CeeJay's Pick of the Month (August) - 林奕匡 Phil Lam - 有淚多好

Happy August to everyone!

First of all, we have been busy redesigning our blog, so we have been slow on getting posts out. We hope you all like the new look of our blog. We also would like to apologize for the advertisements that appear on the site, as they come with the picture slider we are using and we cannot get rid of them. We will be looking for alternative sliders without ads; in the meantime, we hope that they won't hinder your experience at CeeJay's. 

Secondly, we want to introduce our August Pick of the Month which is Phil Lam's 有淚多好. It's been released in iTunes and other music platforms in July, but the official music video came out on August 8th on YouTube. This is our first time introducing one of Phil's songs, but we have always enjoyed his songs since his release of 高山低谷, a hit that greatly boosted his popularity.

One of the main reasons we liked this song is because it's not the common cantopop songs about love and breakups and all that. The song refutes the common view that crying is negative and that we shouldn't cry. In truth, our tears are reflections of our deepest emotions: sadness, happiness, anger, hate, and love - all of which cannot truly be represented through mere words. Tears remind us what it is like to be human and to experience a variety of feelings as seen with the lyrics: "提示我 人生種種知覺也安好".  When we look back at life, the most defining moments are encompassed by tears, which inexplicably are what helps us get through the toughest times, while witnessing the most joyful moments in life at the same time. The important memories and the story behind each and every tear are all preserved in the droplets we shed, becoming valuable tokens in the journey of life. 

As for the music video, it wasn't quite as enjoyable as the song itself. We wish Phil had more to do in it, like being part of the acting instead of just standing and singing. There could have been a little more crying to emphasize the message of the song. Also, we aren't really sure if the woman who seems to have lost her job is the older version of the girl who leaves her home, or if these are separate stories. Otherwise, we really like this song and the melody which is simple, but satisfying.

作詞:陳詠謙    作曲:林奕匡

編:Edward Chan / Jason Kui / Chan Siu Kei / 李一丁
監:Edward Chan

當天畢業 方帽拋向 朗天空
傻傻哭 明明捨不得臉上 那歡容
初生之犢 不知險惡 常被戲弄
難過 照鏡哭出鬥志 洶洶湧湧

無意中 爸媽老了弱到不禁風 我心多痛

提示我 人生種種知覺也安好 沒有失去
陪伴我 回顧美醜哭笑冷暖興衰
而麻木多可怕 多得眼淚伴隨

分手一幕 天色昏暗 太傷心
無言哭 難明該怎麼放下 愛的人
一舉攻入 即可反勝 無限接近
完了 你我都虛脫了 全隊偉人
昂然地捧起那冠軍 擁吻

提示我 人生種種知覺也安好 沒有失去
陪伴我 回顧美醜哭笑冷暖興衰

假使要活下去 我總要愛恨誰
情緒搖動萬物 地裂開 天劈雷
風一翻 樹落花 海潑水
一杯乾了 有我的淚
還有心 還有生 提步追

提示我 人生高低起跌看得開 便豁出去
陪伴我 迎接美醜哭笑冷暖興衰
而存在多飄渺 多得眼淚伴隨

Lyrics retrieved from: https://www.kkbox.com/hk/tc/song/luS00M3T-LmYmsdSYmsdS0XL-index.html

Phil is getting married soon in Vancouver with his fiancee, Rikko Lee, so we just wanted to say congratulations to them! We saw some of their pre-wedding photos shot in Paris, and they looked great!

Hope you enjoyed the song, and we have started working on a Legal Mavericks review post, so stay tuned for that, although we do apologize for delays!

UPDATE: This is Phil's new posted MV commemorating his wedding which took place August 28th.


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