Tuesday, 22 December 2015

連詩雅 Shiga Lin - 舊街角

Hi everyone!

This is a new update on Shiga Lin's new song that came out 5 days ago called 舊街角. We've started listening to more and more Shiga Lin's songs this past year and we are starting to really like her. At first we noticed her song 只要和你在一起 on the side of our YouTube account but it wasn't until Jay gave it a try that we discovered her songs. She usually comes out with singles every month or two months always bringing new surprises. As the year is ending we're finding this new song to be super fitting because it talks about reflecting on one's past life. There's no turning back, 時光總不留人 as the lyrics say. There's always going to be that street in your life which reminds you of a special someone or a special time in your life.

Watching the JSG awards this past weekend also made us wonder where the awards for Shiga went. This year she had some great songs especially 大了一歲 . But with the politics at TVB, she was snubbed of all awards and instead, Alfred Hui and TVB's other singers just took home numerous awards. There's no saying what's gonna happen at the other awards for HK music but hopefully she gets some recognition.

This is the song:  連詩雅 Shiga Lin - 舊街角

曲:徐浩 / 齊樂平

街角 小店 記錄愉快相見 喊又笑的膚淺
別離 幾年 紀錄已經不見 昨日記憶斷線
細雨下約會你記得嗎 悄悄在耳後說的話 陪著我
 靜聽歌 看星星 一處漸漸繁華
時光總不留人 難得過去幸運
明日如何地變 仍是努力去捉緊
回憶彼此同行 和街角故地這樣襯
仍可 重溫 曾經憧憬這街中 笑著興奮
紙碎 一片 約定夏季相見 卻定格了冬天
走了 多遠 腳步踏進這寸 昨日腦海看見
挖去樹幹視野更廣嗎 擦去年少時對的罵 平淡似
 靜聽歌 看星星 今晚亦是無暇
時光總不留人 難得過去幸運
明日如何地變 仍是努力去捉緊
回憶彼此同行 和街角故地這樣襯
仍可 重溫 曾經憧憬這街中 笑著興奮
留低 餘溫 藏一點收進心坎 暖和黑暗

Hope you guys like this song as well!



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