Dead Wrong- 致命復活- Songs Review and Premiere Thoughts

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Hope everyone has been doing well! This is going to be a review of the two-episode premiere of Dead Wrong and a small thoughts section for the Theme song and Ending Theme song. We have dropped the other two anniversary dramas because we just could not continue a) watching a direct copy of Ghost of Relativity and b) watch three guys talk about their romantic relationships for 35 episodes (Two Steps from Heaven). We are hoping that Dead Wrong will surprise us and finish this year off with a bang! We also saw the anniversary show last night! There were ups (Comedy of Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, and Louis Yuen) and downs (MHK singing part was horrid) but it was standard.

Premiere Thoughts:

The premiere was a connection of 2 episodes and it already hooked us onto the show! We loved how the filming was done in Vietnam to give the setting a little change and the scenery was beautiful. Despite tranquil blue waters and a luscious forest, it was difficult for us to truly admire the scene since we were completely absorbed by our compassion and pity towards Vincent's (Roger Kwok) situation. These first two episodes were intense and captivating.

We get a little background from Roger's life before he heads onto Vietnam for a business trip. He is excelling at his job and has a family of three: Ah Kiu (Joey Meng) as his wife and a child with autism. He has an older brother (Koo Ming-Wah) who is always looking for some more money to start a business. This is a typical TVB character that always goes on failed business ventures and cause trouble within the family, most recently we have Chiu Chik (Wai Lee) in Planet Meow. We can already tell that he is going to cause trouble and try to smooch off as much as he can from his successful brother. Talking about the family and the home, we like the house that Vincent and Ah Kiu live in at the beginning because it is very real and the new lighting style for the filming of this adds a film kind of feel to this drama. It isn't one of those fake apartment sets from TVB that always use the same couches and pictures (you know which ones we're talking about ;) like the eiffel tower picture). We also noticed the office that Vincent works at is a real workplace with REAL windows and REAL skyscrapers in the background unlike the old skyscraper wallpapers as windows that don't move with the picture. TVB is slowly improving!! It's sad that we consider something a big production with a big budget if they have real windows LOL.

After seeing the new sets on the HK side of things, we were expecting better sets in Vietnam too and sure enough, we were impressed. We already mentioned the beautiful blue waters and tropical islands but we also loved seeing the scenes with the huge traffic circle because it adds to the confusion and mayhem with the situation in Vietnam. We were also impressed by the number of people the had for the police and the factory workers. This is great filming in terms of location and lighting.

The characters haven't really been developed yet but we know there will be lots of that coming in the next episodes when Vincent comes back to Hong Kong and starts his revenge. Our only complaint is that we think 10 years in the cave is a bit long, they could have cut it to 5 years and it would still be a miracle. 10 is a little far-fetched for us. We are curious as to the what Ivy (Toby Chan) wanted to say Vincent before they got kidnapped and what relationship they had. These first 2 episodes have introduced a lot of characters that will be interesting to see in the future.

We won't go over everything that happened plot-wise but some key scenes we wanted to cover are:

- The chasing scene when Ah Kiu is taken away and Ho Yan (Kenny Wong) quickly hops on a motorcycle and races down the streets of Vietnam. We enjoyed all the filming angles and how Kenny Wong drove the motorcycle. Then he drops the bike and quickly starts the motor of a speed boat and chases after the boat with Ah Kiu in it. At first we were thinking, is this guy superman? He knows how to ride a motorbike and drive and power a boat as well!? We learn later that he used to be in the army. Anyways, the bird's eye view of the two boats were great and this scene was a look like a Bond chasing scene! First motorbike, then boats (usually some place like Venice).

- We are missing a key part of the emotional scenes when Ho Yan gets shot in the leg and becomes handicapped. Since he was in the army, his leg must be a huge part of his life and losing it would have been devastating. We wonder what happened in the ten years and how he adjusted his life to this new condition.

- As we predicted, Vincent's brother is eyeing Vincent's life insurance as future business money... Even the mom is in the plan! What a family! This is a key scene to fuel Vincent's revenge perhaps and we read that he becomes divorced later as well so the main driving force for the past decade in the cave will completely ruin him when he comes back to HK.

- Ah Kiu seems to have matured a lot over the past decade especially when she shows up at Tse-Chong's school. It's difficult to show that when she is already a wife and mother in 2006 and still plays that same role ten years later. We are glad that Joey could portray a difference in her character.

Overall, this was a great start to the drama and we are looking forward to see more episodes and more character development. At 28 episodes, this is just the right length we think. 40 episodes is WAY too much especially when there is nothing to talk about and they just drag it out.

Theme Song Thoughts: 

Theme Song: 

The theme song is sung by Vincent Wong after many, many years of debuting as a singer. We know that he's been waiting for an opportunity to sing a song for TVB ever since War of In Laws II way back so we are happy he has the opportunity now for this highly anticipated drama.

We like this song because Vincent's voice fits well with the melody and because he took part in the drama, there is a different type emotion that you can hear. We would rather hear some singing from the cast like the ones for A Fist Within Four Walls rather than The Voice "Big Hits" just moan about random lyrics that they can't connect to whatsoever.

Our only complaint about this theme song is the repetition of the lyrics. He sings the chorus part three times! We think twice is enough and we are noticing in a lot of recent TVB songs, a bridge is missing.. That's just laziness and lack of preparation/effort into writing the songs in our opinion. If you can write a whole song, why don't you take a bit more time to create a bridge for the song? We know that only a minute of the song is played on TV but that is not an excuse to repeat the chorus twice in the full song, especially when they have their own Youtube channel. Most people also listen to the full song on their channel anyways so hearing a more complete song with less repetition would be better.

The lyrics of this song speak mainly to Roger's character which makes sense since he is the main one. There isn't anything mind-blowing or super poetic in the lyrics and they all make sense at least. Overall, a good song for the drama with a lot of repetition.

王浩信 Vincent - 不可告人 (劇集 "致命復活" 主題曲) 


原來無須一個絕症 顛覆我生命
如何徒手掩蓋罪證 漂白蒙騙眼睛
面目這樣的冷靜 但熱血尚未平靜

問誰沒不可告人的一句 要生存就有眼淚
理想必須進取 不知道錯或對
蔓延著不可告人的心碎 要治癒無藥水
傷痕裡 能勇敢走出去
人生捨不得告吹 留在身邊會是誰

原來曾經一秒任性 改寫了生命
連場回憶充滿視聽 你在離去背影
為著那日的決定 睡夢中都可扎醒

問誰沒不可告人的一句 要生存就有眼淚
理想必須進取 不知道錯或對
蔓延著不可告人的心碎 要治癒無藥水
傷痕裡 能勇敢走出去
人生捨不得告吹 留在身邊會是誰

問誰沒不可告人的一句 要生存別再畏懼
錯失不可以追 只可以去面對
蔓延著不可告人的心碎 要治癒無藥水
傷痕裡 能勇敢走出去
人生捨不得告吹 留下的牽掛 為誰

Ending Theme Song:

The ending theme is sung by Stephanie Ho and she has been singing a lot more songs after signing with The Voice Entertainment, this year alone she has sung 5 including this one. She has a distinct style but again we are disappointed in the repetition of the chorus. Again there is no bridge so this is the new Voice Ent. style? Sometimes it is not easy to listen Stephanie's songs because she yells and we hear her straining her voice to sing loudly on high notes. We noticed this especially in 只想可以跟你走. The chorus was a really sudden change from the verses and it was a little hard on the ears the first time. Listening to the song repeatedly helps us to get used to her style and songs. We hope it's the same for this one! With Jinny gone for a year, Stephanie and Kayee are on the rise in this company so we better get used to this or we will have to skip the songs. 

We did not know this before but she is also part of the drama so we're looking forward to her character and how it may or may not relate to this song. So far the lyrics just sound like it's from Joey's character's point of view in searching for her husband. The lyricist is the same as the theme song however some of these lyrics don't make sense. The chorus is fine and straightforward but one of the verses was literally like hey there was a lot of competition for you and we didn't match together but we're attracted to each other and who is our other half? We're still scared that our ending will be bad, letting our feelings become too deep, liking you, it's serious. WHAT? that felt like a mix of mumble jumble about five different relationships. We don't think the competition part fits with the theme of the song at all. And what do they mean by being serious when you like someone? Isn't that a given for the theme of the song? Whatever... the lyrics don't seem to be a priority anymore. The song is mediocre but we are sure we will hear it a couple dozen times on screen.

何雁詩 Stephanie - 愛需要勇氣 (劇集 "致命復活" 片尾曲)

: 何哲圖/韋景雲 

似遠又近 令我這麼敏感
提詞亮了 再度暗 埋藏著十個可能
如像斷了線一只風箏 飛蹤必須勇敢
都不會 灰心

愛上自困 面對多少競爭
從來未襯 卻很吸引 誰人才是對的人
然而害怕最尾只得傷心 將感覺收得太深
喜歡你 其實認真

謎似是你 看似沒法一起 就算收不到訊號仍找你
難極都不放棄 遲早可給你看得起
誰是你 有愛就有傷悲 但我更加想親近你
進入了禁地 別貪生怕死 難關必須勇氣

似遠又近 要發生終發生
猶豫著你與我不相襯 垂頭便士氣消沉
然而在暗處有一把聲音 催促我加點信心
喜歡你 才投入認真

謎似是你 看似沒法一起 就算收不到訊號仍找你
難極都不放棄 遲早可給你看得起
誰是你 有愛就有傷悲 但我更加想親近你
帶著了好奇 未貪生怕死 才伸手去觸摸你
謎似是你 看似沒法一起 就算收不到訊號仍找你
難極都不放棄 自己都感到了不起
誰是你 有愛就有轉機 極渺小都想保護你
跳越了距離 未貪生怕死 如果可以捉緊你

That’s it for this post! Thank you so much for reading and let us know what you think of the drama in the comments down below :) 
We will be back soon with the Malaysian Star Awards and the TVB Anniversary Awards.

- CeeJay


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