CeeJay's Pick of the Month (May) - AGA and Supper Moment

Hello everyone,

After taking our second break from the Pick of the Month, we're back for some fresh new songs in the cantopop industry. We've got 2 songs we liked this month and we'll be talking about both of them to make up for the missed month of April.

The first one is by AGA 江海迦 and the song's name is《小問題》.
We usually like AGA's songs and especially admire her for doing the songwriting as well as the singing. Her demos are usually done in English and then she works with a lyricist to come up with Chinese lyrics to her songs. They work out pretty well actually but this song has some fast singing parts that we're sure would be hard for her to sing live. In her past performances, they've been quite weak and she's not able to re-produce the same sound from her recordings even if it looks like she's trying really hard.

So about this song, the title basically translates to "Little Problem" and she's saying that a breakup is just a little…

CeeJay's Update About Our Break


We thought we would do a post kinda touching base with everyone about where we were with the blog. We're sorry that we haven't really been able to write too much lately. There's a bunch of reasons for that and first off, we have been watching a limited amount of TVB dramas and listening to less Cantopop so it's been hard to write any reviews. Secondly, there's been a lot going on for the both of us in our own lives that have been taking away time from the blog.

We've really noticed a decline in the quality of the dramas that TVB produces that's been encouraging us to reach out to other TV shows altogether. The cast is old, the sets are quite fake, the plots are filled with inconsistencies and we have lost interest in the endless sequels and spin-offs that they come out with.

Having said that, Daddy Cool has been a surprise for us especially with the fresh face of Carlos Chan. It was refreshing to see Wayne in his role being cheap and manipulative, same…

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (March) - Robynn & Kendy - 未來紀念館

With the end of the month, we are here with this March's Pick of the Month, which is Robynn & Kendy's new song, 《未來紀念館》.

The first time we heard this song, we loved the 80's style instrumentals which was at the same time very refreshing compared to the current boring cantopop songs. We couldn't help to loop it a couple times because of its positive vibes that just lifts your spirits! The message behind the lyrics matched with the upbeat tune is inspirational and bright. We also wanted to mention that we love the ending with the credits with the black and white photos of the two singers which is a nice, clean touch to end the song. We feel that the duo Robynn and Kendy are quite underrated, which is unfortunate because they aren't bad at all! Their older song, 《Shout n' Cry 》was pretty catchy as well!

Hope you enjoy the song!

曲: Cousin Fung 詞: 林寶 編: Cousin Fung / 周錫漢 監: 周錫漢
雨夜裡 孩子探索異國 雪地裡 松樹在望星河 誰亦有本地圖未看 這故事裡有沒有你或我
鐵道裡 靈感滲進脈搏 節日裡 人物陸續啟航 誰在耳筒播著情歌 竟不經意共我對準感覺

Filmart 2018 - A Look at TVB's Upcoming Dramas

Welcome back to our blog!

Today, we are bringing you some of our thoughts for the upcoming TVB dramas that were featured in the 2018 Filmart! Usually, we like to do a review of TVB's calendar every year, but since the whole calendar was just a compilation of promotional posters for the upcoming dramas, we saw no point in doing a review, which would have just been full of complaints. In fact, you will find many pictures in this taken from TVB's 2018 calendar. Here are our opinions with the dramas are in no particular order:

Life on the Line (跳躍生命線):
Anticipation Level: 7/10

Life on the Line seems like a promising filler drama, filled with suspense and perhaps emotion. Joe Ma's always been a decent lead, and we are anticipating Matthew Ho's performance as second male lead. Hopefully, he shows further improvement in this show. It seems like an entertaining drama, but for now, we doubt there will be any major breakthroughs.

The Offliners: (堅離地愛堅離地) Anticipation Level: 5/10

No February CeeJay's Pick of the Month

Hi everyone,

We have been so busy this past month that we completely forgot that February was a short month, and before we knew it, it was already March! We also checked out some new releases for songs, but didn't find anything too notable, so we will return with the CeeJay's Pick of the Month for March instead of February. Thanks for being understanding!


CeeJay's Pick of the Month (January) - 周杰倫 Jay Chou (with 楊瑞代) - 等你下課

Hello there!
With the end of January approaching fast, we have selected a new Pick of the Month. This time, we have Jay Chou's newest single 等你下課 sung with Gary Yang chosen. We love the simplicity of this song which paints a story of a high school boy waiting around and wishing to be noticed by the girl he likes. The lyrics are very straightforward and doesn't contain the same poetic feel that we get from some older Jay songs, but is effective in conveying the honest and uncomplicated emotions of this school boy in love with a girl. The only criticism we have would be the instrumentals in the middle of the song which are a bit awkward, giving an unnecessary extra Asian cultural texture to the song. The lyric video accompanying the song uses a series of animations to create the scenes of this cute, bittersweet story, and we think it is the perfect touch to the song. We can imagine that this would be a very relatable song for anyone who has been through the phase of school crus…

TVB Anniversary Awards 2017 Review

Hello everyone!

It's time for the final awards show review from us for 2017 (TVB's 50th Anniversary) at TVB that took place on Jan. 21st at TVB City. We're sure you've all seen the list of winners and this year was definitely full of surprises. It was also probably the worst year for red carpet fashions. We'll talk about our thoughts on the winners and a side note on the fashion.

Netizen's Favourite Drama: The Exorcist's Meter

This came as no surprise for us even though we haven't finished the drama yet. There has been a lot of comments online praising this production for being heart-warming and original. Because of the good reviews, we're currently working on finishing it instead of watching The Forgotten Valley or whatever its called and Infernal Affairs. So far we can say that it's an agreeable drama, definitely not the best in terms of production quality or a star-studded cast but it's simple and still entertaining. We really appreciate …