Thursday, 6 July 2017

Blogging in the Summer

Hi Everyone,

Hope summer has been going well for all!

Cee will be away for the whole summer, so it is unlikely that Cee will be able to contribute to any posts on the blog during this time. In the meantime, Jay will try to keep the blog running, but Jay will also be unavailable most of July.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to have some new posts up in August, so be sure to check back with us later on!


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Poll on the side

Hey everyone!

We hope you all are ready for summer! Today we are introducing a poll for our blog regarding which CeeJay Pick of the Month songs you guys have enjoyed the most.  It's been a year since we first started these posts and we have been posting new HK or Chinese song releases each month. We want to have some feedback so we have an idea of what songs to consider featuring next time. This poll will be up until August 31st so make sure you head to the sidebar of our blog and select the songs you like! If you want to hear or re-listen to the songs, go to the "Labels" section on the sidebar and click on the "Pick of the Month" label to view all our CeeJay Pick of the Month Posts which include the youtube videos of the featured songs.

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CeeJay's Pick of the Month (June) - 王浩信 Vincent & 譚嘉儀 Kayee - 陪著你走 (合唱版)

It's crazy how fast time passes! It felt like yesterday when we published our first CeeJay's Pick of the Month post, but that was actually last June!

We got a few requests to feature Vincent Wong and Kayee Tam's duet rendition of Lowell Lo's 陪著你走 for June. We previously did a review on My Unfair Lady (不懂撒嬌的女人) theme songs and already talked about Kayee's version of the song which was the sub-theme for the drama. Because Vincent's character, Saving, sang this song to the Cherry, played by Natalie Tong, fans have been swooning over these romantic scenes and requesting him to release an official recording of the song.

Although, a solo version was not released by Vincent, he did collaborate with Kayee to sing a duet after the drama aired.

We think that Vincent has a pleasant voice that complements the song very well and we are glad he got to sing a good portion of the song. Kayee's part is the same as her sub-theme, which is comforting and warm. There's no harmonizing between the two though. Each singer sings a part and then at the end they sing the chorus together. The whole song is not rushed and the singers are very natural here; they aren't trying to show off their voices in a forceful way (like screaming and yelling) or trying to squeeze fake emotions through every word that is sung. The pacing of the song is good as it's not too slow that makes it boring and not too fast.

The MV contains clips from My Unfair Lady which are mainly Saving and Cherry's love story. The only complaint is we don't understand Kayee's presence in the MV and it disrupts the whole story, having no purpose other than to point out the fact that Kayee is a part of the song as well. Kayee had her own MV already, so there's no need to put clips of her MV into this one. It should have been fully Saving and Cherry's story.

We are overall really pleased with their interpretation of this song.


誰說 時間片刻變陳舊
因我 身邊有你緊握我的手

而愛 誰說永不會長壽
都能  把心中星星閃得通透

陪著你走 一生一世也不分
天天編出兩雙足印 過千山過千海
如果 走到這世界邊端
我倆已是無力前行 跟我一起飛去

不相信 時間片刻變陳舊
因你 身邊有我緊握你的手

這份愛 誰說永不會長壽
都能 把心中星星閃得通透

陪著你走 一生一世也不分
天天編出兩雙足印 過千山過千海
如果 走到這世界邊端
我倆已是無力前行 跟我一起飛去

誰說 時間片刻變陳舊
因我 身邊有你緊握我的手

If you liked this month's song selection, please go to the sidebar of our blog to the poll to vote for this song. Feel free to also choose other songs you have enjoyed in CeeJay Pick of the Month posts.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (May) - 鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng - 逐格回味


Our last post for this month will be the Pick of the Month. This time we picked Hoffman Cheng's new song that came out a couple days ago. We've liked him since The Voice because of his powerful voice and stable vocals. He didn't have much musical development with The Voice Entertainment so now he's with Star Entertainment and seems to be getting more singles out. His hit song last year won a couple awards and he's back again with 逐格回味.

The MV was filmed in Tokyo which is a nice switch of setting. We liked how simple it was and there wasn't any guessing with complicated storylines. His voice is distinct in here and it's quite dynamic as well. The melody isn't too catchy after the first few listens though, so this is something we will have to listen to a couple more times. It's definitely his style so there won't be second-guessing on the artist but it's harder to distinguish his songs from one another.

It's definitely been harder to find new cantopop songs these days because we sometimes feel like they sound flat and generally cover the same topics. There's definitely not much diversity in style so it limits the audience. It would be great if there was more than ballads about breakups. Hoffman's song last year 仍堅持 was different in terms of topic and he brings an inspirational voice to his listeners.

鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng - 逐格回味

曲:Novy Chan

早晚亦做伴 但默然像空氣
心裡極混亂 不知怎去說起
情感說不破 相處亦孤寡無味
仍然樂意做妳 背後的知己
無奈是 喜怒樂哀都因妳而起
呆等大半生 然後自命極淒美
難道我與妳 到最後會一起

即使接近妳 不可抱緊妳
就連互望 難免亦吃力迴避
眼睛太易動情 揭露我隱秘
即使渴慕妳 欣賞妳的美
奈何實在害怕 心中有疑忌
怕相告時 得不到妳心 反遭厭棄

還期望 他日亦可相擁抱而死
如今為妳等 年月漸逝亦不理
惟獨對妳會 永遠耗費心機
很想接近妳 很想抱緊妳
但如互望 仍會落魄地迴避
怕雙眼若動情 透露我心理

多麼渴慕妳 欣賞妳的美
奈何並未示愛 心中有疑忌
怕相告時 馬上會處死
心中這部戲 反覆上映妳

偏偏愛慕這 得不到的妳
豁出去時 可否聽我講 一聲愛妳

Thanks for checking us out! 

- CeeJay

Monday, 22 May 2017

My Dearly Sinful Mind 心理追兇 Mind Hunter TVB Review


It has been a long while since we've posted drama reviews for TVB because to be honest, we watched a few episodes of Provocateur and Married But Available, but they just didn't keep us interested. Surprisingly, we have been pretty up to date with My Dearly Sinful Mind as we usually enjoy crime and mystery dramas. We know it's been a while since this has aired but we have been quite busy.

Image retrieved from:

Plot Overview: In this crime thriller, psychologist Chung Tai Yin (Kenneth Ma) attempts to seek the truth behind a murder case which indirectly caused his girlfriend (Roxanne Tong), Icy's death. In the case, Lo Kin Keung (Willie Wai), a campus worker is found to have killed three girls and stabbed two. Icy was Lo Kin Keung's psychologist and had previously reported that he was not aggressive. This caused an argument between Tai Yin or TY and her, causing her to get run over by a car. As TY works to uncover the truth, he finds himself involved with a series of other cases.

Thoughts and Opinions: 

This drama had one big case that was the background focus of the entire drama, but it had small individual cases that were sometimes unrelated to the over-arching mystery. This could have gotten messy and disconnected when they started solving other cases, but the drama still managed to flow and make sense to us. We will mostly be focussing on the characters and the acting. 

The first case featured Kent Tong and Jade Leung as a divorced couple that have two sons, the older one involved in the murder of a Yuki, this 'prostitute/hooker?' It was nice seeing Kent Tong in a TVB drama again and we didn't even know he was a guest star. There seemed to be little publicity on this drama before it aired unlike some of the other ones (My Unfair Lady) that are airing this year for the 50th Anniversary. 

We thought Mat Yeung's Day stole the show for the first case. His acting is very natural here as someone with Asperger's Syndrome while still providing comic relief. A role like Day's easily shows the range of an actor abilities and we're happy that Mat is getting more roles to show his versatility.

The second case featured Helen Ma, Ho Yuen-Tong where the mom was abusing the son in public. This caused the son Ah Man to develop mental health problems. To vent out his inner emotions, he would throw things from buildings onto people who were rude and reflected his mom's behaviour. We really enjoyed this case because we felt for Man. His monologue at Free-D Radio to search for his mom was very emotional and was a highlight of the drama.

The main case revolved around Grace Wong's character Wong Hoi-Ching. It started off with Kenneth's TY Chung trying to find out what happened with his girlfriend's patient. Roxanne Tong plays Icy, TY's girlfriend who died in a car accident and she is also a psychologist. Her patient Lo Kin-Keung was involved in a murder of three girls who were friends with Grace Wong but she only got injured. The case took a while to develop because it contained a number of smaller cases that related to the characters. 

The first one was the mysterious packages that Grace received. We already felt that she was fishy when Kenneth started to help her with PTSD from the murder case. Grace Wong has definitely proved herself as a great actress with this role and from AFWFW last year. She acts well with her eyes, they can be fierce and passionate when her character calls for it. In many ways, she overshadowed the rest of the cast because there was more to her character at every turn. The more you watched, the scarier it became and she pulled it off well. 

We found Kenneth on the other hand to be just adequate here. There was nothing special and his imaginative scenes with Roxanne got redundant after like the fifth time. They played the same song every time he thought of her and it became unnecessary for him to have arguments in his mind with her when he went ahead with his plans anyways. We've always found his emotional scenes harder to watch because he keeps this longing, sad expression for too long without saying anything. In this drama, they improved but we preferred him as the serious TY Chung.

Although Sisley's acting here is a lot better than her old days, we thought her character Moon was kinda unnecessary. She didn't have much to do besides serve as Win Sir (Pierre Ngo)'s love interest and be the victim for a couple of cases. Mind you the whole love story with Win Sir only really developed in the last 5 episodes. But fortunately, it did not feel like a chore to watch her as she had great chemistry with Day as brothers and sisters. Pierre being paired with Sisley was a totally new pair and surprisingly, it was not bad to watch at all.

Speaking of Win Sir, we are glad that Pierre is finally getting larger roles, and he had quite a lot of screentime (even though he was still a supporting actor). It was nice to watch his character because the role of Win Sir was not the conventional, righteous and honorable policeman that we've seen in many dramas (except for Destination Nowhere). Instead, Win Sir was definitely flawed in that he was pessimistic at times and bitter as he blamed his dad and Day for ruining his life. 

The other stories about Grace manipulating people to get what she wanted was quite twisted. Near the end, the deaths just piled up and it wasn't even sad anymore. By the time Jack Wu (the psychologist turned bar owner friend) died, it was just another death in the books to further prove the manipulation of the Wong siblings. The drama would have been better if they took that death out and took more time to mourn for the other deaths like Dr. Fong (Stephen Wong).

We thought the ending was unconventional and that was something nice to see from TVB. First off, usually if TVB wants to go the happy route, the two villains would be either killed or would end up in jail. They did kill off Raymond Cho but it was Grace who out-smarted him. She ended up walking off sending the audience a chill down their spines yet she was able to give off a heroine vibe. This was definitely a defining moment for her character. The second thing that was different was TY driving his car straight into the ocean. Of course the series ends just as his car reaches the water so you're left wondering if he actually died to reunite with Icy. We like to think he did die and that everything to do with the drama ended right then and there. It was a nice closure despite killing off the main character. 

This drama worked in terms of characters and acting because the supporting cast was strong creating an interesting balance of characters on screen. We rate this series 8/10. 

Thanks for reading our review!