Awards - TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017 Winners Thoughts and Opinions

Hello everyone,

This post is for the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017. We are going to be providing our thoughts and opinions on this awards show!  

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: The Sisterhood Travelling Gang

Thoughts: We didn't watch this show so we don't have much to say but their friend group is getting a lot of publicity these days. Can't believe TVB even made a show out of it.

My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme: All Things Girl Malaysia Edition

Thoughts: Again, we didn't watch this show so we have no thoughts on it. In general, we would say the info/variety shows have lowered in its quality so we haven't felt compelled to see any of them and if we had the free time, we would rather watch other shows. 

My Favourite TVB Host In Variety Programme: Maria Cordero (Maria’s Auspicious Recipes)

Thoughts: In the past, we have seen Maria Cadero host cooking shows (Cheap Clean Eats series) and she's been pretty entertaining with Luk Ho-Ming. But we haven't seen her in this past year so we can't say if she's deserving or if any of the other nominees are since we haven't watched the shows.

My Favourite TVB Drama Characters:

A General, A Scholar And An Eunuch – Kristal Tin, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Rebecca Zhu

Thoughts: A General, A Scholar And An Eunuch was a pretty good drama for laughs, and the cast here did a pretty good job. Edwin and Raymond had great chemistry together with Matthew Ho in the drama. Kristal didn't shine too much compared to the male cast, but still deserves the award, and we didn't really like Rebecca in this drama as she didn't have much to do. Her character was not at all memorable. Grace Wong would have been a better choice for a character award for this drama, since she had a much larger role and showcased more acting skills.

Line Walker: The Prelude – Michael Miu, Benjamin Yuen, Priscilla Wong

Thoughts: We really enjoyed Line Walker: The Prelude, and it was better than the first installment in our opinion. Michael Miu always delivers well and played his role well despite the lack of character development. Benjamin has greatly improved in this drama and really showed his range as Paradise. He was entertaining to watch as the smooth party boy but his ending scenes with Pakho were also well done. In terms of Priscilla's acting, it has improved but they really need to get her out of those long cardigans. She needs to update her wardrobe, especially when she was acting as Jessica Hsuan's assistant, it didn't look professional. As a character, Mui was questionable as a successful undercover because she seemed to naive and irrational, but she did give some comic relief to the series. 

The Unholy Alliance – Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu

Thoughts: This was a disappointment in our books because the both of them just seemed disjointed. The characters were cutesy, young and naive sometimes. Other times, they whipped out machine guns and became some superhero. It was nothing special. 

My Unfair Lady – Jessica Hsuan, Natalie Tong, Samantha Ko, Chris Lai

Thoughts: We enjoyed watching Jessica on screen again and she did not disappoint as Mall Jeh. She was so serious all the time, it caused a lot of laughter for the both of us. Her crying scenes contrasted the tough exterior she built for herself really well. It also didn't look like she aged since we last saw her. Natalie's character was enjoyable to watch and her chemistry with Vincent Wong was undeniable. Although Vincent got an award for his role in Legal Mavericks, we also really enjoyed watching his Saving Gor in this drama! Chris Lai was also entertaining in this show as the jerk Hanson and he was very comedic. Samantha Ko was quite despicable in her role and we thought her character was the root cause of a lot of problems. If it was based on the character itself, we wouldn't have voted for Samantha.

Legal Mavericks – Vincent Wong, Sisley Choi, Ali Lee

This was one of the most successful dramas this year, especially at the Singapore Starhub Awards. Jay finished the drama but Cee only watched the first half. Honestly, we have the same comments as last time. Vincent has always been on our list as a solid actor and we enjoy watching him a lot. Ali on the other hand has been improving but she doesn't seem to have the screen presence yet or something? She seems to be reciting her lines a lot too. She's been a lot better on My Ages Apart as the spoiled brat though. Sisley has come a long way and we enjoyed her role here. Her efforts in acting have not gone unnoticed and although the new shows in TVB seem to be lacking creativity, we do hope she comes across a good opportunity. 

Tiger Mom Blues – Ben Wong

Tiger Mom Blues was undoubtedly one of our favourite dramas this year. It was simple yet heart-warming. There was no weak link in the cast and although Ben did well in the drama, we would've preferred if Elena got an award since she was the main character. Her scenes at the ending were very emotional and she made the drama a success in our opinion. Ben and Elena were very convincing as a married couple, and we are happy that Ben is getting lead roles since he is a great actor.

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actress: Zoie Tam (Dead Wrong, My Unfair Lady, Legal Mavericks)

We have been noticing Zoie Tam in a lot of dramas and have mentioned in our past reviews that TVB should get on promoting her since she's not too young anymore. Although TVB does wait for a bit to promote their actors, it's time for some new blood because they can't just keep bringing back veteran actors paired with their flawed scripts. It would be nice to see a batch of new artistes come out soon and Zoie has been pretty natural on screen.

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actor: Matthew Ho (Tiger Mom Blues, A General A Scholar And An Eunuch)

It has certainly been a successful year for Matthew Ho and he's an actor on the rise at TVB. Initially we thought he would be typecasted as the pretty boy but his role as the eunuch fit him well as well. In some ways, he overshadowed the other two actors because he was very natural. We also enjoyed watching him as Hayden in Tiger Mom Blues. It really reminded us of young high school days. 

Most Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple: Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)

As we had said before for their favourite character award, we thought they disappointed this year. We enjoyed their roles last year better in AFWFW. This time they seemed to focus a lot on the physical/sexual side of things and we cringed a lot at their scenes together. 

Most Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Hands in the Sand’ by Hana Kuk (My Unfair Lady)

Hana has been singing a lot of songs for TVB this year and a lot of the other singers have been frozen or Jinny is just gone because she was on leave. Her voice is pretty distinct and we don't mind her too much. But the songs aren't that memorable of course unless they are played a bunch of times. 

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role: Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)

Elaine has been recognized for her crying scenes more in the recent years and that has led to most of her awards. Although she has matured a lot in the past, it seems like we haven't seen her in a comedic role lately. That would really change up the characters instead of the crying sad girl all the time or the mean career woman.

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role: Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)

We enjoyed watching Joel in this drama even though the plot was a mess overall. In a lot of scenes, he outshone Ruco because his character was smarter and just seemed to be more useful than the main character. Joel has always been acting well and delivers solid performances. He may be a strong contender for this award at the TVB Awards. 

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role: Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)

We feel like Jessica doesn't make it to awards ceremonies too often and haven't seen her in the past few in our memory. It was surprisingly to see her here and we were happy that she got recognized for her role in My Unfair Lady. The drama was beautifully shot and provided a very different feel for the audience. Jessica is great actress no doubt, and has accumulated years of experience in the industry. We enjoyed her portrayal as Mall Jeh and hope to see her at the TVB Awards.  

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role: Michael Miu (Line Walker: The Prelude)

This was another unexpected win, but nonetheless deserving. A lot of people thought that Vincent would win because of his huge fan base especially with the younger crowd. Michael Miu has been someone that we've watched for a very long time. He's a great veteran actor who's still staying with TVB and mentoring the younger generation. Although his Cheuk Sir in Line Walker had little character development, it was a needed role to help ground the irrational young undercovers. There were also some emotional scenes within Line Walker that he played effortlessly. Congrats to Michael for finally getting the top male award this year!

My Favourite TVB Drama: Legal Mavericks

 Legal Mavericks was a decent drama, but by no means the top of the year (In our opinion, it belongs to Line Walker). The first bit of the drama was fast-paced and intense, but was soon slowed down with Vincent's trust issues with everyone. The second half of the drama just went downhill with unnecessary deaths of Tracy and Ali, and Pal Sinn, who was more of a joke as the main villain. Vincent also seemed like an unrealistic superhero who happens to be smarter than everyone else whose blindness doesn't seem to hinder him from solving his cases. That said, Vincent's portrayal was what made the character convincing and human-like, managing to make the character still believable. As well, his chemistry with all the female characters and Owen Cheung was great.

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