Valentine's Day Post- 譚嘉儀Kayee Tam - 印記 [情人節呈獻] Review

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! Hope that you will all have a great day to share with loved ones!
Today, we have decided to do a review of this song from Kayee Tam, which was released for Valentine's Day.

This song "印記" was released yesterday and is a new single from Kayee. We all know that Kayee has a beautiful voice but she has been doing a LOT of covers of other HK songs and she has never really had her chance to shine in a song just for her. Interestingly, this song was brought to us by Voice Entertainment however, it's not on their Youtube Channel and rather appears on Kayee's channel.

This song is pretty good and the MV is really great but we'll break it down for everyone.

Melody wise, this song has something to offer. It's hard to come up with something great these days, especially for cantopop and the obvious reason is because there's only so many notes in a scale and they can't be reused in case of copyright laws and such. The second reason is because of the intonation in Cantonese and it's very hard to use any tune and fit it with any lyric. Certain words/phrases only fit with certain notes or else they end up sounding like a different word.

For the lyrics of this song, we really admire Kayee Tam for actually writing them along with the song itself. She's shown to be in incredibly talented singer/songwriter when she entered The Voice in Hong Kong. The lyrics this time are great and super easy to understand, hopefully she gets recognized for her tremendous effort and talent!!

Now the MV for this song is really what completes it. It's not any singing in some random background like a LOT of other Voice Ent. ones. This one actually has a story, and ohh woow are Kayee and Hubert sweet in this one haha! Lots of commenters are a little disappointed it's not Jinny since they're madly shipping for the two. But in our opinion, Hubert looks great in here paired up with Kayee, and they are so much more loving provided the context of course. Jinny and Hubert in their MV's just looked kinda awkward. The only part that kinda confused us was the friend/sister and we're not too sure what that's about. But all in all, a great MV!

Hope she gets recognized and hope her popularity in HK grows!

We hope you guys enjoy this too on your Valentine's Day! <3

編: Cousin Fung 
Guitar: Nic Tsui
Bass: Chan Chung Wai
All Program Tracks: Cousin Fung

從前和你 詳談人生的哲理
這夜怎麼說起  祝福兩報喜

兒時和你 流連忘返的嬉戲
掛念那種趣味 請不要忘記

看見你已找到他  願這遍愛逐漸發芽
每碰到厭倦困局  亦不要害怕
來面對時 緊緊捉緊他

*求緣份來到  便執手可到老
或艱辛的旅途再辛勞  亦深知不會再有更好
留起 那花瓣常陪你
亦鎖緊這個愛的 印記

茫茫人裡  如何能跟他一對
這是上天注定   相擁再說聲

成為情侶 長情如他的愛侶
你沒什麼畏懼 只管愛裡沈醉 

*求緣份來到  幸褔不止到老
永不息的愛慕 旁人也深深感覺到他的好
如今 讓浪漫情內滲


Image Reference: 

- CeeJay <3


  1. Agree with your review! The MV is one of the best I've seen in the past year, and not surprisingly, it's not produced by the Voice Entertainment! I wish VE would give more songs to Kayee, she came out of the Voice too and placed, but like you guys mentioned, she doesn't have many of her own songs, which is a shame. Hope she gets more chances!

    P.S. Hubert and Kayee both showed incredible acting in this MV!

  2. Hi,
    We're glad that your opinion of the song and MV are the same as us! We really don't understand why Kayee gets so little recognition from Voice Entertainment, even though she got like 3rd on the Voice. It is really a waste of good talent! And yes, we agree that Hubert and Kayee were great for the MV, and we actually prefer Hubert and Kayee together here than Hubert and Jinny in 我們都受傷.


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