2015 TVB Theme Song Review!

Hey everyone! With the TVB season wrapping up this year, we decided to create a post on TVB's theme songs this year. Just a small note that we will not include sub themes in this post, there will be a post on that later! Hope you enjoy our little review/opinions on them.

TVB Theme songs:

鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung - 我不夠好 (劇集"東坡家事" With or Without You 主題曲) - ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.... HORRIBLE! Spare your ears and do not listen to it!!! Yes.. it was that bad and as much as Linda had bad songs before, this is probably her WORST. She literally sounded like she was suffocating and could not catch up with the lyrics. She is bad at singing fast songs and keeps breathing heavily. It was like she didn't even want to be there to sing it and had no heart whatsoever. SO ANNYOYING TO LISTEN TO.

泳兒 Vincy Chan - 獨一無二 ( 劇集"無雙譜" Under the Veil 主題曲) - The song was soothing and very comfortable to listen to. Her voice is soft and not forceful to convey emotion through the song like some other singers... ahem.. LINDA. Lyrics are also better than a lot of TVB songs. Vincy hasn't sung much other TVB songs that we know of so well done and we hope to hear more theme songs from her.

鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng-揚帆 (台慶劇 "張保仔" Captain of Destiny 主題曲) - This is a powerful song from Fred that we really didn't notice too much. After hearing a whole years worth of the same boring stuff from Voice Entertainment, we kinda gave up on their theme songs. After listening to this one more, we appreciate Fred's heart and passion singing this song despite the redundant lyrics.

胡杏兒 Myolie Wu-天使 (劇集 "陪著你走” Every Step You Take主題曲) - didn't really watch the drama but the song is good and Myolie has a sweet voice.

張繼聰 Louis Cheung -月無聲 (劇集 “收規華 ” Momentary Lapse of Reason 主題曲) - Louis's old songs were not as good and we found that his voice wasn't pleasant to listen to but this song really changed our thoughts on him as a singer. He has a powerful voice here and it fits the drama really well. The only issue we have with this is the repetitive lyrics.

蕭正楠 Edwin Siu - 400呎 (劇集"樓奴" Brick Slaves 主題曲) - This song was kind of a funner one and served as a nice theme for the series. We also enjoyed the jazzy theme. Didn't like how in the middle his voice got kind of blocked with some effects and the lyrics weren't great. Not bad though!

許廷鏗 Alfred Hui - 迷宮 (劇集 '拆局專家' The Fixer 主題曲)  - Sigh... another song that is just slapped together with some meaningless lyrics and same flat tune. We aren't too sure if we should call it a tune actually, there is no tune. It's just words strained together by a voice. Disappointed in this song.

C AllStar - 天光 (劇集"鬼同你OT" Ghost of Relativity 主題曲) - uhh LOL. This is a song that only fits to the drama and it's a weird listen outside of it for us. BUT we think C Allstar has great voices and is better than a lot of other current singers. It's just kind of a weird song.

鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng - 愛同行 (劇集"愛回家" Come Home Love II 主題曲) - This song is nice and heartwarming. Fred has a nice voice that is easy to listen to. Too bad Come Home Love had to continue on this way, what a waste of a great song.

蕭正楠 Edwin Siu -轟天動地 (劇集"風雲天地" Master of Destiny 主題曲) - This one was alright, nothing too surprising but we have heard it a lot so we aren't brainwashed yet ;)

側田 / 李思捷 Justin Lo and Johnson Lee - 出口 (劇集"以和為貴" Smooth Talker 主題曲) - Uhh. First of all, half the time, we couldn't hear the lyrics and they made absolutely no sense. There isn't really a tune and it's another one of those meaningless last minute theme songs from TVB.

倫永亮 , 蓋鳴輝 Anthony Lun and Joyce Koi - 天衣無縫 (劇集"水髮胭脂" Romantic Repertoire 主題曲) - Ummm... how does this sound again? OH YEAH!!!! This was not good at all. In fact, it was pretty terrible. The song was awkward and their voices are not suitable for this type of song. it was a mix between modern and canto opera styles? Considering both their singing skills, we would have expected a better song.

汪明荃 Liza Wang - 華麗轉身 (劇集"華麗轉身" Limelight Years 主題曲) - At first this song was very mediocre and Liza Jeh isn't that good at singing modern pop songs so we really didn't like this. But we realized that this was already edited a lot and tbh.. it sounds good now. Live on sunday songbird was worse, so this is good.

C Allstar - 無懼 (劇集"潮拜武當" Wudang Rules 主題曲) - We don't really understand why C Allstar is singing a bunch of theme songs now, aren't they with their own record company? This was an ok song but it just felt like it was put together very last minute and it's just a weird song.

許廷鏗 & 胡鴻鈞 Alfred Hui and Hubert Wu - 真相 (劇集"天眼" Eye in the Sky主題曲)" - When we first heard this song, we couldn't hear Hubert at all and we both agree that he is the better singer. This song has really random lyrics that again sound like they're just put together last minute. Don't know why it won best theme song at Starhub Awards!!!

何雁詩 Stephanie Ho - 我和你 (劇集"四個女仔三個Bar" Raising the Bar 主題曲) - This one was also okay. Nothing much to say except that we look forward to hearing more songs from Stephanie with improvement.

蕭正楠 Edwin Siu - I'll Always be Yours (劇集"師奶Madam" Madam Cutie on Duty 主題曲) - We really liked this song and it's an easy listen. Edwin has a great voice and it probably helps since he's singing about Priscilla LOL.

吳若希 Jinny Ng - 美好的時光 (劇集"衝線" Young Charioteers 主題曲) - This song fits the drama which is good as some songs have no relation with the drama. We have definitely heard better from Jinny but this one is a more cheerful one than many of her other songs.

鄭俊弘 Fred Cheng - 造反 (劇集"八卦神探" Officer Geomancer 主題曲) - Just a weird song in general. Don't know how to explain it but it wasn't that great. I think we all can say that we have heard better from Fred, although the song isn't terrible and the style suits Fred.

王君馨, 羅鈞滿 Grace Wong and Ronald Law -是非 (劇集"宦海奇官" Noblesse Oblige主題曲) - Overtime, we kind of forgot about the song so it wasn't memorable at all. Wasn't bad but wasn't too good either. Grace and Ronald are mediocre singers which brings a kind of mediocre song.

薛家燕 & 蕭正楠 & 麥長青 Nancy Sit, Edwin Siu and Evergreen Mak- 報恩 (劇集"倩女喜相逢" My Spiritual Ex-Lover 主題曲) - Since we didn't watch this drama we didn't get a chance to listen to this song much but right now we're finding Evergreen Mak's parts really funny! SOUNDS A BIT LIKE SANTA! No comment since this is just for CNY.

Be sure to keep checking for updates on the sub-theme songs review!



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