CeeJay's Pick of the Month (June): Dear Jane - 只知感覺失了蹤

What's up everyone?☺

We are back with an all new post and we have decided that once a month, we will be doing this "CeeJay's Pick of the Month" which is a song that we personally enjoy that has just been released in the particular month. It is similar to our song posts but usually they are good songs or songs that deserve recognition instead of us complaining about it.

We apologize for not having blogged for a long time since June was a crazy month for us and there has been nothing too interesting going with dramas or songs. (or that we have been too lazy to write proper reviews for shows like Mafia and such) That being said, let's get started!

The song we chose for the month is "只知感覺失了蹤" from Dear Jane which was released June 19th, 2016. We really enjoyed this song and it was a pleasant "sequel" to their other song "哪裡只得我共你", released in March. The video for "哪裡只得我共你" is below and we recommend watching and listening to it before the song we are presenting today if you haven't already done so.

So the first song is not from June obviously but it is important in understanding what's going on with the song of the month. We only listen to Dear Jane sometimes just because its got a heavier rock/punk kinda feel to it unlike many other canto pop singers who just sing "normal" no tune songs. For Cee, this was on autoplay on YouTube so I just gave it a listen WITHOUT seeing the video. I highly recommend you watch the video and read the captions within the MV because I just saw them a couple days ago and things make a lot more sense oops.

So basically the story starts at Chapter 1. When the two meet at a back alley and he starts to become interested in her and wants to make her happy and be happy together while she is trying to live again and relies on the smoke from smoking to see the air she is breathing. While he is living the "lower class life" as a carpenter/construction kind of person and suffering from people's prejudice, he somehow wants to make her happy. She is working in the nice office building across the street but feel trapped by her life up there and instead relies on the dirty smoke from cigarettes to breathe a breath of "fresh" air again. It is a bittersweet story and the video itself captured us more than the song haha. The symbols and the irony built into it is more than we expected! It isn't everyday where a few minutes can capture you especially with just a song in the background... because we just gave A Time of Love from TVB a try and ohh man. (we were too lazy to write anything for that trash, A Time of Love? More like A Time of for all audiences to sleep and wake up an hour later and still find that we are on the same scene with the same two people with the same expressions sighing at the view in Germany or Taiwan...) Love stories are so hard to come by in TVB and even Dear Jane does it better! We love how subtle it is and the lyrics really embody what he is feeling. It is so simple but when he introduces himself, it gives the audience hope that they can find happiness together. The song itself is great lyrics wise to capture what he is feeling but we find that if you aren't used to Dear Jane and their style it takes a few listens to adjust to it just because its not very dynamic and it's just a bunch of guitar and drums playing loudly. We do however love the intro and especially the drums and percussion from 0:17 to when he starts singing. Anyways, this is not the song of the month!! But it is the better, more hopeful and beautiful part of the story.

Dear Jane - 哪裡只得我共你 You & Me (Official Music Video)

Okay, pick of the month time! This song is about Chapter 37, quite a jump! We actually didn't know about the chapters until this one came out. So we learn that the two did end up together but this time, they're starting to drift apart and he doesn't know why but his feelings for her have diminished and are even lost, hence the name of the song. Of course, he feels guilty and ashamed to the point where he doesn't know how to react to her anymore and there is no way to tell her. She on the other hand, still wants to see them together and is trying hard to revive their relationship. The first part of the story was already sad but at least there was hope, this time around it's just dead. We are going to focus on the MV since it is our favourite part.

Ho-yin begins by lighting a match... perhaps symbolizing that he is reigniting their old memories and trying to find the reason why his feelings are lost? Or maybe we are overthinking. BTW we love the sound of the match and too bad they didn't incorporate it into their song...

So then there comes flashbacks of how happy they used to be and of course, this belongs to the story in between. We just cannot possibly describe the whole MV because there's so much to talk about. From the sea of black that he sees to the missing words in the lyrics on screen and a minute hasn't even gone by yet! We will touch on the missing words though because it is really leaving us confused. One commenter says that the whole meaning of the song could be changed if the words were filled in. We were wondering the same thing and maybe the next song will have them filled in but we highly doubt that. Hmm... Actually, we don't even know if they will continue this and whether or not the next one will be the end or maybe a flashback of the chapters in between. That anticipation really adds to the appeal of this song! Compared to the weird floaty MV's from Voice Ent, this is done way better! There are certain shots that do deserve applause, especially @ 2:46 when she walks into the work area and they go on separate paths even though they should be together. Also, AGAIN maybe we are overthinking this but we love how she still has the matches to light his cigarette maybe symbolizing that she is still the one giving him the fire to go on even though he thinks he's lost the feeling. Maybe he didn't take the matches in the end since they cut that part out as a way of saying, you aren't for me anymore. There is also another interpretation where Ho Yin has tried hard to make them happy but is realizing that no matter how hard he tries, they can't get out of this life because he is still stuck at the same place after all this time. So it comes to question, what was the happiness he was hoping to find with her? The end is super shaky and blurry because Ho Yin feels extremely lost we're thinking and he also might be mad at himself for not wanting to be with her anymore even though she's so caring. Hopefully the next song will give us some answers!

*We do apologize this is more like a rant that's all over the place*. So all in all, please do watch the MV, it is packed with symbols and it's just a great story and if you notice anything else we would love to discuss the MV with you :)

We are gonna rant a bit about the lyrics too. The first few lines introduce what's happening after three months (in real time, we don't know how long it's been for them). It was a little disappointing that Ho Yin, who initiated the relationship just isn't feeling it anymore. The part where Ho Yin says he doesn't believe that he found the feeling to "save" her from looking in her eyes anymore helps us remember why they got together in the first place. But because that was such a key part to their connection and he doesn't feel it anymore, they are quite "lost" we would say. A lot of the phrases are the same from last time and it helps to continue the story. As a stand alone song, it works great too! The two songs actually have the same Dear Jane kinda feel to it so it's nothing new or spectacular, except the beginnings of the two songs are quite different. Sometimes we can't tell the difference between their songs other than the lyrics :( That's just what you get for a better storyline.

This is our pick of the month because we like the how the two MV's go together and how developed the characters are after around 8-9 ish minutes. Lyrics speak to the story very directly. The only downside is the that the tune is kinda flat in both songs and the singer sounds very strained sometimes but that is their style so if you accept it and like it then that's good. They never stray off from this stuff anyways so we actually don't listen to them much, only a few songs from them.

Dear Jane - 只知感覺失了蹤 Lost (Official Music Video)

Please let us know what you think of these two songs down below! We will be continuing these every month and hopefully the summer will be more relaxing so we have more time for reviews and such :)

-Cee and Jay


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