CeeJay's Pick of the Month (May) - 鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng - 逐格回味


Our last post for this month will be the Pick of the Month. This time we picked Hoffman Cheng's new song that came out a couple days ago. We've liked him since The Voice because of his powerful voice and stable vocals. He didn't have much musical development with The Voice Entertainment so now he's with Star Entertainment and seems to be getting more singles out. His hit song last year won a couple awards and he's back again with 逐格回味.

The MV was filmed in Tokyo which is a nice switch of setting. We liked how simple it was and there wasn't any guessing with complicated storylines. His voice is distinct in here and it's quite dynamic as well. The melody isn't too catchy after the first few listens though, so this is something we will have to listen to a couple more times. It's definitely his style so there won't be second-guessing on the artist but it's harder to distinguish his songs from one another.

It's definitely been harder to find new cantopop songs these days because we sometimes feel like they sound flat and generally cover the same topics. There's definitely not much diversity in style so it limits the audience. It would be great if there was more than ballads about breakups. Hoffman's song last year 仍堅持 was different in terms of topic and he brings an inspirational voice to his listeners.

鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng - 逐格回味

曲:Novy Chan

早晚亦做伴 但默然像空氣
心裡極混亂 不知怎去說起
情感說不破 相處亦孤寡無味
仍然樂意做妳 背後的知己
無奈是 喜怒樂哀都因妳而起
呆等大半生 然後自命極淒美
難道我與妳 到最後會一起

即使接近妳 不可抱緊妳
就連互望 難免亦吃力迴避
眼睛太易動情 揭露我隱秘
即使渴慕妳 欣賞妳的美
奈何實在害怕 心中有疑忌
怕相告時 得不到妳心 反遭厭棄

還期望 他日亦可相擁抱而死
如今為妳等 年月漸逝亦不理
惟獨對妳會 永遠耗費心機
很想接近妳 很想抱緊妳
但如互望 仍會落魄地迴避
怕雙眼若動情 透露我心理

多麼渴慕妳 欣賞妳的美
奈何並未示愛 心中有疑忌
怕相告時 馬上會處死
心中這部戲 反覆上映妳

偏偏愛慕這 得不到的妳
豁出去時 可否聽我講 一聲愛妳

Thanks for checking us out! 

- CeeJay


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