Sunday, 10 January 2016

鄭俊弘 Fred - 炮火

Hey everyone! Sorry we haven't posted until now! We've been swamped with work lately and we meant to post this when it came out but never too late haha.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year since this is our first post in 2016! We hope everyone's wishes will come true and that you will all have a splendid 2016!

This is Fred's newest single called 炮火. This is written by himself and a lot of listeners have noticed his own rock style incorporated into this song. Overall, it is a good song that's both comforting and has good meaning.

Cee: It starts off very comforting and once you hear Fred's voice, it's easily recognizable. No doubt this is a good song, however, (I think it's just me) I think that he is forcing out the words 刀割痛楚 maybe because he's out of breath and has to say them in one breath or it's probably because he's too into singing the song with emotion and chooses to execute the song that way. Either way, it's one of Fred's better songs but there's not much good cantopop songs these days that aren't filled with random lyrics and boring melodies. As seen at the awards shows so far... everyone gets an award no matter how bad the song is and the live performance were pretty bad too. I sound like a hater right now haha but if you call yourself a professional singer, maybe get some lessons before performing to accept an award because a lot of the singers had no voice and you could only hear their breath. Furthermore, there were a couple girls who scrunched up into a ball and sang with their shoulders cramped up so high that their airway was blocked and they couldn't produce a voice. I am no singer but I still cringe when I see singers doing that because as a normal human being, I find it difficult to breathe cramped up and I just can't imagine singing like that... On a more positive note, this is a good song and Fred does not sing like that so yay for him. The better live singers are basically just Fred, Hubert Wu, Joyce Cheng and that's about it.

Jay: This is one of those songs that is easily likable and doesn't take brainwashing to get people to enjoy it. On the first or second try of this song, I was already impressed with the song. I was surprised to see that Fred composed the song but I think he did a phenomenal job and incorporated his own pop-rock style in. It's been a while since Fred has come out with more upbeat and faster songs since his last ones were on the slower side like "當狗愛上貓" which was also good. He puts emotion and feeling into all of his songs and that is how the audience and fans get connected to his music. This song has a great melody and is simple, but the way in which he sings it creates a special feeling which is inspiring and soothing. His passion into the song is clearly evident and is not forced. I think a lot of people are wowed by this piece. I agree with Cee that there are limited singers who can actually sing in HK nowadays. Fred continues to bring surprises in the Hong Kong music industry and I hope he continues to produce more meaningful songs! Great work!

鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng - 炮火





當 長夜孤單很赤裸 無淚哭泣都有歌

描畫灰色這感受 是如何

如果 前路寬敞不會阻 如夢初醒不再躲
來面對這最壞的 好結果



分岔太多 轉身可以跨過

當 遺憾堆積得太多 難道必須給戰火


這定格必須一方將困局衝破 反覆的折磨

情願離座 從頭找到自己 來尋覓快樂



分岔太多 轉身可以跨過
揣測太多 誰明白我都難過
回話錯 沉默錯 懷念錯



關起耳朵 轉身可以跨過
傷口結疤 猶如沒有執迷過
其實我 還是我 還是我

- CeeJay


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