CeeJay's Pick of the Month (April) - C Allstar Singles

Hello everyone,

We have been rather slow on updates for our thoughts and opinions on dramas because we haven't been watching a lot of them this year unfortunately. We are still keeping up with the songs though because its a faster way to connect to the HK entertainment scene than to watch an episode a day for us.

This month we have four songs that we are going to introduce. They're all singles from C Allstar, each song is sung by one of its members. We thought that this idea was pretty interesting since we only know the group but have no idea who the individual members are.

The first one that was released was Take Your Time by Jase

We actually enjoy this one because it's easy going and chill. The other 3 songs are all MV's about bad breakups so this is a good break from the same themes. This sounds the most raw and authentic of the 4 songs and we enjoy seeing this side of C Allstar.

Jase@C AllStar - Take Your Time

曲:Cousin Fung/Ronald Tsui/Nic Tsui@MOYAO
編:Cousin Fung
監:簡/Cousin Fung

Take your time 望着未來 變鑽石 那份碳
貴賓室之中 安心去揀 
像我這一款 慢熟類型 哪裡夠亮眼
至少望 三五七年 你一時 看不慣
Oh~ Oh~ Oh~
所有時間 給你 愛上災難
讓錯的變做 對先生

從前 現在直到未來
任你 慢用未怕耐
你肯開 我肯栽 何妨花 兩百載
兀突望到可愛 刻板望到出彩
東西對得多 對慣就愛
Take your time 
We don’t have to rush to the finish line
既不用 一見鍾情
你不如 看多眼
所有時間 等你 軟化堅硬
耐性總有日 過三關 

從前 現在直到未來
任你 慢用未怕耐
你肯開 我肯栽 何妨花 四百載
兀突望到可愛 刻板望到出彩
東西對得多 對慣就愛

性格沒法 為你改
卻有力氣 跟偏激鬥耐
聖誕就算 沒理睬 過年再賽
等多兩日 春天 飄降 人間 或再開

不敢催 明日有 派彩
明白你 迫太近 會退開
很清楚 好感要自來 誰能摘採
天機的信封 早 未拆得開

(從前 現在直到未來
良辰慢活 沒有害
細心栽 你不開 徘徊多 八百載
謝絕別個寵愛 只等你的花開
一早看得開 如被愛 是捱出來 沙礫裡面拾回來 都是愛)

The second song is 煉獄健身室 by On 

The thumbnail on this MV already tells you what this song is selling haha. There is no doubt that it's one of the reasons why this song has the most views out of the four. We personally don't mind the song but the lyrics and the theme of going to the gym is kind of a stretch when it is related to a bad breakup. 
On@C AllStar - 煉獄健身室

曲: On@ C AllStar
詞: 黃偉文
編/監 : Adrian Chan

滴著汗水 專心一意 擴大我胸襟
毛巾 濕 淚水先乾透 自信方可再生
虐待自己 一般不會 扭轉人生
不過 舉過 負不起的重 仍是某種發奮

太多怨恨 何妨來煉獄洩憤
用身心虛脫 來換暴漲青筋
記起你便 回來除掉戀愛癮

健身室裡的 早午晚上 誰會怕苦
被撇下者 請自顧
魂飛散都要砌好 身體一副

日子將有功 等每塊肉 捱夠痛苦
强大到沒需要 被攙扶
移除你 誰人會 危危乎

日日練跑 天天舉重 總會有豐收
情感 偏 像虧本生意 被騙子都帶走
因此我慢慢練出 寬肩虎背 別人難偷
只有 這套 肉身的盔甲 才是我真擁有

遍找宇宙 人魚還是未見有
但一身曲綫 成敗在我雙手
我知報復 如頭盲目的野獸
若有力要浪費 浪費在每天訓練時候
健身室裡的 早午晚上 誰會怕苦
被撇下者 請自顧
魂飛散都要砌好 身體一副

日子將有功 等每塊肉 捱夠痛苦
强大到沒需要 被攙扶
移除你 誰人會 危危乎

掌也舉到起繭了 不在乎
腰也扭到拉傷了 不在乎
誰又會 來救護

就算聽到 骨骼碎裂 誰會怕苦
魂飛散都要砌好 身體一副

日子將有功 等每塊肉 捱夠痛苦
重拾我自尊當 護身符
沉迷你 才忘我 迷迷糊

磨練我肉身當 護心符
如能夠 遺忘你 值得痛苦

The third song that was released was 出場序 by King. This song is pretty typical in our opinion. The melody is not too memorable either. After a few listens we might remember it? But with HK songs these days, sometimes it's hard to differentiate them from each other. Especially if they're from the same artist, we are getting worse and worse at instantly saying the title of the song when we hear it on the radio. 

The only major complaint we have with this MV is the sloppiness of King's outfit for his own wedding. At 3:32 in the video, you can see how his shirt is hanging out untucked. His suit jacket looks very casual and cheap too. He's also just wearing white sneakers? What a new look for weddings that we haven't seen before. This was disappointing and we have seen wedding MV's too much lately and now they even have sloppy weddings that ruin the whole MV in our opinion.

King@C AllStar - 出場序

曲:Cousin Fung
編:Cousin Fung


時候對 怎樣錯 還是有勛章

誰獨唱 和誰合唱
也許 不可勉強

明明讓你 快樂的我
能陪住你 卻並非我
被你所選擇的 絕對不如我
他選對 那刻 的歌

無缘做你 壓軸一個
原來是個 次序的錯
在那翻風日子 未見暖心的我
誰在最終應該 要難過

待你好 恐怕亦沒有印象

誰在想~ 給助養其實 更舒暢

誰為你 紅茶付賬

明明讓你 快樂的我
能陪住你 卻並非我
被你所選擇的 絕對不如我
他選對 那刻 的歌

無缘做你 壓軸一個
原來是個 次序的錯
在最好的日子 遇上最差的我
其實我知不應 太難過

明明讓你 快樂的我
能陪住你 卻並非我
為你他所付出 絕對不如我
偏偏我 所得 不多

前文後理 決定翻過
為何尚要 掛礙太多
難在看通 都不太難過

The last song released is 別消失 by 釗峰. This is going to be a difficult song to sing live with the high notes so we don't have much expectations for it during their concert. Hopefully he can nail it though. As for the song itself, it's another break up one where one side is missing the other and they want them back. We've noticed that Wyman Wong has wrote the lyrics for all the songs and because of this, they all kinda sound the same and of course there's always weird lyrics fitted in for the sake of filling space. 

釗峰@C AllStar - 別消失

監:簡 / 賴映彤

活著悶死人 活著極錯
被消失的人 恨不得多坐

白飯的滋味 啖啖軟糯
悠長劇季 才開播
即使你 瀟灑到 這些也 可拋下
可想過 誰來 陪我

多生氣 都可以 懇請你 別消失 
這秒最糟的事 過兩秒很小事
去散步完 再很介意 也未遲
多不滿 都可以 總之你 別消失
要放棄多輕易 去對抗先不易 
太快已跪低 沒意思

獨自遇災難 合力面對
若活得很累 儘量一起累
你我挺住 彼此脊椎

別靜靜寫下 道別字句
我信來年 會有趣
假使你 好憎我 囉唆你 的生活
以半世 駁我的嘴

多生氣 都可以 懇請你 別消失
這秒最糟的事 過兩秒很小事
去散步完 再很介意 也未遲 
多不滿 都可以 總之你 別消失
要放棄多輕易 去對抗先不易
有滿肚怒火 兌換鬥志

崩潰可以 趁你有青春 重來萬次
誰無望了 那叫過甚其辭 難道你看破相書
話 等不到春至

恕我說得很白 我碰過這種事
泡泡浴完 已經過了 最壞時
不管我 都可以 總之你 別消失
要放棄多輕易 要對抗先不易
太快已跪低 沒意思

Thanks for checking out our post on the new singles from C Allstar. Overall this is an ok collection in our opinion but it's lacking some character and individuality besides Jase's song being a little different. The break up songs are kinda redundant and the MV's have also been overdone (weddings and sad girls missing their ex's). 



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