CeeJay's Pick of the Month (November):龔嘉欣 - 孤單的心痛

Greetings again!

We are back with our song pick of November. Unfortunately, none of the new songs this month really attracted us. So for the pick of the month, we chose to do 孤單的心痛, which we know is an older song originally sang by Vivian Chow. We recently found this new cover by TVB actress Katy Kung and we were surprised that she could sing! We like her soft voice and considering her little singing experience, we are fairly impressed (although we know there's auto-tune in there). Anyways, we don't have much to comment for this since we are busy preparing for more posts!
Hope you like it!


作曲:Ron Miller、Ken Hirsch

* 愛與情 似場夢 彷彿給操縱
  留下你偷偷的哭泣 我已經不懂心痛
  寂寞是孤單等你 在深宵多冰凍
  越要不想起 但卻偏想起 共你虛假的抱擁
  也許我明晨離別 或你會了解 在孤單中的心痛
  你會發現 這當天的約誓 經已看不懂
  卻知道緣來緣盡 在你與我之間 愛已有著裂縫
  感覺不再相同 熱愛今天已是凍 *


也許我明晨離別 或你會了解 在孤單中的心痛
然後你會發現 這當天的約誓 經已看不懂
卻知道緣來緣盡 在你與我之間 愛已有著裂縫
我早知相愛是難永遠 但我真心已斷送

只有是忘記你 不需再恨痛

Until next month for another of our song choice! 



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