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愛情食物鏈 Love As A Predatory Affair TVB Theme Song - 何雁詩 Stephanie Ho

Hi everyone!

As the new drama, "Love As A Predatory Affair" came out this week, we decided to do a short post on the theme song. The theme song is also called " 愛情食物鏈" which is the same as the drama and is sung by 何雁詩, Stephanie Ho.

We thought this song was suitable for the drama's theme. It is pretty catchy and Stephanie's voice is easily recognizable. As a song itself it's alright but sometimes we're finding that after watching the drama, we don't hear a normal song but instead, we see flashes of the drama and the song just has another meaning to it. We found that especially with Hubert Wu's theme song for The Executioner. When it first came out in the summer, we thought it was just a song about climbing higher for something. But after watching the drama, all we can see is Kenny Wong staring down people's necks haha. Not that associating the song with a few characters is a bad thing but after time, the song loses it's meaning beyond the drama.

This song isn't bad overall but we want to see some more meaning put into tvb theme songs. We hope to see Stephanie get more theme songs, especially slower songs, since we've seen her sing quite a bit of fast ones.


男生的品味 膚淺得要死
如果公主病 美貌也會博得 最歡喜
憑肉眼 作標記 無耐性去知道 心底希冀
誰又信 有公理 如沒有我的矮小怎墊高 她的美

人生難得一知己 有著靈犀無須捉摸心理
遺失人氣 尋到自己 平凡中 有福氣
人生難得找到你 繼續純真無須辛苦演戲
難解難分 緣消緣起 藏玄機

誰不想驕傲 高高天際飛
如不支倒地 當天摔低那點 再企得起
男共女 我與你 情和愛 最銘記 卻要賭氣
行盡了 數百里 無名次 有勇氣 未見得 空歡喜

人生難得一知己 有著靈犀無須捉摸心理
遺失人氣 尋到自己 平凡中 有福氣
人生難得找到你 繼續純真無須辛苦演戲
難解難分 緣消緣起 藏玄機

迴腸盪氣將結尾 從頭於原點 尋找你
人生難得一知己 有著靈犀無須捉摸心理
無驚無險 做好自己 平凡中 有福氣
人生難得找到你 繼續純真無須辛苦演戲
無聲無息 提升自己 尋玄機



bon said...
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Anonymous said...

Totally agreed! A lot of the theme songs nowadays are tailor-made for the series and have no meaning other than being the theme song for a drama. All of the recent theme songs are like that (Hubert's Executioner, Stephanie's Love as a Predatory Affair, Jinny's Inspector Gourmet, etc.). Part of the problem is that the Voice Entertainment isn't doing too great of a job promoting their songs other than promotional events for these series, which is why the songs lose value once the drama is over.

CeeJay said...

Thanks for checking out the post and so glad we have the same opinion. Haven't heard Jinny's song for Inspector Gourmet yet but doesn't sound appealing at all. That's very true! Even after the songs are done with, TVB still gives them big awards for JSG and such!

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