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The Starhub Awards mark the start of TVB's awards season, where TVB actors, actresses, and singers, hosts, etc., gather in Singapore to celebrate a year of hard work in producing dramas and shows. We are super pumped to be sharing our thoughts on this year's winners of the Starhub TVB Awards that took place on October 21st. Without further delay, here are the winners and what we think!

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My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: "Forgot Myself" - Hana Kuk (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Hana Kuk

Thoughts: It's pretty impressive how this is Hana's first year singing TVB theme songs, and she already gets an award for singing. We are pretty happy with this choice, since there weren't necessarily too many great and outstanding theme songs this year. This was a good ending theme song, and we appreciate how it wasn't overplayed in the drama so we could get a chance to actually appreciate the song. We anticipate hearing her live performance.

My Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple: Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady)

Vincent Wong and Natalie Tong

Thoughts: This one was pretty predictable, since there was a lot of buzz about Cherry and Saving's storyline in My Unfair Lady, especially because they didn't exactly have a typical happy ending. They were a compatible and cute pairing which really enhanced the series. We enjoyed seeing their storyline unfold and the duet by Kayee and Vincent added to the pairing as well. If anything, the ending ruined this pair and their ending could've been written a lot better. We didn't really see any other on-screen couples that we particularly enjoyed more than this pairing. TVB isn't the best at making romances either. 

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host: Maria Cordero, Luk Ho Ming (Good Cheap Eats Sr. 6)

Thoughts: We did not watch this series of Good Cheap Eats, but we have seen previous season of the show, and Maria Cordero did have good chemistry with Luk Ho Ming, and they were pretty funny together. This award is probably well-deserved, considering they've been hosting for 6 series of this show together (how many series will they have!? LOL). 
Luk Ho Ming receiving host award for Good Cheap Eats Sr. 6 

My Favourite TVB Infotainment Programme: Retiring in Paradise

Thoughts: Again, we didn't see this programme, but it seems like Tony Hung was the host. Tony seems to be winning an awful lot of awards with his travel shows these past few years. Maybe he should just stick to doing these shows...since his acting is still quite poor.

Tony Hung receiving award for his infotainment programme Retiring in Paradise

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: All Work No Pay Holidays (Sr. 2)

Thoughts: We also did not see this, but our pick for this award would have been Peak to Pit, or even 50 Golden Classics.
Benjamin Yuen receiving award for his variety programme with Matt Yeung, All Work No Pay Holidays (Sr. 2) 

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress: Jacqueline Wong (Provocateur)

Jacqueline Wong

Thoughts: We dropped Provocateur after a few episodes, so we can't really say if this award was rightly given. However, from what we saw of Jacqueline in the few eps. of the series, we didn't find her too outstanding or her character to be interesting. She is a relatively new actress and hasn't had too many big roles. It seems like she's always playing some cute klutz so this award is definitely more fan-based as the Starhub ones always are. 

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress: Owen Cheung  (Legal Mavericks)
Owen Cheung

Thoughts: Owen had pretty great chemistry with Vincent and Sisley in Legal, and his character of Go Go was pretty humorous, although sometimes he got annoying. We don't mind Owen winning, although there's still refinements needed for his acting, but there were definite improvements from his earlier drama this year The No No Girl. In terms of acting, he's still fresh in our eyes and there wasn't much difficulty or depth in his portrayal of Go Go. Our pick would be Mat Yeung shining role in 
 from My Dearly Sinful Mind or Benz Hui in Line Walker: The Prelude, whose acting was stellar. 

25th Anniversary My Favourite TV Male Character Award – Wayne Lai as Chai Gau (Rosy Business)

25th Anniversary My Favourite TV Female Character Award – Nancy Sit as Leung Yun-ho (A Kindred Spirit)
Nancy Sit and Wayne Lai

Thoughts: We don't really have much to comment on these two. We haven't seen The Kindred Spirit but if Nancy made it to the event then she got the award. Wayne didn't have any series this year and maybe they still wanted to give him an award. Entirely unnecessary in our opinion. 

Most Improved TVB Actor - Matthew Ho (No Reserve, Rogue Emperor, May Fortune Smile On You, Tiger Mom Blues, Destination Nowhere, A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch)

Thoughts: We think that Matthew definitely deserves this award. Though we don't remember him in Destination Nowhere, he's shown great improvements this year and made memorable appearances in May Fortune Smile On You and Tiger Mom Blues, but his breakthrough performance was portraying a natural, convincing, and likable eunuch in A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch. From getting the Best New TV Male Artiste award last year to this award this year, it's great to see that Matthew has continued to grow as an actor. We feel that his soft voice and young face may hinder him portraying different, more rugged roles so we're excited to see him take on more dynamic characters in the future. 

Matthew Ho and Samantha Ko

Most Improved TVB Actress - Samantha Ko (My Unfair Lady, Bet Hur)

Thoughts: We only saw some of Bet Hur, and Samantha played an innocent and cute girl, but nothing special. She had a larger role in My Unfair Lady, but we haven't seen much of a change in terms of her acting that makes her really qualified for this award. She's pretty natural as the new actresses go, but when Jacqueline can get BSA after being in the industry for around 5 years and Samantha has been in it for almost 10 there's no logic to it. We guess there wasn't anyone else to give the award to.

Best New TV Male Artiste - Brian Tse (The No No Girl, Line Walker: The Prelude)

Thoughts: Brian usually plays comedic roles, and he did provide good comic relief in Line Walker: The Prelude. Not much to say about this award. Maybe singing wasn't working out too hot with the lack of songs coming out these days so he decided to go for acting instead. 

Best New TV Female Artiste - Roxanne Tong (Provocateur, My Dearly Sinful Mind, The Unholy Alliance, The Tofu War)

Thoughts: We started liking Roxanne since her role in Between Love & Desire in 2016, but she got some pretty minor roles this year, except for The Tofu War which we didn't watch. We're glad that she got recognized, and hopefully, she gets more opportunities in the future to hone her acting skills. So far they've been pretty one dimensional and there's lots for her to prove in the coming years. 

Brian Tse  and Roxanne Tong

My Favorite TVB Male Characters - Benjamin Yuen (Line Walker 2: The Prelude), Edwin Siu (A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch), Raymond Cho (A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch), Ruco Chan (The Unholy Alliance), Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance), Chris Lai (The Tofu War), Kenneth Ma (My Dearly Sinful Mind).

Edwin Siu and Benjamin Yuen 
Joel Chan and Ruco Chan 

Chris Lai and Kenneth Ma 

Thoughts: We think that most of these are well-deserved, especially for Ben and Edwin, who had memorable characters in their respective dramas. Ruco obviously had to get something, though his character was overshadowed by Joel, but these two winning the favourite character award was expected. It's also great to see Joel get his first award for over 20 years in TVB. The only one we disagree with is Kenneth's character in My Dearly Sinful Mind, which was a lacklustre boring performance by him. Raymond was alright, and we don't know how Chris did in The Tofu War. 

My Favorite TVB Female Characters - Tracy Chu (Legal Mavericks), Sisley Choi (Legal Mavericks), Nancy Wu  (The Unholy Alliance), Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance), Jessica Hsuan  (My Unfair Lady), Natalie Tong (My Unfair Lady), Kristal Tin (A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch), Mandy Wong (Nothing Special Force)

Tracy Chu
Nancy Wu
Sisley Choi
Elaine Yiu, Kristal Tin, Mandy Wong
Thoughts: These awards also made sense for the most part. However, we didn't really enjoy Elaine in The Unholy Alliance as she was sad and crying most of the time. She was not convincing as a fighter and looked too frail to hold up a machine gun. Nancy was not much better in TUA trying to be cutesy all the time. She was exaggerating with the comedic scenes with Ruco that were supposed to be lighthearted. Kristal won for the wrong character. Her role in A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch did not shine and she was overshadowed by the male cast. However, Kristal was marvelous in Destination Nowhere, so she should have gotten the award for that instead. Sisley showed vast improvement in Legal Mavericks and we enjoyed watching her performance, sometimes even more than Ali who won Best Actress later that night. Tracy only showed up for maybe a quarter of the drama so we don't have much to comment on her. Mandy is alright in Nothing Special Force but its nothing spectacular and we still can't really get over the fact that she's running down streets with her baby just bouncing up and down being perfectly fine. From My Unfair Lady, we have Jessica and Natalie which are both deserving in our opinion. 

My Favorite TVB Lead Actress - Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks)

Ali Lee

Thoughts:  Personally, we think this is probably the least well-deserved award of the night. Last year, Ali won Most Improved, and now suddenly she gets the top award for female artistes. Ali wasn't bad in Legal, but she didn't have a lot of screen-time, and there just wasn't enough character development to make her win the title of TV Queen. It also seemed like Ali's character was less unique than Sisley's. She was basically a judge who enjoyed clubbing at night. Maybe after a few more years she will be deserving of this award, but as of now, Ali's just not at that level yet. She's just starting to act more natural instead of reciting her lines like a news reporter. We think this award should have gone to Kristal Tin for her role in Destination Nowhere.

My Favorite TVB Lead Actor - Vincent Wong as (Legal Mavericks)

Vincent Wong

Thoughts: There is honestly no competition in this category right now, since a lot of anniversary dramas have yet to come out, and a many male lead characters were poorly written. Vincent did shine the most this year, and he has taken his acting skills to the next level with his portrayal of a blind lawyer, which obviously is no easy feat. He definitely has a lot of potential, and we would love to see him continue leading dramas.  Congrats Vincent!!!

My Favorite TVB Drama: The Unholy Alliance

Thoughts: We were actually really disappointed in The Unholy Alliance as we had some expectations for it. The plot was boring and basically revolved around needing to protect Ling Hung (Nina Paw). Ruco and Nancy had flat characters who tried too hard to create a romantic storyline that it turned cringey at times. The large cast was just wasted with half-developed characters and am uninteresting story, and the only redeeming factors of the show were maybe the fighting scenes and some of the action. Our pick for the favourite TVB Drama out of the nominated choices is Line Walker: The Prelude. We also found it unfair how  Line Walker: The Prelude didn't get the recognition it deserved because it didn't finish airing when the voting closed. It is probably one of the best dramas that have aired so far. 

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