A Fist Within Four Walls 城寨英雄 TVB - Week 1 Review (Ep 1-7)

Hey everyone!

Since it's summer time and we have a little more time on our hands, we were thinking of starting a weekly review for seven episodes of A Fist Within Four Walls (AKA FWFW). We will cover our thoughts and opinions on the performances of the actors, specific scenes worth noting and it goes without saying that there will be spoilers for each of the episodes. We will not walk through every single part of the episode because we are sure you have or will be seeing it for yourselves. Let's get started!! :)

Before watching the show:

If you guys have read our FILMART 2016 review of the dramas that will air this year, you know that we have been anticipating this drama for a while. First off because of the cast, second because of the plot and its genre similar to A Fistful of Stances (one of our favourite TVB dramas), and third because we like period or rather 1950's kind of dramas. Of course with the production and script quality of TVB these days, we did not want to go in with high hopes and be let down. While we were excited for this drama, we had three primary questions with the cast. We know that the cast has been remodelled into what it is today from having Him Law, Sammy Sum and Ben Yuen to Ruco Chan, Philip Ng, and Ben Yuen. Here were our concerns before watching the drama:

1. Ruco is no doubt a great actor but will Ruco be able to surpass what he is at right now with this role? Will this role give him the ability to shine and develop enough to show a range of emotions?

2. Nancy has just been crowned TV Queen and many people say for the wrong role. After House of Spirits has aired many people said she was not very TV Queen level and it is up to this drama to show what she can do, we are both anxious to see her acting chops really come out more naturally in a more dynamic character.

3. Ben Yuen has always been known for his wooden acting and after Speed of Life, he has just been going downhill with the wooden-ness. Can he show a more emotional side of him? He has mentioned while filming Three Women, One Gene that he knows he has to break through that barrier in order for him to secure a leading spot soon.

With that said, there are of course worries that the plot may be illogical (like many other dramas) and the ending may be very twisted and sudden. At 28 episodes, we hope this doesn't drag on for too long.

Episode 1:

The beginning scene was just hilarious. Ruco fighting the tiger... LOL. We don't know why it caused such laughter between us but it did. Maybe because it was so sudden and just weird. Then it jumps right into the two families of the Bajiquan style of Kung-Fu. These two families both have a master of this style of Kung-Fu- of course one is Ruco and one is Ben. Ruco is the poor one and still works hard for his family to make ends meet. But Ben is well respected and well off. We thought that this was going to be their roles until we saw the two sons and we thought... ohh maybe this is just the set up and the two kids will turn into them. AND WE WERE RIGHT. We liked the two actors acting as the fathers before their sons and although it is very seldom that father and son look EXACTLY alike, meh, we are overlooking this fact. Also, it was surprising to see Natalie as Ruco's wife, we had no idea she was even in this, even as a guest but no complaints from us because Natalie is great at emotional scenes. She just has that pale and frail frame to make everything so sad haha. Back to the story, one of our favourite scenes of this episode was the water cup scene between the two masters because it was so well executed and looked very professional. We saw later in the bloopers that they had to work on it for a long time so again, Ruco and Ben further show their professionalism.

Screenshots from: http://icdrama.se/watch-online-a-fist-within-four-walls-episode-01-69348.html

At around the half hour mark of this episode, the time flies to Ruco being over in Macau as the grown up son, Chiu Yeung. He is packing for his trip to HK to the Walled City to reunite with his long lost sister. This part of the drama is the comic relief when he meets Jazz Lam and is finding a "woman" and Jazz (But Duk-Liu AKA over the top great haha) misinterprets this as watching striptease shows and getting a girl that way. We have noticed that Jazz has been in these loud rowdy roles for so long and this especially reminds of the poor little brother of the Koo Family in A Fistful of Stances. He is probably another super irrational character who is gonna use his fist before his words again. The case of Yam Yam and her gambling addicted father begins and Ruco being from out of the Walled City tries to save the dad from a beating. However, Duk-Liu tells him to just leave since it happens all the time and he is not ever going to change anyways. Looks like this new role for Ruco as Chiu Yeung or now, Chor Au-Kuen is a righteous man that does not mind helping out people in need despite his own financial situation. We wonder if he is going to go back to Macau?

This first episode was action packed and provided a lot background for Ruco's hardships and how he will face his identity as the son of the killer of a great Kung Fu master. Ben Yuen will also be showing what he has gone through since the death of his father. The acting was great in this episode. We have no complaints of Ben being wooden because quite frankly, we have gotten used to it and now his subtleness as a character trait he has written into every character he acts as. The story is good and so far the action is what is making it different than previous TVB dramas. It is well rehearsed and at least they researched a little bit into Bajiquan from what we are hearing. Episode 1 is a quick and good start for this drama.

We will also be doing a before and after guess of the three assassins for the first question for TVB. After ep 1 and lastly, after ep 7.

There are 9 choices so far:
A: O Man Cheong (KK Cheung) - probably? he is always evil
B: Lee Fat (Ngai Wai-Man) - The gambling dude? uhh of course not him!
C: Fung Mei-Chun (Carlo Ng) - he looks creepy as heck, maybe?
D: Mr. Dei Zee  (sorry his name is not on the wiki list :( ) - maybe? who is he?
E: Fuk Sau-Kam (Vincent Lam) - maybe again?
F: Yeung Chuk-Lun (Jimmy Au) - hmmm, maybe?
G: Duen Chit-Keung (Stephen Ho) - this is the older version of Jonathan Wong and we are suspicious of him however, he may not be an actual assassin.
H: Yuk Bo-Fung (Yuen Chau) - Probably not
I: Lung Sing-Fu (Philip Ng) - Definitely not! Wasn't he a baby? or not even born? why is he a choice?

Episode 2: 

The story starts with Chor Au-Kuen finding the place where his dad supposedly killed Duen Tung-Tin and hears the footsteps of the Bajiquan. He now sees his old friend Duen Ying-Fung but is too afraid to tell him about his real identity. He feels remorse for his father and accepts the fact that his father murdered Ben's father. We are not really happy with this choice of the child believing his dad is a murderer... it would be more fitting for him to believe his father was innocent because at the hospital, he defended his father in front of Jonathan Wong and said, "My dad would never kill anyone!" What a change in character..? 5 minutes in, Nancy shows up and the comedy starts! This drama is also inspired by comic books so we can see the style in their acting! We read that they were a bickering pair and rightly so. They are very compatible with each other and we are happy with the pairing! Nancy as Tiu-Lan is great and although her expressions are large, this character is better than Chu Chan-Chan in HOS. Her lips are always so red here, we wonder if there is a scene with her bare lips haha. We like the hair salon setting and it looks pretty real. This leads us to talk about the new streets and at least TVB is investing in a new set and trying to make this look like the Walled City. We are seeing some of the same streets and buildings but at least there is some change. Hopefully the sets and such continue to develop and grow to provide a fresher environment for the audience to watch.

So Zoie Tam is Jazz Lam's wife. We like to see her in more roles but we do not like her wig. It just doesn't fit her very well and looks very fake. Hope her story is good but her character looks like it is too small for a breakthrough after Over Run Over. There are also four other girls who are dancers and the only we recognize is Carat Cheung. We do recognize another one who was in HOS and Blue Veins and just found her name, Chloe Nguyen. They should be providing the comic relief but doesn't look like their stories need to be told to detract from the main story. Below are some screenshots of our favourite scene for this episode! It was super hilarious and reminds us of how we used to joke about using floss on a door to try to pull our baby teeth out.

Yuen Chau's character as the mini store owner is also very funny. We never really hear Thai so we aren't sure if her Thai accent is good but it is something new. After seeing Maggie and her friends as Indonesians in Between Love and Desire, it seems like TVB's scriptwriters are trying to mix up the bag for heritages and cultures. We know that Yuen Chau is a great martial artist and it looks like she will be using it to her advantage this time. Last time she was wasted in a crappy drama, Wudang Rules, and we are excited to see more of her fight scenes with Muay Thai and Wing Chun.

Then the three big "mountains" of The Association than rules the Walled City is described. The first one is Fuk Sau Kam (Vincent Lam), a huge druggie who overlooks the underground drug business and does drugs avidly himself as well. We are not surprised that he is an antagonist in this drama as he is evil a lot of the time. We know that he won't disappoint as a drug lord and his opening scene was already very convincing. The second two are the Fung Brothers, one is huge and looks like a pirate with dirty teeth, Fung Ha-Mun (Oscar Li) and the other is completely opposite and very feminine, Fung Chun-Mei (Carlo Ng). The two brothers run the prostitute houses and such. We have to say we were very shocked to see Carlo Ng acting so feminine with a full face of makeup on! This is sure a breakthrough role for him and looks like he is one of the top contenders for Best Supporting Actor this year. His brother is also always in gangs and such so no surprises there. The final big brother of The Association is O Man Cheong (KK Cheung). This has got to be the 100th time we have seen KK this year and 90/100 times, he is evil! LOL. So no comments about KK.

The relationship with Nancy and Ben also develops and now Ben is a dentist and has to hide his kung-fu. The reason isn't told yet though. Their scene with her toothache is pretty funny and cute but Ben is very nonchalant about it haha. We know that Nancy ends up liking Ruco so maybe Ben will not like her back so she goes to Ruco and realizes that he is the one that she really loves.

Moon Lau as O Duk-Lei is also introduced in this episode as O Man-Cheong's beloved daughter who has just finished her studies in England and she is like the typical rebellious rich girl, oblivious to her father's connections with The Association. Looks like she will serve as a comic relief and introduce some more feminine charm to the manly fighting. No comments on performance yet, it is adequate.

Phillip Ng shows up at the end as O Man Cheong's top fighter who takes on 10-20 people at once. He said no lines in this episode so we also have no comment. This episode introduced a lot of new characters and was funnier than the last episode. We really enjoyed it!

Episode 3:

The episode starts off with The Association meeting together since O Man Cheong is back and the two Fung bros wanna take the lead spot. LOOL @ Carlo Ng and his quiet words and bleached eyebrows. He is indeed creepy with his embroidered cheongsam as well. We are excited to see him fight as a contrast to his feminine side. We don't see him acting too much and the last time was in Come Home Love and he was very much himself. He must have a story behind his behaviour and of course, we believe it is a tragic one. Also, the three leaders remind us of the three leaders in Lord of Shanghai as well and how they all want the top leader position.

Lee Fat the addicted gambler is causing some more trouble again and Tiu Lan (Nancy) wants to get to the root of the problem to help her friend/worker Yam Yam. In the Walled City, it is not uncommon to see poor gamblers on the streets, waiting for the loan sharks to come and beat them up again. When there is no other choice and no opportunity for an education or for better jobs with better wages, people resort to these measures. Of course, the corruption and illegal markets in the Walled City make life even more difficult and Lee Fat is a real life example of this. Although we have a feeling the story is going to end tragically with Yam Yam becoming a prostitute, hopefully Duen Ying-Fung (Ben) comes to his senses and helps out Ruco in saving the poor citizens of the Walled City. The poor lifestyle in the Walled City also raises the question of how Nancy afforded her hair salon and a property owner...

Yuen Chau is Philip Ng's mom and they argue about how he earns money by killing people with his fists and how he used to be weak so Ah Mei (the mom) trained him up. Looks like there will be tensions between the mother and son. We have never seen Philip in any movie before but we found his voice to be very deep and hoarse which we did not expect. It does fit with his character though? But it is a little hard on the ears LOL. That is not something that we are super concerned about though. His acting is a little wooden as well so only the fight scenes are good so far with him.

Looks like Ruco's sister that he was searching for is already dead. He feels remorse of course and finds out that Ben still comes to visit her and he feels even more guilt because he is the son of his father's Bajiquan victim. This is why Ruco has hid his kung fu and has not practiced because he feels like he cannot live up to the martial arts. Although his technique and training is lost, he is still gifted and has incredible strength. So Thai woman (Yuen Chau) teaches him one strike with the elbow and he picks it up right away and even knocks out a couple bricks. She may be the one who trains him up to become the hero of Walled City! Now his objective is to save Yam Yam! Ruco is not disappointing with his physique and fighting. He is also good at comedy, especially with Nancy. For these three episodes, he is doing great and this may go towards his Best Actor nomination. The next thing that we will mention is Carlo's fight scene with Ruco.. It is clear Chun-Mei is trained in martial arts and he uses his "claws".... hmm... one of the assassins used his "wolverine" looking fingertips. So we are betting that Chun Mei is one of the assassins of Ruco the dad. There is a lot of action in this drama, way more than in Fistful of Stances and there are also a variety of different types of martial arts here.

Then the story shifts to the Duen family and it talks about why the cannot fight anymore. There is a mentally challenged boy named Siu Chi (Jonathan Lee) and he makes candy and is Ben's protege for Bajiquan. It is nice to see that these usual kelefes are getting different roles to help them get recognized. So Fung Ha-Mun makes them break their own wood sign of masters of Bajiquan and forbids them to practice it or something. Anyways, this was again a good episode, no complaints yet.

Episode 4:

Story continues with Ha Mun forcing them to break their sign and Ben is just standing their fists clenched. But he is still standing like a wooden plank lol. Ben is on and off with his scenes. Sometimes he is able to show facial expressions but sometimes it's just not there.

The task now is to help Yam Yam escape from the Walled City but Ruco is injured and they are hiding in Thai Po's ceiling and they can't wait much longer. These scenes are done by TVB a lot and we know that they will be successful in the end for escaping even though they will almost get caught. They are always stopped by guards or something and then someone or something distracts the guards so that they are free to go LOL. And sure enough, this is the same. Tiu Lan (Nancy) convinces the But Jai Go (Jelly cake ) store owner to help them leave the Walled City since his carts are the only ones that can go in and out all day. We have a feeling that the store owner may be evil or just hides some secret. There is something fishy about him and he may be an assassin. We will wait and see.

There is a fight scene between Ha Mun and Sing Fu because Ha Mun charges to Thai Po's store because he heard that Yam Yam and crew were hiding there. Of course Philip comes to save the day and they roll all over the floor of the store throwing punches. It was a more intense fight scene and Sing Fu is a persistent that he will win Ha Mun, and any other opponent in that case. He is pissed or just unhappy with his mother hiding Yam Yam and Kuen (Ruco) because they are bringing her trouble and he may not always be there. Although he is out there and helping The Association kill people, he justifies it because it helped him to become a strong and famous fighter and also protect his mom in his own way.

The next fight scene comes right after a short break with the dental office! This is an action packed episode for sure! Lee Fat is now caged with a hand cut off from Ha Mun. Ha Mun is giving the citizens three days to help dig out Yam Yam and Kuen. Ben Yuen finds them hidden at his dentist office. Tiu Lan was the one that brought them there because she had no other choice and one of her favourite moments for further falling for Ying-Fung is when he has to take off his shirt in front of her. It was very funny because of her expressive eyes in the scene and it is very comical as well. This is a way better role than her HOS ones as we said before and she is very different than Chu Chan-Chan. There are some actors that look and act the same in every drama no matter what character they are in so it feels like they are not really acting, and instead just being themselves. One example of this is Johnson Lee in Daddy Dearest right now... he is talking the same way as his Sze You Tonight show and Officer Geomancer. Same old mischievous wanna be funny yet serious acting. Anyways, Ben is reluctant to help because his old pride with fighting caused Siu-Chi to become mentally challenged. However, he cannot pass his own conscience so he chooses to help Yam Yam.

The fight begins when Ha Mun goes into a back alley and sees Kuen at the end of the alley. Ruco just has to rip his shirt off to show his body... First Ben Yuen, now Ruco. Looks like they are selling the muscles hard this drama haha. On the other side, Siu-Chi is standing up for Yam Yam and is getting beaten very badly but he won't back down. It was a very brutal scene and very bloody. Finally, Ben comes to the rescue with slow motion shots of his punches. While Ruco takes on Ha Mun, Ben is taking on lots of people at once who are trying to harm Yam Yam. He shows off his skills in his dress shirt and tie, looking classy as ever. These two scenes side by side is one of the best editing we have seen so far lol. Although it switches back and forth between two fight scenes, one has many people in it and one is a one on one battle so it doesn't feel too overwhelming. When Moon Lau accidentally walks into the one on one fight, she introduces the comedy and again adds that comic book element that this drama was inspired by. When Ruco falls to the floor, Philip Ng comes to rescue Moon and even kills Ha Mun with his lethal Muay Thai kicks from the knee. What a scene haha. We have not seen so much hand to hand combat in so long and it is definitely the most violent show TVB has broadcasted in a long time. We quite enjoy these scenes because they are suspenseful and they are choreographed well. Right now, if you saw our dramalist, you would know that we are also watching Ice Fantasy. Although a lot of money was poured into it, the fight scenes are a joke! They don't even show the punch sometimes and the other guy just dies... so TVB is showing something here! The stunts are always shown in the bloopers too to show the audience how long it took to get a shot looking real. This was by far the best episode in terms of suspense and fighting. The comedy is still there and we are now exploring more characters and their backgrounds.

Episode 5:

Fung Chun Mei finds out that his brother is dead and is initially reluctant to believe it. He shows that he cares deeply about his brother and that Ha Mun is his weak spot. Maybe this death will fuel some negotiations within The Association. This is a rash side of Chun Mei because his brother is proclaimed dead. We wonder what he will do and we are sure he will get his revenge, when he finds that Philip is the killer. Of course, Thai Po knows that the only person capable of killing Ha Mun with those blows is her son, Sing Fu (Philip). We think she feels bad for the death even though Ha Mun was such a bad person because before you use your fist, you should use your words. Ha Mun would not have listened anyway but it is a dangerous thing to kill a leader of The Association. O Man Cheong is not pleased with this obviously and looks like Sing-Fu has that I Don't Really Care attitude since Ha Mun was a scum bag anyways lol... this might foreshadow why he will team up with Ruco and Ben to be the three heroes of the Walled City. He thinks for himself first (besides his mom) and his boss's words don't really move him either so he acts on his own accord.

OKAY, now comes the scene where Yam Yam is shipped out and as we said before of course he almost got caught with his small straw hat! Of course there was that suspenseful aspect to it, we expected nothing less. When we first saw these scenes, we were scared for the protagonist. But now, we treat these like a normal occurrence LOL.

Our favourite scene in this episode is the one where Chun Mei is measuring his brother's body for new clothes and such. The other members of The Association are in attendance and Kuen is now the prime suspect for killing Ha Mun. Carlo's Chun Mei is now so calm and collected after his brother's death and it raises a few hairs on the audience's back! His snide remarks about how he promised to take care of him are still so creepy. He reminds us of Foon Hei Gor (Benz Hui) in Line Walker. Prior to watching this, we had no idea Carlo was even in the drama! We are very surprised by his character and now his performance is awesome. His speech and tone of voice is enough to be a cunning concubine on an ancient drama haha.

Next, the Duen family is not happy with Ben back into his heroics again because he is putting the family on the line. He is desperately trying to find a balance between doing what is right and protecting his family. Ben Yuen's performance is adequate here so we hope to see some more emotional scenes from him further down the story. His chemistry with Nancy is missing something but that fits well because she is supposed to be the aggressive one pursuing him. So in other words, they are working very well together.

Ok, break time from fighting is over! Let's get back to the fight scenes with Yuen Chau and Carlo Ng! Thai Po is attempting to save Kuen who is all tied up in a chair at the top floor of the brother's entertainment building. Looks like Thai Po's kung fu cannot beat Chun Mei's and although his face was injured, she was coughing up blood! We liked how it was the face that she hit so that he would show even more of his feminine side. LOL @ her calling him a (deadly) girly crossdresser while running around to throw some punches.

Thai Po locks herself in a small shack and they are going to burn her alive until her son comes to save the day lol. The fact that he decides to save Kuen (they told Fu that Kuen was inside) shows that Fu has a conscience and still listens to what his mother says. He is so far the most unmoved of the three and we can't wait until he joins the group. Meanwhile, more fighting is going one with Ben Yuen and Ruco Chan both defending the water source so that Carlo can't use it to put out the fire that will soon reach the top floor where his brother's body is lying. And... of course. TVB must advertise those muscles and hot bods again so the water must explode everywhere so their shirts are wet. It is a great uniting scene for the two friends though and the last stance they show against Chun Mei is strong. Seeing that Chun Mei is losing power, the other two mountains go against him so Chun Mei promises to put aside their ill feelings and stuff like that to get the water to save his brother.

An awesome episode ends with Ruco joining the Walled City family! This episode was again packed with fight scenes. There is no shortage of manliness in this drama haha. We don't remember a more intense drama since the first Tiger Cubs. The first five episodes have been great but we still have 20 ish more episodes to go so hopefully there will be more character development, especially for Lung Sing-Fu.

Episode 6:

The episode begins with Nancy pushing off her group of girlfriends from liking Duen Ying-Fung. Of course, she is trying to keep him to herself. So far, for romantic relationships, Nancy likes Ben, and Moon likes Ruco for saving her from Ha-Mun. We know that these initial pairings are not going to work out since Ben will like Moon (we read this somewhere but now we can't find it, maybe things have changed?) They do seem like opposites though because she is loud and bubbly but he is quiet and seems stressed a lot. Opposites attract? We have no idea. TVB makes the impossible possible with their love squares. The love triangles are no longer a thing it seems, the love hexagon is the new trend of TVB!

The story continues with Ruco and Ben deciding to fight and if Ruco is the winner, he will be able to guard the street independently. This is going to be another upcoming fight scene and we are betting Ruco is going to lose even though he asks Thai Po to teach him a few tricks. She cannot compare with Chun-Mei and others for martial arts but Kuen still sees her as a master. This is quite a funny scene with her just chomping down her fruits. Looks like she does not get any business.

Yam Yam is now working at a newspaper publishing office as a janitor but at least there's hope that she will be a writer/journalist one day. Although Tiu Lan is super cheap, she is very generous towards her friends and especially towards Yam Yam who she sees as a sister. The close friendship of the Walled City people despite the conditions they are living in make this drama heartwarming as well. We still keep with TVB dramas because we enjoy the family feeling that it gives us.

The last scene is of course A FIGHT SCENE. But it isn't that exciting because we already know that Ruco is no match for Ben (YET) haha. Also he is unwilling to use the Chiu Family Bajiquan because he feels like it is what killed Duen Ying-Fung's dad. Instead, he learns Thai Po's Wing Chun and Muay Thai and he loses anyways. He sure picked up her moves fast but she is unhappy because he is "dirtying" her name in the martial arts realm lol. We really like her character here and it is super funny. She is dead serious when she says:

" If you have chosen to use your fist to protect the Walled City, then you must prepare your fist well. Wing Chun, Muay Thai, even Bajiquan, if it makes your punch stronger and harder, it is good kung fu! "

This is one of the most inspirational quotes pertaining to the theme of the drama so far.

Episode 7:

Kuen has promised to learn the Duen Family Bajiquan but only if Siu-Chi is teaching him but instead, they just go out to play. If Kuen and Fung learn each other's Bajiquan, they will truly be masters of the Bajiquan and it will definitely help them prepare their fist better for fighting The Association.

O Duk-Lei (Moon) is now teaching at a school in Hong Kong, or at least that's what her dad thinks. In reality, she is teaching in the Walled City and the kids are not interested in school at all. They are just waiting for the day to end and even play tricks on Audrey. It is pretty funny but we can't wait until she finds out her dad is doing illegal business and we wonder if her character will become devastated and join forces with the three heroes or will she be too ashamed to face them anymore?

More comedy comes in this episode when Ruco finds out that Nancy is crushing on Ben. Their chemistry is great and we can see that they will end up together because they aren't afraid of showing their true selves to each other.

The intense part of the episode comes at the end! Yam Yam's father gambles again but this time because he was winning too much money, he gets framed for cheating. He brings up his daughter as payment. It's a really tragic scene because Yam Yam just started to be doing better and she was trying to earn money for a better life for the both of them. The two heroes and Nancy come to the scene at the fruit yard. This is where Nancy goes super ninja and uses knives to kill all the fruit yard guys. This sudden character change is quite a jump and some people have complained that it was illogical.
We are wondering if Nancy is Ruco's sister but probably not since they say that she fights with a lethal type of kung fu that they haven't seen before. Nancy passes out and her heart stops. Ben and Ruco do CPR on her but suddenly, they start violently pounding on her chest! We don't like this part at all and considering the force that Ben and Ruco have in their punches, we are surprised Tiu Lan didn't get any ribcages broken! We could see this pad she was wearing on her chest to protect herself in this scene though lol oops. We are not sure what type of CPR this is and the funny thing is that it works. This scene was both funny and ridiculous especially with the slow motion shots.

Tiu Lan wakes up and forgets everything and doesn't even know that Yam Yam is dead yet... maybe she has on and off amnesia and turns into some superhero, sounds like bipolar as well.

So far this week was awesome. It has been packed with action and great characters. We like the set and how it is new for the Walled City. Some clichés and obvious casting choices don't bother us too much. Hopefully this will continue with this fast pace and we hope it doesn't drag!

The end of the first week guesses for the three assassins are:

A: O Man Cheong (KK Cheung) - Hmm, it seems like he is just in the business side of things and doesn't fight. Or at least he hasn't shown his kung fu yet.
B: Lee Fat (Ngai Wai-Man) - This one is out for sure!
C: Fung Mei-Chun (Carlo Ng) - His claws in the Thai Po shack scene give it away that he is most likely one of the assassins.
D: Mr. Dei Zee  (sorry his name is not on the wiki list :( ) - still don't know him
E: Fuk Sau-Kam (Vincent Lam) - maybe but again he hasn't shown his fighting.
F: Yeung Chuk-Lun (Jimmy Au) - suspicious...
G: Duen Chit-Keung (Stephen Ho) - of the assassins that were shown, none of them looked like Jonathan Wong so we aren't sure but something is up with him otherwise
H: Yuk Bo-Fung (Yuen Chau) - There were no women in the jail cell and Thai Po was against fighting and besides, her kung fu isn't up to their level
I: Lung Sing-Fu (Philip Ng) - DEFINITELY NOT.

THE END! Hope you enjoyed our review. We aren't sure if we have the time to recap the next week. We will try but next week is going to be busier for us. Let us know what you think of this drama and it's opening week :)



  1. Great recap, very nice kung fu series. Hope it keeps up the quality. Too bad the knife fight was so full of obvious CGI blood though.

    1. Thanks for checking out our post! Yes we thought the cgi was fake as well and it was even more obvious with the slow motion.


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