's character was so manipulative for this type of drama, Eliza was ok. It kinda reminded us of Madam Cutie on Duty with the bickering pair that lives together. All in all, we ranked it higher than Eye in the Sky because it was entertaining and when you have so much hype (like EITS), you become disappointed.

5. Raising the Bar
      Not a bad drama at all, lots of newer faces and they were pretty good. It was interesting because although there have been dramas about lawyers in the past from tvb, this one was different and focused more on the younger people than on cases we think. This series was kinda weird though... Elaine's relationship with Ben was like non-existent and her affair with the creep Don book meditation studio dude was too much. Like... we feel like it must've been a very deep love at first sight thing. What was Natalie's purpose, they wasted her. The four girls were great except Grace in the end when she decided to go against everyone. If you were a real lawyer, you wouldn't just use your emotions and quick judgement like that. Very despicable. Other than that, ok drama. Oh and the Joebee kid was too old to be their kid and had zero chemistry with them, especially Elaine but he is a cool monotonous dude.

4. Ghost of Relativity
    This was a good drama with Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu. Both actresses did a wonderful job and were very professional, especially when they were talking at the same time. Moses on the other hand... was completely irrelevant. It's hard to describe it, we feel like he was in his own world when he was filming this and bad hairstyle on him too. He was just unprofessional and brought nothing to the table in terms of acting ability. The three guys, however did a good job and were very funny in their roles. Mimi Chu and Wai Lee did not disappoint at all with the badminton skills ;) Overall, it was a great drama filled with laughs but we don't feel good about the spin-off coming up.

3. Captain of Destiny
     This was definitely a good drama but we ranked this lower than MLOR because there were some MAJOR issues with this. If we were ignorant people living in some crazy world then maybe this would've been fantastic but... it was a real nuisance having questions at the back of your head that would never be answered. Like, why does Grace's gun have unlimited bullets? There were lots of these moments! We do explain in detail on our review of this. Ruco is like the only reason why this was good. And also the battle scene. But that's it.

2. Momentary Lapse of Reason
    This is one of our favourite dramas of 2015. It was really great in all aspects. The ending was super suspenseful and TVB really went all out with the big gun scene. The friendship between the four main characters was so real and beautiful. All of them went through great development except for Tavia... who was a nun. Again.. and fell in love.. and wanted to not be a nun but nun master not happy and.. it was not good. Although Tavia seems to be the big lead, Rosina, Louis and Matt Yeung outshone her. Louis was perfect as the titular character and did not disappoint being the lead for the first time with major character development. The twist with Lau Kong being the kidnapper was so scary but created so much suspense. Rosina really shows her acting abilities in this drama despite the huge drama surrounding her character. She does not over exaggerate anything despite her character's circumstances and we hope to see more of her in the future. Bravo to TVB for creating this!

1. Lord of Shanghai
     We ranked this one number one because it was great, hands down one of the best dramas these past few years. With this one, we didn't find ourselves asking dumb questions like COD, we didn't question the OTT acting (From Grace in COD), and we really loved the set. Maybe it's just because Cee particularly likes pre-modern times or maybe because this was so real unlike TVB's usual streets. Acting wise, we can't complain. Anthony Wong's accent did bug a lot of people but that's a personal choice from actor and it didn't impede from the story at all. Kent Tong was despicable and so was Wayne Lai. However, they were both evil in their own way which made the drama wonderful. What really surprised us was Alice Chan. We will say right here, WE WANT ALICE TO WIN BEST ACTRESS. Sure, this is about men but she did great. This is more complex than Kristal and Nancy's characters who were just for laughs. Her only rival is Liza Wang in our opinion. Myolie, Louisa and Natalie were useless so whatever about them. We really liked Ron Ng and Eddie Kwan! This is our favourite role from Ron so far and we are so glad that he is considering a per-series contract with TVB! We overlooked him in the past and didn't like his acting but he has definitely matured. The story was great. We do admit the ending was a bit... small for the big scenes that we've seen but we understand that choice. How can you have something big when everything was broken after the war? We could go on forever but we will end it here! Great Drama!

OVERALL: TVB made some great dramas this year and we hope next year will be even better (we have our doubts). We will skip like half of the dramas again though since we simply don't have time to watch two dramas a day. It was kind of surprising how many dramas we skipped this year because last year we only skipped like 2 dramas. That says something about the quality of TVB dramas lately.


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