CeeJay's Pick of the Month (March) - 關楚耀 Kelvin Kwan - 死亡之吻

Hey everybody!

Today, we are introducing  "死亡之吻", by Kelvin Kwan as our Pick of the Month song. 

It felt like it has been a while since we've heard Kelvin Kwan's songs, so we thought this song was pretty fresh. The MV isn't bad either, although we wish the story line was more clear of what exactly was going on between Kelvin and the female character. What we really mean is that we want to know the purpose as to why the main characters cannot be together in a relationship and what is stopping their "kiss" near the end of the MV. We do see the woman go into another car after - so maybe Kelvin is the third party and he doesn't know it.  This theory is supported with the lyric "然後你和誰偷走". At the end, Kelvin has takeout in his hands and it looks like he's maybe going to the woman's house (the food is for her). The video ends as soon as he begins to unlock the door and may be suggesting that Kelvin will discover the truth of being a part of a triangular relationship.... But hey, at least there is a story that complements the song, unlike some MVs from a certain company ;).

We also aren't too fond of the lyrics because it feels like plain Cantonese talking and the lyrical flow of the song is missing. Some lyrics are random and a bit forced in our opinion such as, "我原來承受不起女人". But overall, the tune of the song quite enjoyable and quickly sticks to your head, which is why we chose it. Enjoy!


我沒法 沒法預計這一個下場
傻到為你 為你奉獻一切才異常
名利我虔誠送上 期望你留神欣賞 我妄想
我甚至 甚至沒有 希罕你肉償
可怕是你 用你用慣的騙人伎倆
害我葬身溫柔鄉 迷惑我思想

貪一刻溫暖 差點毀了我一生
貪一刻歡快 得到想我死的一吻
動了該死的凡心 我用無情力推開快感
和你不需要開心 從此不必走近

我就算 就算沒有犧牲我自由
都算為你 為你做過三兩年玩偶
停下我原來節奏 然後你和誰偷走
用藉口 爛藉口

貪一刻溫暖 差點毀了我一生
貪一刻歡快 得到想我死的一吻
動了該死的凡心 我用無情力推開快感
和你不需要開心 誰深深不忿

為何為情迷途是我 為何為情受罪太多
明知的 紅粉必惹禍 多多少少領略過
我上世欠你太多 今天一次過找清楚不必再拖
沉溺的結果 不要躲

貪一刻溫暖 差點毀了我一生
撞向魔鬼的紋身 我原來承受不起女人
就算心中有不甘 不要緊
和你早不算開心 殘忍只需一棍

我怕 就當我怕 我要令我愉快 就算沒資格
我也 沒有辦法 是你太變態 我要猛烈清拆
我怕 就當我怕 我要令我愉快 就算沒資格
我也 沒有辦法 是你太變態 我要猛烈清拆



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