All-time Favourite Dramas #1

From time to time, we will be posting our favourite dramas that we've seen. Our first favourite drama that we will present to you  is.....................

A FISTFUL OF STANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This drama is about martial arts and revolves around a tragic family. The Cheung family owns a martial arts school but the father has been missing for a number of years and the eldest son was kidnapped. The family believes Wing Dak (Dominic Lam) is behind all these crimes. The two families go head to head many times using martial arts. 

The reason why we love this so much is because it has everything a drama can have, family, brotherhood, action scenes, scheming, revenge, crime, mystery, comedy, romance, and of course great acting. This is the first drama that Cee found Kenneth Ma to be a great actor (now, not so much, but more on that in another post). Kevin Cheng was adequate in his role although Kenneth stole the limelight from him quite a lot. Yuen Qiu is splendid as the broken hearted mother and evokes many tears in the audience. The rest of the actresses were great as well, Natalie Tong as the unfortunate adopted child, Shirley Yeung as a naive, materialistic girl, Selena Li as Wing Dak's doctor daughter, Nancy Wu as the cold, scheming woman, and Angela Tong as the bossy businesswoman. Ram Tsiang is not to be forgotten as a martial arts legend. But the true star in this series was Dominic Lam. The well-mannered business man hides his cunning sneer so well that the whole martial arts realm is deceived for decades. One of our favourite moments is towards the end when Selena Li and Angel Chiang return to their home, the Wing mansion to rescue their mother. Dominic Lam says, 

The ending is unexpected and we won't spoil anything here in case anyone decides to watch it. We have seen the whole drama a total of 4 times and always laugh at the jokes and forget about the small details. It is so intense and has us addicted everytime we rewatch it. The pace is fast and the plot is filled with exciting events! This is undoubtedly our number favourite TVB drama.


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