TVB Anniversary Awards 2016 - Thoughts and Red Carpet Review!

The time for TVB Anniversary Awards are here!!!! We were very excited for the awards this year as it was quite interesting to see how TVB would decide to distribute its awards, since there was some pretty intense competitions for the bigger awards such as Best Actor. For this "grand" TVB event, we are pleased to have invited our friend and part-time writer, Ah Tao, to contribute some thoughts on the winners as well. Don't miss out our Red Carpet review at the bottom, where we will praise some artists' outfits or criticize them!

Award Winners: 

Best Series: A Fist Within Four Walls

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Cee and Jay: This is an undeniably great series, but perhaps because of the other terrible dramas which made this one shine the most. We loved the action-packed scenes of fighting, the set of the walled city, and the refreshing story-line. That being said, some characters still lacked depth and we found the absence of an overarching moral, which would've helped make a further connection to the audience. For example, was it trying to solely make an approval of violence as an act of self-defense and in turn, convince the audience this is acceptable? Of course, this is still one of our top dramas of the year!

Ah Tao: Of course this drama won best drama because of how overwhelming hyped it was. It was also placed in the ideal summer slot which has generated quite a few popular dramas over the past years. In 2011, we saw Lives of Omission with Michael Tse as laughing gor; 2013 was Triumph in the Skies; Line Walker reaped so many awards in 2014; and of course Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin got rewarded in 2015 for Ghost of Relativity. This drama had a fairly good cast, a refreshing setting in the Kowloon Walled City, a dedicated set constructed for its production, and of course high viewership ratings. TVB placed high hopes and it delivered in being relatively well-received. Even the theme songs got promoted lots with the amount of live performances.

Yet, the storyline was fairly shallow with our goody two shoe male heros, easily defeatable villains, and a rushed ending where everything fell in place cause we had no more time. Other dramas actually excelled more so than FWFW in certain aspects. Two Steps of Heaven and Dead Wrong had more complex storylines; Short End of the Stick had higher average viewership ratings in Hong Kong; Over Run Over has a more refreshing theme; and House of Spirits rescued TVB from the anemic ratings of Fire in Nirvana. This could have easily been an award where TVB could balance the attention given to various well-received dramas of the year. But of course this ceremony was more so a FWFW celebration party. 

Best Actor: Ruco Chan (A Fist Within Four Walls)

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Cee and Jay: We would, first of all, like to congratulate Ruco for this award after so many years of hard work at TVB. We know Ruco is a very capable actor and through his role of  Kuen Lo, he challenged himself by playing a blind person and his role was physically challenging with the fighting. Still, Kuen Lo's character just didn't speak to us, maybe because there were so many other characters which outshone his traits. He was mainly impetuous and a morally-obliged character, but underneath these major characteristics, his character was rather plain. He was dynamic but somehow, his character was the cliché hero. It felt like there was greater development in his role for Captain of Destiny and a more interesting. We do enjoy Ruco's acting, nevertheless and he is definitely deserving of the award. As well, we look forward to seeing him in other roles. Ruco actually had quite a difficult competition this year with great actors such as Roger Kwok, Liu Kai Chi, Alex Fong, etc., but since the audience liked him better, he ended up winning over these phenomenal actors.

Ah Tao: Yay finally for Ruco! I was expecting him to get this award last year, but of course they had to accommodate Anthony Wong since he had way higher status in the HK entertainment industry. Ever since I first saw him leading in the Other Truth, I’ve always liked his performances and he has played many diverse roles from goody two shoes to villains. I wouldn’t say his role as Kuen Lo is his best or most defining performance, but he was very stable and you could tell he strove for a great portrayal with his realistic martial arts moves. He was a righteous and assertive protagonist, but like Cee and Jay said, this role was rather basic. I like Ruco much better in modern dramas and especially in roles in the ‘grey’ zone between the perfectly good and the absolute bad. I liked his roles in Brother’s Keeper and Eye in the Sky, for example, much better than this one. The characters in FWFW all had rather flat development and little complexity, and Kuen Lo is no exception.

Nonetheless, in some years the best actor/actress award is given to artistes because they are at the right status and with enough merit, and not because they had particularly shining performances that year. If they chose the latter route, this could have been given to Roger Kwok for Dead Wrong or Bosco Wong for Two Steps from Heaven. But Ruco’s status has been rising as he has helmed more and more dramas, and this is the perfect year to push him up to a new level due to FWFW’s popular. So he is definitely deserving of the award if you see it as recognizing his years of hard work rather than this one character.

Best Actress: Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls)

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Cee and Jay: Nancy had a rather easy win as her competitors for Best Actress were just so weak. No one stood a chance against her this year. But if we put her beside some of the better actresses from back then, Nancy is not that great. For example, Sheren Tang also got Best Actress for two consecutive years just like Nancy. But if we compare Sheren with Nancy, Nancy is very weak. Yet, Nancy's facial expression as her name was announced did not show much surprise or shock as it did last year and her speech was very calm - as if she was already expecting the award, just because of how bad TVB dramas have been this year. But we still think that Tiu Lan of A First Within Four Walls was a very interesting character and was a well-deserved win. We can easily see her effort put into this drama as compared to House of Spirits, where she played a very bland character. Nancy was a lead of many dramas this year including Short End of the Stick, House of Spirits, and My Lover From Planet Meow but the role of Tiu Lan finally showed us she was capable of more refined acting and she has improved enormously from last year's role.

Ah Tao: I feel much more comfortable with Nancy winning best actress this year compared to last. She had many more comparable candidates last year, where there were multiple well-noted performances by actresses with high status in TVB. Compared to last year with Liza Wang, Linda Chung, and Kristal Tin having roles people paid attention to, the playing field is really simple this year. You’ve got people with lots of pull like Kristal and Priscilla, but in lacklustre roles and dramas. You’ve also got some wonderful performances that are highly recognized by viewers, but from people like Joey Meng, Maggie Shiu, and to an extent Tracy Chu that clearly do not need this boost in status. TVB already set up Nancy to win this by putting four of her dramas in the same year so viewers were frequently reminded of her acting. I’m not going to lie, Tiu Lan is very forgettable as a character compared to her memorable supporting characters like CoCo in TITS2, Eva in Forensic Heroes 3, and the scheming concubine she played in the Curse of the Royal Harem. But of course like with Ruco, she has enough status to be crowned another year and especially because there’s no viable competition.

Favourite Male Character: Benjamin Yuen (A Fist Within Four Walls)

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Cee and Jay: This was one of the only awards we weren't quite content with. We think that Ben is a comparably weaker actor when placed beside the other nominees of this award. In fact, anyone on the list of top 5 was better. We would have been pleased if Bobby or Vincent got this award because Ben did well in the combat scenes but in terms of character, there was nothing to give the audience except for his dull, expressionless looks. Also, we are feeling quite disappointing about how Roger didn't get recognized for anything. Roger definitely showed professionalism and impeccable acting skills for his role in Dead Wrong. He lost 30 pounds just to play his role and there was great development and transformation of his character which was great to watch. We thought that he should at least get the Favourite Male Character Award if not Best Actor. But unfortunately, since people liked Ben's stripping scenes (LOL) more, others were pushed aside.

Ah Tao: I don’t agree with this result at all. With best actor and actress being awarded both to portrayals in FWFW, TVB should’ve used the favourite character awards to balance the attention to other dramas once again. We’ve seen higher script quality this year compared to many before and distributed to more months of the year as well. This could have been a perfect chance to recognize Louis in Two Steps from Heaven or Vincent in Over Run Over or Roger in Dead Wrong. But...nope. Na-da. TVB is very inclined to make this year a FWFW recognition party and through so made this disappointing decision. Ben is quite wooden in this role as in the past and with FWFW lacking in character complexity, I fail to see how viewers would embrace this character the most. Nor can I see a status argument here to push Ben up a notch because there are many other siu sangs who have actually been the main face of dramas waiting in line. So...HUH?!? Why him? He’s only at the Most Improved award level, and even a bit of a stretch with his current acting range. I’m sorry to be so mean because it’s not that he didn’t try.

On an aside though, TVB seemed to have revived the trend of airing dramas starring an award-winner in the first post-anniversary slot. This happened most often with Best Actress winners including Myolie Wu (2011 with Wish and Switch), Tavia Yeung (2012 with Friendly Fire), and Kristal Tin (2013 with Return of the Silver Tongue). No wonder maybe why Rogue Emperor is airing now starring Ben.

Favourite Female Character: Grace Wong (A Fist Within Four Walls)

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Cee and Jay: We did like Grace's role as Fa Man and this was definitely the best acting we've seen from Grace. Contrary to Nancy, Grace seemed as if she was absolutely thrilled to receive this award. We are also glad that this shows that not only main characters can get these awards. However, we can't help but feel that this is rigged because of how the two couples of AFWFW each got the biggest awards... Otherwise, we don't have much else to say about this award. 

Ah Tao: Ehh...again, what the heck were you thinking TVB. What’s with the overemphasis being given to FWFW at the cost of other dramas? I’m not sure how they intended for this to be anything other than a divisive result. But... why wasn’t Joyce Tang given this for her nearly 20 years of service and for being left in the dust for so many years? Why not Tracy Chu for the popularity of ORO? Among the top 5, even Natalie Tong had a more popular role in the Speed of Life. Like with Ben, neither do I see why this award was given to her by status or by popularity.

I do like Grace and did emphasize with her when she was utterly stunned and said “I thought only main characters could get this award and I’ve never had one,” as she stepped to the podium. She is honestly underrated in her acting and I want to see her as at least a more substantial second lead more often. My criticisms are external to her effort to improve over the years. Of course, I’m happy for Grace as she deserved a boost in morale, but I don’t see why this couldn’t have been accomplished with a best supporting actress or most improved actress award. This overwhelming focus on FWFW shows TVB has reached a new level in being unfair and in creating a scapegoat for that. Sigh.

Best Supporting Actor: Raymond Cho (Short End of the Stick)

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Cee and Jay: Raymond's daring role in Short End of the Stick really paid off and his role was truly unforgettable. Although there were strong contenders for this award, Raymond's Sai Gai easily defeated the others with his comedic acting and his whole performance elevated the show to another level. Well done.

Ah Tao: I didn’t watch SEOTS and don’t have much to say about Raymond’s performance for this particular character, but he definitely deserves this award for his years of hard work and service. Decisions on this award are usually the least controversial out of all the awards given, and they are always given to very capable actors who play supporting characters that shine in their own right. Without this award, past winners like Willie Wai and Evergreen Mak would have still been insignificant kelefes in our eyes. So well deserved for Raymond!

Best Supporting Actress: Katy Kung (Two Steps From Heaven)

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Cee and Jay: Yes, Katy had good crying scenes in Two Steps of Heaven - but this doesn't define what a Best Supporting Actress should look like. The mere capability to excel at crying scenes gives us indication that Katy can act, but does not show us that her role really made the whole drama shine. Katy's connection to the whole of TSFH was very limited, making her a readily disposable character. Instead, Joyce's character in House of Spirits showed us a rich palette of emotions and attributes, creating a round and layered Po Yan. This is what we believe a best supporting actress should be able to do. Without Joyce, House of Spirits just wouldn't be the same. Similarly, Rosina Lam for SEOTS would have been a decent pick for the award. We know that Katy has been with TVB for some time, without recognition, but this does not mean this is how the award winners should get chosen.

Ah Tao: It’s one controversial decision after another. Katy’s crying scenes were awesome, but I agree with Cee and Jay again here that the mere defining crying scenes is not really enough to get this award. It’s not Katy is not a good enough actress, for she had quite a shining role way back in Gloves Come Off. It’s just that the reason is weak, as either Joyce or Grace Wong had stronger performances comprehensively going. Katy’s character was irrelevant to the main rivalry in TSFH other than being passively sacrificed, it would have been nicer if she had a stronger role to work with. That being said, I’m giving her a bit of slack because the rationale for best actress has changed so often in even the past five years. In 2012 and 2013, they were given to some of the most popular character portrayals that year with Nancy Wu in Gloves Come Off and Elena Kong in Triumphs in the Skies II. In 2014, we’ve got TVB randomly trying to please Josie Ho for a character the viewers didn’t really notice. And in 2011 and 2015, we’ve got TVB trying to push people’s statuses up a notch with Sharon Chan and Elaine Yiu receiving awards for characters that weren’t really cream of the crop. So Katy getting this award doesn’t seem to be a clear violation of the norms like with Ben and Grace because there really isn’t much of one.

Most Popular On-Screen Partnership: Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu, (Over Run Over)

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Cee and Jay: We are satisfied about how Over Run Over got some regonition at least, although it feels almost as if TVB made this new award this year just to make sure some actors will be pleased with getting something, like a little runner up award. We realized that TVB didn't give out on-screen couple awards so we guess this is basically the same thing but they're widening the field to any partnerships that were seen in dramas. Vincent and Tracy were very compatible and we loved their development from enemies, partners of their time-travel mission, friends, all the way up to lovers. The ending was both heart crushing and hopeful and they were definitely an entertaining pair to watch on screen. We hope that Vincent will be receiving some bigger awards later on as he has great potential as an actor.

Ah Tao: The one brand new award this time around, both romantic and friendship pairing seem to be eligible for this award. Considering what happened in Malaysia and Singapore this year though, however, I thought this was likely to go to either Vincent-Tracy in Over Run Over or Ruco-Nancy in FWFW. I was hoping for the former since we learned from those two award ceremonies there was a heavy emphasis on FWFW. And indeed we got it! As in our review of ORO, I have lots of positive things to say about the couple as written in the production and Vincent and Tracy’s execution of their roles. They were memorable especially in the ending as we were left hanging as to whether Tracy actually remembered her relationship with Vincent. They shared a mutual secret and risked travelling back in time just to save one another. They had better chemistry together than Ruco and Nancy in all honesty and truly deserved the award. I’m glad TVB didn’t sacrifice the authenticity of the awards here to praise FWFW again.

Most Improved Actor: Jonathan Cheung

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Cee and Jay: Jonathan is most deserving of this award out of the other nominees for the most improved category. His dedication to TVB, like many others, have been gone unnoticed for too long and we are glad that he is finally being celebrated for his effort. We did not even think that he would fit into this category since he's been acting for quite a while now and usually these awards are given to younger newbies. He was fortunate that HOS was a widely popular series this year, where he gained most attention of being one of the brothers of the Po family and the husband to his brassy wife, portrayed by Koni Lui. He has shown great improvement over the years of quietly acting in various kelefe roles. We hope to see him playing more challenging and trickier characters soon!

Ah Tao: On the male side (other than Ben Yuen), TVB has been giving out awards based on recognizing each actor’s years of service. I’m actually surprised they gave this award to Jonathan because they’ve given it in the past to people they actually want to promote to first-line status, like Tony Hung, Louis Cheung, and VIncent Wong. TVB seems rather content with keeping Jonathan as a kelefe and as a prime candidate for best supportive actor maybe like ten years later. He also didn’t shine this much this year as compared to say 2013, where he appeared at the end of the year concurrently in Coffee Cat Mama and Return of the Silver Tongue with memorable roles. I liked what I saw of him in FWFW, so maybe he got his luck from there, but nonetheless he deserves to be recognized for years and years of being unknown. I hope though TVB doesn’t leave him in the dust after this award and actually gives him significant second or third lead roles to promote him. Knowing TVB, that seems kind of impossible - but what’s not possible after he got an award normally reserved for siu sangs?

Most Improved Actress: Ali Lee

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Cee and Jay: We were not at all surprised by this award, considering the weight Ali pulls at TVB. Technically, Ali's improvement this year was quite finite because even though this was the first year she took on the role as a lead, her acting did not necessarily get polished. While she is not cringe-worthy like Sisley and Grace, her character in Law Disorder was lifeless and flat, with no transitions whatsoever. To us, Ali has proven herself a promising actress, but still needs time to mature and build her skills which is why we don't really believe this award belongs to her just yet. We agree that Sisley has improved more but our choice for this award would be Moon Lau, who has indicated that she is a versatile actress, capable of whatever roles you find for her. From the unexciting tomboy in Angel In-the-Making to the scandalous Emma of TSFH, Moon's acting has grown so much in a year and has yet to disappoint us. We are also noticing how artists that are immediately boosted up to being main leads, such as Grace and Sisley, struggle to make themselves a better actor, while those that have been starting off with smaller supporting roles, like Grace and Tracy, tend to become more experienced with their acting.

Ah Tao: A lot of people were rooting for Sisley here because of her drastic improvements in Presumed Accidents (check out our review!) but she didn’t even get nominated. Oops. I would of liked Moon Lau to win this award, but of course we know that a certain executive managing TVB’s non-drama production department had a big say in this. You know who I mean. Of course that executive was the reason that Tony and Priscilla got their most improved awards, and this time she was no exception. This could have been Katy’s award as well even though she’s a bit past this point in her status and the roles she’s received. I didn’t watch any of Ali's performances, but it seems like she did have a decent year in terms of the attention given to her. She does deserve the award, but like with Nancy Wu last year, it might have been better holding this off until next year with how many bigger productions she has been cast in. On the other hand, this was Moon’s year to shine with being in a whopping six dramas and I don’t know if she’ll receive the same momentum again for the next while. 

Best Hosts: Dodo Cheng, FAMA (C君, 陸永權)  (Do Did Eat)

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Cee and Jay: Do Did Eat was an enjoyable and informative show, where we learned tidbits of information regarding different cultures' food and restaurant practices. The information was presented in a fresh way by using guessing game which was played by different guests of the show. The only thing that we didn't like is how the losers of the game didn't get any high-end food to eat, while Do Jeh got to eat every time. Of course, this award isn't for the show itself but for the hosts. Do Jeh and FAMA had great chemistry and we finished each episode doubled over with laughter of their jokes and bickering scenes. It's great to see Do Jeh finding a perfect match for hosting after numerous years in TVB.

Best Variety Show: I Heart HK
Cee and Jay: We didn't see this show and we don't have much comments to provide for it either.

Best Informative Program: Sidewalk Scientist
Cee and Jay: We watched the first season of Sidewalk Scientists and it was an agreeable show, with cool experiments and the opportunity to unravel the truth behind daily-life myths. However, as the show continued on and they switched out some people, we started to get pretty annoyed at the girl hosts as they were always screaming and yelling. Eventually we had enough of their noise and just quit the show.

Best Special Program: Peak to Pit
Cee and Jay: We haven't seen this yet, but Peak to Put is on our 'to-see' list for sure. This was a venturesome show with several artists embarking on a journey to climb the Himalayas (we think). These artists faced countless challenges in their adventure and the filming of the beautiful landscape is very appealing. We bet this was a worthy winner of this special program award.

Best Theme Song: "Never Know You Are the Best" 從未知道你最好 - Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu
(A Fist Within Four Walls)

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Cee and Jay: We're fairly annoyed at how Hubert, depsite singing several theme songs this year, did not even get a nomination in the top 3 and Alfred, who sang a boring song for Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, got to the top three. That is totally unfair! We are totally unsurpriused with this song winning the theme song award, since it was mainly because of the hype of the Ruco-Nancy pair. Other than that, the song is really mediocre and if anyone else sang it, we are pretty sure it wouldn't get nearly as much recognition. We are disgusted at how cheap TVB is becoming by getting their own actors (some who can't even sing) to sing these songs. We've heard Ruco and Nancy sing this live and they were completely off pitch and unpleasant (Ruco is fine but not Nancy). What we are pretty mad about is how they cut out their actual live voices for this performance and dubbed it with the original recorded song to hide the flaws of their singing, which shows they WANT to hide it on purpose because it's horrible singing.

Ah Tao: Uhm. No wonder they got Hubert, Alfred, Stephanie, and Fred to all come up to announce the award. It’s cause they won’t get a share of the pork! On the one hand, this song defied the current norm of The Voice Entertainment domination over TVB theme songs as we finally got our main characters to sing again. On the other hand, just because this was so hyped up by TVB and played so many times in the drama doesn’t mean it’s the best of the year. I don’t see why they couldn’t have given this award to Stephanie for her songs in Dead Wrong or Over Run Over or one of Hubert’s songs because he does sing well. Or even Alfred whose singing I don’t really approve of. TVB missed yet another opportunity to balance out their heavy favouritism towards the the one drama that apparently passed TVB’s books.

Professional Actors Award:

Jerry Ku
Carlo Ng
Chun Wong

Cee and Jay: All of these actors have earned this reward for their long-term devotion to TVB. We are glad that Carlo gets an award since his role in AFWFW was admirable. Similarly, Jerry Ku and Chun Wong never fails to deliver exemplary characters through their supporting positions and their acting is what makes these dramas stand out.

Ah Tao: I’ll keep it short: very well-deserved for these three, who are truly professional and able to do well in nearly every role.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chow Chung

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Cee and Jay: Another meritorious TVB veteran, who consistently helps every drama become better with his acting. We are inspired by Chow Chung's performances since 1980 and despite his old age, he still continues to give his best in everything he does. Seriously way better than Nat Chan's win last year!

Ah Tao: One sentence: as long as his health permits, I hope to see his absolutely wonderful performance for many, many years to come.

Red Carpet Looks:

To be honest, there weren't that many surprises this year in the fashion department and no horrendous ones that had us taken aback! So most of the looks were just ok. We actually couldn't find the BEST look because everyone looked alright with some weird accessories or hair!

Nice looks:

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
We actually liked Elaine's dress being draped from the shoulders because it made her appear taller and also reminded us of a goddess. The only thing that is lacking may be that the colour is a bit drab. Edwin frequently has funny suits with black and white appliques but this time, at least it was a single colour (ish). He looks nice dressed up.We really like Roxanne's look because it makes her look very youthful and pretty. The dress may not be anything new but the simple design does wonders. We are really hoping for some more prominent roles in the near future.  

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
Rosina never fails to look elegant on the red carpet and this time included. She has a great figure and this dress really highlights that. Raymond Cho looks very cute with his bow tie.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

The two younger generation actors (not really for Mat) looked nice in their outfits because Mat's suit had a hunter/deep green colour to it that showed maturity. Sisley also looked quite vibrant in her blue gown that's more of an upgraded prom dress in our opinion. Their smiles are very youthful as well.

The Black and White Pairs: 
There are a lot in this category!!
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

This is a safe look from both of them. Alice's dress has a wallpaper ish pattern and the cutting is a little funny, we aren't fond of the hem line at the hips because it looks awkward and then the rest of the dress just falls off from there.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing
Funny that these two walked out together since there's so much gossip on them. Kenneth looks alright but throughout the night he appeared rather indifferent to everything and just sat down through all the winners, never standing up to congratulate anyone. Natalie's dress is ok but her makeup and hair makes her look haggard. It's hard to tell here but there is actually a top, translucent part to her dress hanging from her neckline to pull up the sleeves and strapless part.

The black and white pair here is FAMA! They have matching suits with floral appliques. They have really been getting a lot of jobs after their shopping show with Do Jeh. They look ok, silly as usual with the two Christmas presents by their side. Do Jeh wears her go-to designer, Dorian Ho once again but we have seen better from her. The three of them were kinda unnecessary during their hosting and we would have liked it if they were outside with Sammy.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

Well after the blue and blue pairing last year, they decided to deck out in black and white. Moses's hair reminds us of Kevin's hair from Blue Veins! Guess he's trying to pull off that trend. The suit is alright but could have been fitted better in our opinion. Kristal's white pantsuit was mature but reminded us of a nightgown.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling
Here we have black, white, and a grey just in between! We didn't even see these guys that night and only know the name of the furthest left one, Luk Ho Ming from his cooking show with Maria Cadero. They looked good in the picture and we especially like the silky material on the white suit.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Selena's dress is not super white but we put her in this category as it does have an ivory base with silver embellishments. It's a nice dress and she wears it well. As for Wayne, we would have liked it if there was just another colour on the inside or something because the black on black looks boring.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu look great and we decided to put them in this category because their looks were more on the safe side. The red accents on Vincent's suit somehow remind us of the Nutcracker. Tracy looks like a bride to be in her Kevolie ball gown. 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes

Looks like Chris Lai decided to pull off a white partner in crime on his left arm!! He fits this category just by himself. At first we were thinking, where did his arm go? We don't really like this design and would rather him go with plain black and bring along a white partner instead.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

Zoie Tam and Jason Chan also look good and like Selena's dress, this isn't really white but we do consider it be a safe look from the two of them. The dress does look like prom gown as well and right now we can't really see her necklace and would have liked it if it stood out more to add to the look. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and suit
Auston looks great with his new hair, very hipster indeed especially with the bow tie. Looks like the only person who wore a tie was Tony Hung and Carlo Ng. Kayee looks ok with her dress but the cutting didn't show off her curves at all and just went straight down her waist. We don't really have a comment on Fred's look but didn't understand why Auston and Kayee went to the awards ceremony and didn't get a chance to present the awards along the big hits. Favouritism? Yes!

Nasty/Weird looks:

Image may contain: 1 person, standingAfter last year's look from Joel Chan, we thought he'd bring in some better fashion this year but it stayed the same. This year, his printed jacket was all too casual and his black makeup fit his character as a vampire if he was nominated for Blue Veins, but overall... it did not look good. Looks like he's sticking with his skirt trend and wow. Those platform rainboot looking shoes.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
This wasn't exactly nasty but we did not like the designs on Ruco's suit jacket and didn't know what they represented. Looks like some illuminati thing with the eyes on the side. We definitely preferred last year's dress from Nancy because this year the plunging neckline just serves to show off her new work out 24/7 body. We also can't see all the glitter and details that we got to see in the close up pics on her instagram.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing
We really did not like Vivan Koo's dress. It looked patched together and the fabric also looked very cheap! The three of them have meagre smiles as well, making the look even more sad.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and suit
The guys are fine besides Kwan's floppy hair. But Jeannie Chan looked like a vampire (ish). Her makeup did not bring out her eyes and the hair was sloppy. The top was just a blazer but the bottom was just funny. We would've liked a full length skirt or just a short one, not long socks and a frilly little pile of strings.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
The two of them just looked weird. Even Do Jeh made fun of Louis's look saying that he wore some wallpaper on himself. Even the shoes were in that pattern!! Although Florence looks youthful with her makeup, the pantsuit was boring and just looked like she draped on some silver fabric.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
We did not like Pal's pants that had a Scottish Kilt pattern to it as it didn't match with his suit at all. Joyce's dress was ok but the hair was weird as it made her look like a doll. The choker was also paired wrong here with the lower neckline. Not much comment for Elena, better than last year!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
We thought this was a weird dress because you could see her scary high stilettos and it just wasn't very elegant. Her hair made her look a little see lai -ish and we have seen better from Jacqueline. We prefer her elegant/pretty girl looks rather than this.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and text

Who is the girl? We only know Aayrn Cheung but don't like his hair. It looks very messy and he has a smaller frame so the oversized jacket looks too heavy. We aren't a fan of the short pants either.

The Others:
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and suit
The Dinner at 8 crew here for the best partnership award!! We thought it was cute how KC and Terry held hands while KC was with the girl as well. Chloe Nguyen is nominated for the partnership in AFWFW as well. She looks great here!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and wedding

Jonathan Cheung looks good in his tux and again, he chose to wear a bow tie instead of a tie. The look is classy and we are happy for his win! We like the colour of Carat's dress and it was a great choice considering her baby bump.

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We like Mandy's dress in general but the weird blue flower here and there just throws us off. It would've still been ok if they were silver? She looks a little creepy with her colour contacts too. Ben looks very boring in his brown on brown. The turtleneck also makes him ready to hibernate. Grace's dress would have been great if it wasn't SO asymmetrical because now it looks a lot cheaper.

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Tony always looks better dressed up than in dramas. This time was no exception with the navy blue suit. Ali's dress was weird for us though because we disliked the white ruffle cinchey area that. As if that wasn't random enough, the dress turned into some lace shower curtain covering her legs. We never see Ali in many colours besides black and white either so next time, we hope to see some colours on her.

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Ahh the two brides! The stars of Two Steps from Heaven both look ok. Moon looks better in our opinion in a princess gown. The top translucent part of Priscilla's dress is funny looking and even without it, the ruffled chest part is funny as well. It would look better without it! She always has weird ensembles and we are still waiting for a stunning red carpet look from her.

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Carlo's suit jacket is too much in our opinion and to top that off, even his pants had that pattern! If he wore black pants, the look would still be alright. We do like Katy's gold dress with a green hue. It's quite elegant and the high cut shows off her legs well. Overall an award winner worthy dress.

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Rebecca had a great dress that showed off her wonderful figure. The necklace is also just the right amount of bling however, her hair could've been styled better. It looks mop-ish right now. It's a shame Roger looks smaller walking out with her but his white suit and black bow look good.

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The last look we have is from the top big hits of The Voice Ent. Alfred's suit jacket looks too baggy in the front and it appears like he has a belly or something. Stephanie looks more mature in the navy blue dress but her makeup washes out her face. Again with the matching suit and pants! Hubert looks great in suits but not this one!

All the pictures were from TVB's facebook page.

That's a wrap on this year's anniversary thoughts. Thank you so much for tuning in! Until next time!

-CeeJay and Ah Tao


  1. **Note that I divided up my comments into parts due to the character limitation thing on Blogger.**

    Hi there!

    I figured I would comment on the categories I didn’t write about in my own blog, since I already made my thoughts known on the categories I did care about.

    My thoughts on TV Queen is very similar to what it has been the past few years – there have been no more “deserving” winners of this award ever since Sheren Tang won it a second time back in 2010. I definitely agree with those who have said that Nancy didn’t deserve to win the award a second time and thereby be “compared” to such great actresses as Sheren and even Liza Wang (whom I’ve never really liked but do respect her acting chops). I honestly don’t think I would have such an issue with Nancy winning this year if she hadn’t won last year for such a mediocre series and a performance that was nowhere near outstanding. Admittedly, I didn’t watch A Fist Within Four Walls in its entirety and only caught a few episodes here and there (compared to my mom and sister-in-law, who were chasing the series like crazy, even watching the finale of the series on EncoreTVB via their iphones when we were on vacation that weekend, lol) – so in a way, I guess I’m not really qualified to comment on whether Nancy deserved TV Queen this year or not. To me, Nancy is one of those actresses whose supporting roles were way more memorable and outshone her leading roles – no doubt she is a competent actress (and even someone I would categorize as a “good” actress), however she is definitely not “great” and is nowhere near Sheren’s level (I wish the media would stop comparing them actually). For me personally, I’ve always felt that Nancy is a good, stable actress and deserves to be promoted more by TVB, but as a person, I’ve never really liked her, as she has always come across to me as a bit arrogant and pretentious in terms of attitude. Granted, I could be reading her wrong and of course, in general, how she is as a person shouldn’t have much bearing on her abilities as an actress, but for me, it does impact in certain situations. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed Nancy’s “calmness” when her name was called – the first thought that came into my mind at that time was that Nancy was already expecting to win that award since she technically had no competition whatsoever (I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that Nancy looked “smug” and “overly confident” in both her reaction to winning as well as the overall tone of her speech). This was confirmed, for me at least, a few days ago when I read a post-awards interview Nancy did with a magazine in which she said that back when she and Ruco were filming AFWFW, she was already “expecting” (key word is “expecting”, rather than the more humble “hoping”) for both her and Ruco to stand at the podium come awards night (meaning she was already expecting both of them to win TV King and Queen with that series). Again, I could be nitpicking, but somehow that interview as well as others I’ve watched/heard/read of Nancy’s rubbed me the wrong way.

    Favorite Male character award I don’t even want to comment on because it was such a joke and still pisses me off just talking about it. All I can say is that TVB is damn stupid for giving the award to Ben who did not deserve it no matter which way his fans try to slice it. And no, his acceptance speech was NOT “moving” or “touching” as the HK media tried to make it out to be….to me, his speech was as “wooden” and void of emotion as his acting is (and based on his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Shum’s response to the media after the awards, didn’t really seem like she appreciated his “mention” of her either…).

  2. I was actually shocked when TVB gave the Best Supporting Actress award to Katy Kung. Personally, I didn’t even consider her a top contender for that award – in my book, the ‘competition’ was always between Joyce Tang and Grace Wong and so I thought for sure one of them would receive this award (and I would’ve been ok with either winning, though to be honest, I haven’t cared about the Supporting Actress category for years compared to the Supporting Actor category, which is pretty much the one category I look forward to every year). I agree with everything you guys have said about Katy not deserving this award based solely on her crying scenes in TSFH. In all honestly, TSFH was one of the few series that I actually watched quite a bit of (not on my own accord of course, lol) and unlike most of the other audiences, I really wasn’t impressed much with Katy’s crying scenes (probably because I’ve seen way better). I can only say that her crying scenes were better than most of the actresses from recent years (and even some popular first-line actresses as well) and definitely proves that she can act, but was it “award-worthy”? Absolutely not!

    In terms of On-Screen Partnership award, this is actually not a new award, as it used to be part of the Anniversary awards way back in the day (dating from when the awards started in 1997), but they got rid of it I think in like 2003 or 2004 or something like that (I’m bad with dates so don’t quote me on this – I would have to go back and look it up again to know for sure whether I remembered the year right or not). In the beginning, the award was Favorite Couple, but later it did evolve into a Best Partnership award if I remember correctly (and they had 2 awards technically – one for drama side which was Favorite Couple award and one for variety side which was always named Favorite Partnership). When I first heard that this award would be part of this year’s ceremony again, I thought it was interesting that TVB decided to revive this award again. I agree with Cee and Jay’s reasoning that this award category was put in there so that some artists won’t go home empty-handed. I’m glad Vincent and Tracy won (though I was actually rooting for Wu Fung and Helena Law in this category, lol), but it’s a shame that they won such a “pork” award rather than the “big” awards they deserved more, such as Favorite Male Character (for Vincent) and Most Improved Actress (for Tracy). I will say though that TVB has traditionally done a good job of picking the winners in this category (one of the few – ok, maybe only – categories that TVB has consistently gotten right), as some of the past winners included Bobby AuYeung and Esther Kwan (for Armed Reaction), Lawrence Cheng and Ada Choi (for Healing Hands), Chilam Cheung and Charmaine Sheh (for Return of the Cuckoo), Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan (for Square Pegs), Bondy Chiu, Yvonne Lam, Joyce Chen, and Cutie Mui (for Virtues of Harmony), just to name a few….

  3. In terms of all the variety show awards, I don’t have much comment since I haven’t watched many variety programs after you-know-who took over the variety department (compared to previous decades when I would watch every single variety show TVB put out and sometimes enjoyed them more than I did actual series). I talked about this a few years back, but I still feel that TVB’s variety department absolutely went downhill after former TVB exec Ho Lai Chuen “retired” (technically forced to retire, since he ended up becoming NowTV exec managing their new free-to-air channel not long after he left TVB) and Sandy Yu ended up taking his place overseeing the variety department. Most of TVB’s variety programs have sucked the past few years (with the exception of a few of course)…and it’s interesting (to me at least) that most of TVB’s variety shows since Sandy Yu took over have been the subject of “controversy” and audience complaints (too many examples in the past 2 years alone to count). Leads me to think that Sandy Yu doesn’t know how to properly run a variety department for one and two, she likes to utilize “gimmicks” to draw attention to her shows, which largely lack substance.

    No comment on Best Theme Song either (I think I’ve said enough about TVB’s theme songs in past comments so I’ll pass on this one, lol).

    One last comment on the Lifetime Achievement Award (which I already wrote about on my blog but wanted to add one thing): the one thing that pissed me off about this award category was that TVB cut Chow Chung’s acceptance speech short. I read an interview that Chow Chung did last week (after the awards) and apparently, there was huge significance to his speech and TVB cut him short before he had the chance to thank the one person he really wanted to thank: his wife of nearly 60 years, who has been ill the past year and half or so (which is why Chow Chung hasn’t filmed much for TVB for at least a year now – he has spent every moment possible taking care of his wife and being by her side). During the interview, when Chow Chung said that he had wanted to “properly” thank his wife (who was sitting in front of the TV at home watching) because this would be the one and only time he would have a chance to do it, my heart absolutely broke! Of course, I get that all awards ceremonies limit winners’ speech time and TVB is no exception – personally though, I’ve always had an issue with this no matter which award ceremony. I’ve always believed in giving award winners (whether deserving or not) the chance to say what they want to say in their acceptance speeches and not rush them, especially since, for many of the winners, this might be their one and only chance in their lifetime to give an acceptance speech. I guess you could say this is a personal pet peeve of mine that is not just aimed at TVB.

    Lastly – I skipped the entire fashion section, as that has never been a thing I care about or even bother with at award events (unless someone wears something really outlandish that even I can’t help noticing, haha). Otherwise, as long as the artists are properly dressed for the occasion (meaning wearing formal attire versus casual clothes), I don’t really care who was “best” or “worst” dressed.

  4. The Awards were disappointing as usual, I meant most of the actors/actresses and movies who/that were awarded. The only drama that I finished this year was Over Run Over and it was a surprise. I usually watch the first few chapters at least before deciding whether to continue watching but Over Run Over was a drama that I didnt even consider or intend to watch. The poster didn't appeal to me and I thought it was just another EU/police drama. When they were awarding Tracy and Vincent for best partnership, I thought to myself 'hey, I didnt watch this. No harm in watching the first few chapters.' And I finished it in 3 nights, sleeping only 3 hours in each night. I think the last time that I cannot stop watching a drama was when I was watching Moonlight Resonance. Over Run Over's story is by far the best in years. Of course, it could have been better, or rather I was hoping for it to be better. Still, it is good overall and I really liked it. They deserved more recognition at this awards and frankly, I think Vincent's acting is better than Ruco. The way the Awards has been for the past years, it looks more like a popularity contest with hidden agenda than a contest of who's truly the best. It's sad to see good dramas being underrated, underappreciated and not recognised; it shows that there are a lot of shallow viewers, who are only looking for action/flashy dramas or dramas with their favourite actors/actresses. I miss the days when TVB were able to produce dramas such as "Return Of Cuckoo", "The Greed of Man", "Vengeance" and "Looking Back in Anger". Well can't blame them entirely, they are just producing what most of the audience wants to watch...

    1. Hey anon! Thanks for checking out our blog! You're right...this award ceremony was quite disappointing because people weren't all truly deserving of the awards. There was too much politics involved with certain executives pushing their agenda (especially the one in charge of the variety department). As for how addicted to Over Run Over you were, I completely agree! The poster really doesn't do the drama much justice as it looks like the usual procedural fare. And indeed I loved it too! I thought it really rivalled some Korean dramas in how creative and 'out of the box' the plot was. Vincent has gotten lots of practice over the years and he is certainly strong enough to lead...he also does naturally well in comedy roles and so many TVB dramas these day are those shallow and not very intelligent comedies. Sigh. This drama should have really gotten rewarded because it was COHERENT. Things made sense without being overdone or illogical. It was definitely for an intelligent viewer who actually uses their brain to analyze and digest dramas, and cares about seeing solid acting rather than stupid pun-like character names or terrible 'funny' scenes.

      You're right; HK viewers these days (or in TVB's eyes) aren't looking for intelligent or realistic material. And I think part of that holds true because there's so much political turmoil in the news there nowadays. So the argument that people want to relax and detach themselves from reality definitely exists. At least this formula seem to hold for a lot of TVB's main viewers, like lots of see lais. But then again, HKTV produced lots of realist dramas and the netizens seem to like there is a market for that, but perhaps it's just not big enough to garner the 20-something rating points. TVB is pretty much the single mainstream TV station in HK (even with ViuTV in the equation) and of course for business sense they would cater to the mainstream you're right, we can't blame TVB for all of this. But I'm still not impressed either by things they could easily control like the spamming of a few particular artistes on the TV screen.


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