CeeJay's Pick of the Month (October) - 雷深如 (J.Arie) - 無神論

Happy Halloween!!!!!

We are introducing another song today by J.Arie. To be frank, there weren't any new songs that really stood out to us this month. This was the song that was better than a lot of the new releases. This is the first time we have introduced J.Arie on our song posts because we only listen one or two songs from her.

The intro is a bit weird - it kind of gives off an eerie feel (which is suitable for Halloween haha), but the chorus sounds better and makes it easy to get into the song. Then after the chorus is sung once, the music becomes weird again...but she did compose it herself, so that deserves credit. Overall, the song doesn't flow together too well, but the chorus is like the normal HK pop.

The music video is unnecessary and doesn't do anything to enhance the music. Also, we're not digging J.Arie's hair which also looks unbrushed. There's also randomly a girl who dances in the video which doesn't really make sense to us. We suggest not…

Awards - Starhub TVB Awards 2017 Winners Thoughts and Opinions!

Hi all!
The Starhub Awards mark the start of TVB's awards season, where TVB actors, actresses, and singers, hosts, etc., gather in Singapore to celebrate a year of hard work in producing dramas and shows. We are super pumped to be sharing our thoughts on this year's winners of the Starhub TVB Awards that took place on October 21st. Without further delay, here are the winners and what we think!

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My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: "Forgot Myself" - Hana Kuk (Line Walker: The Prelude)
Thoughts: It's pretty impressive how this is Hana's first year singing TVB theme songs, and she already gets an award for singing. We are pretty happy with this choice, since there weren't necessarily too many great and outstanding theme songs this year. This was a good ending theme song, and we appreciate how it wasn't overplayed in the drama so we could get a chance to ac…

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (September) - C AllStar - 此刻無價

Wow, it's hard to believe that it's already the end of September, and autumn is already here!
 This month, the song that stood out most to us is C AllStar's 此刻無價. If you have been following our Pick of the Month posts, you would know that we have consistently recommended C AllStar songs. They are a wonderful music group in the HK music industry known for their distinctive use of harmonization in their songs. 
Right when the intro of the song began to play, we were already drawn into the comfort and calmness of the guitar. C AllStar's voices continue to bring this soothing feeling right until the end of the song. We like how this song strays from the overused topic of love and heartbreak, and instead, it focuses on the friendships that will last people a lifetime and the memories created with these people.
We really love the white border in the music video as it reminds us of memories captured in Polaroids, giving the whole piece a nostalgic feeling which fits the song…

Line Walker: The Prelude - 使徒行者2 TVB Theme Songs Review

Hope you are all excited for the approaching anniversary drama season of TVB, since it seems like many big productions (including this one) are coming out soon for the 50th anniversay!
Today we will be reviewing the theme songs for the new TVB series, Line Walker: The Prelude (LW2), which is the second installment to Line Walker, a considerably successful TVB show of 2014. We have watched 5 episodes of this new show already, and we are loving the fast-pace and contrast of characters! It seems really promising right now, so we hope they won't mess up the middle or the ending (though it seems like a habitual thing in TVB dramas). 
The main theme song is called 天網 and is sung by Pakho Chau, who recently joined The Voice Entertainment Group, after leaving Warner Music Group. It seems pretty obvious that Voice Ent. is boosting Pakho to the "yat gor" position, especially with Alfred Hui gone. It's also surprising that Pakho is playing such a big role in this series, c…

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (August) - 林奕匡 Phil Lam - 有淚多好

Happy August to everyone!

First of all, we have been busy redesigning our blog, so we have been slow on getting posts out. We hope you all like the new look of our blog. We also would like to apologize for the advertisements that appear on the site, as they come with the picture slider we are using and we cannot get rid of them. We will be looking for alternative sliders without ads; in the meantime, we hope that they won't hinder your experience at CeeJay's. 
Secondly, we want to introduce our August Pick of the Month which is Phil Lam's 有淚多好. It's been released in iTunes and other music platforms in July, but the official music video came out on August 8th on YouTube. This is our first time introducing one of Phil's songs, but we have always enjoyed his songs since his release of 高山低谷, a hit that greatly boosted his popularity.

One of the main reasons we liked this song is because it's not the common cantopop songs about love and breakups and all that. The son…

Blogging in the Summer

Hi Everyone,

Hope summer has been going well for all!

Cee will be away for the whole summer, so it is unlikely that Cee will be able to contribute to any posts on the blog during this time. In the meantime, Jay will try to keep the blog running, but Jay will also be unavailable most of July.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to have some new posts up in August, so be sure to check back with us later on!


Poll on the side

Hey everyone!

We hope you all are ready for summer! Today we are introducing a poll for our blog regarding which CeeJay Pick of the Month songs you guys have enjoyed the most.  It's been a year since we first started these posts and we have been posting new HK or Chinese song releases each month. We want to have some feedback so we have an idea of what songs to consider featuring next time. This poll will be up until August 31st so make sure you head to the sidebar of our blog and select the songs you like! If you want to hear or re-listen to the songs, go to the "Labels" section on the sidebar and click on the "Pick of the Month" label to view all our CeeJay Pick of the Month Posts which include the youtube videos of the featured songs.

Thanks and see you next time!